Young Hercules Crossword Puzzle 01

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This crossword puzzle is from Caroline's Young Hercules Page.

~ Needs to be printed to be played ~


1. Kora run an _____
6. Hercules's Mother
7. The God of War
8. The Headmaster of the Academy
11. "Fiddle Face"
13. "Fish"'s real name
15. The Crown Prince of Corinth
16. What our heroes do at the lake
17. Jason's Advisor

1. Hercules's best bud
2. Hercules's crazy mortal half-brother
3. Cyane is an ____________
4. Cheiron is a _________
5. The God of Good Times
9. Iolaus's "pet"
10. The Academy's only female Cadet
12. The person who calls Hercules "Ace"
14. Ares's nephew

Young Hercules Crossword Puzzle 01 Answers