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Young Hercules Movie Pilot, starring Ian Bohen. This movie was later novelized.

Title Young Hercules
Episode # pre-season
First aired August 30, 1998
Directed by
Written by
Summary Hercules enrolls into Cheiron's Academy. Jason and the cadets quest for the Golden Fleece.


Before the man became the legend... before the legend became the myth... came the greatest adventure of all! From the producers of the #1 hit, Hercules the Legendary Journeys, comes the sexy, adventurous tale of where the legendary journeys began.

A headstrong 17 year old Hercules finds himself endowed with strength and power unrivaled by any of his mortal peers. But his cocky attitude and antics often lead to more trouble than he can handle. Joined by the noble and spirited Jason, conniving Iolaus and the beautiful Yvenna, Hercules and his fellow cadets will face whatever physical tests the gods throw at them in this bold new adventure.


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Hercules: First the twister, now tomorrow morning there'll be a horse and a jackass missing.

Iolaus: (confused) But I'm only taking the horse.

Hercules: Yeah, I know.
Discord: (about Hercules) Not so little anymore. He's 18 now. Tall, *exceptionally* strong, and actually quite handsome. Let me go rip his face off.
Iolaus: It took you two weeks to get here? I've seen faster turtles.

Hercules: Yeah, as they were passing you on the street, I'm sure!
Iolaus: Oh, I'm *laughing*.

Jason: (getting between them) Hey, guys! Let's hit the track, huh?

Trivia & References

Recycling - The plot of Hercules stealing something belonging to Zeus is echoed in 1.01 - Treasure of Zeus, where Hercules steals Zeus's Chalice from Hera's cave. The chalice held what appeared to be water, but ignited once poured out.
Déjà Vu - The domed entrance to Cheiron's Academy was also used in HtLJ "4.13 - Armageddon Now (Part 1)" and X:WP "3.10 - The Quill is Mightier".
Déjà Vu - "The Argo" is the same ship used in 1.05 - Girl Trouble as Zared's Ship. It has also been spotted in X:WP "2.08 - Ten Little Warlords".
Pop Culture References - "Never, never, never quit." is a quote used by Cheiron when he is training with Hercules on the balancing poles. It is later repeated by Hercules after he is blinded and fighting the last battle. It is a take on a misinterpreted quote by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
Greekisms - Iolaus's song "Ninety-nine goatskins of wine on the wall..." is a Greekified version of the song 99 Bottles of Beer.
Greekisms - Iolaus calls stealing the golden fleece a "piece of baklava". This is a Greekified version of the phrase "piece of cake", which means "any undertaking that is easy to do".
Continuity Warning - The number and names of people to retrieve the Golden Fleece are completely different from the heroes mentioned in the HtLJ Episode "2.14 - Once a Hero". The Pilot Movie has Hercules, Iolaus, Jason, Yvenna, Alcestor, Mikos, Liardis, Enyo, Thamus with Captain Attica where the HtLJ episode had Hercules, Iolaus, Jason, Otus, Castor, Artemus, Valerus, Domesticles, and Lycenus.
Nod to HtLJ and X:WP - At the end of the movie, Iolaus decides to go with Hercules to save Yvenna's village from slavery. He states that he and Hercules will share everything, to which Hercules replies, "What about a three-headed monster? How do you share that?" Iolaus jests, "Three headed monster. Like when is that going to happen?" is a direct nod to the first movie, Hercules and the Amazon Women, where Hercules and Iolaus encounter a little girl who melts away into the Hydra.
Unanswered Questions - If Jason is the keeper of the Golden Fleece, what happened to it during the entire series?
Nod to HtLJ - Alcmene seems extremely concerned about Iolaus's safety in the twister, to the point of ordering Hercules to save him. This could be a nod to the HtLJ episode "4.14 - Armageddon Now: Part 2", as Alcmene knows the important role that he will someday play in the life of her son, including traveling to the past to save her from Callisto while she's pregnant with Hercules.
Continuity Warning - When did Jason and Alcmene meet? In Young Hercules (Movie Pilot), Jason and Hercules seem to be meeting for the first time, but in 1.01 - Treasure of Zeus they're close enough that Jason is asking how Alcmene is. To further complicate the timeline, in HtLJ "2.21 - The Wedding of Alcmene" Alcmene says that Jason was the one who brought the news that Amphitryon was dead, even though Amphitryon died when Hercules was a baby and Jason doesn't seem more than a few years older than Herc in Young Hercules (Movie Pilot).

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This is the front cover of the paper insert for the DVD. Pictured is Hercules, Jason, Yvenna, and Ares. Click image for high-res version.

This is the inside of the paper insert for the DVD. Pictured in the chariot is Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason. In the first bottom right picture is Jason, Hercules, and Iolaus. The second picture is Ares, and the third is Iolaus. Click image for high-res version.

This is the back cover of the paper insert for the DVD. Pictured is Hercules and Jason. Click image for high-res version.