Young Hercules Drinking Game 02

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This drinking game is from Caroline's Young Hercules Page.

This game is meant only for fun and games. You don't have to use an alcoholic beverage to play (I don't), you just need something that can be either sipped or eaten in small bits and pieces. I highly recommend Surge or Skittles. Enjoy!

1 Sip:
- Each -ism (-isms are funny or ironic things that a character says or does)
- Our boys get involved in a fight
- Cheiron is in the episode
- Lilith is in the episode
- You see the cadets training
- Iolaus tucks his hair behind his ear
- Hercules says "you know"
- Hercules does that hair flip thingy
- Iolaus talks about girls, or the like
- You can detect an Australian/New Zealand accent in someone's voice
- Iolaus gets covered in something (i.e. flour, water, etc.)
- Our heroes are at Kora's place
- You notice odd sound effects
- Strife speaks with a surfer accent

2 Sips:
- Kora is in the episode
- Jason/Iolaus isn't wearing a shirt
- Ares/Discord/Strife cause trouble
- Strife giggles/laughs
- Hercules notices a girl
- Hercules suddenly gets a southern accent
- Iolaus swats someone with a stick
- Someone does an impression of someone else
- Someone gets knocked down while training
- Someone mentions Iolaus' thieving past

3 Sips:
- The amazons make an appearance
- Lilith swats Hercules in the behind
- A god/goddess besides Ares, Discord, or Strife appears in the episode
- Hercules isn't wearing a shirt
- Fiducis gets called "Fiddle-face"
- Strife mentions his "Uncle Ares"
- Someone points out that Iolaus can't swim
- The episode has a monster/weird creature in it

4 Sips:
- One of the boys isn't in the episode
- Someone gets knocked out
- Someone other than Iolaus gets covered with something