You're In My Heart - Woman's Day (New Zealand) - 2000 (September 4)

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This article is from the New Zealand magazine Woman's Day, dated September 4, 2000, featuring Kevin Smith.

The high-res magazine scans are from Bryn.

Star Soulmates: You're In My Heart

Story: Sarah Henry
Celebrities embrace a good cause - and the ones they love

      Heart rates are sure to rise to extreme levels when the National Heart Foundation's annual calendar hits the shelves this month. All in the name of improving heart health, the calendar for the first year of the new millennium has New Zealand celebrities with their own heart-throbs as its theme.

      Darling of the small screen, sports reporter April Ieremia, was keen to be involved in the project after revealing that her father has high blood pressure and must take extra care of his heart. For her photo shoot, she enlisted the help of Aspen, one of the two cuddly cats that rule her home.

      Coverboy Kevin Smith, who also stars as Mr. December, shares the limelight with some porky pals, Lucky and Piggy Malone. Originally the spunky star had wanted to be photographed with sheep, but decided at the last minute that he wouldn't be able to stand the jokes. With his muscular body and smouldering good looks, he knows the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle in check and was more than willing to be involved with the project.

      Known more for chasing cats than being a picture-perfect pet, Sheba the German shepherd-schnauzer cross was on her best behaviour as master Chris Hobbs' best friend. "She's actually extremely well-behaved," says the Shortland Street star. "It's just that she loves people."

      Auckland Warrior Logan Swann also introduces a dog in the calendar, his friendly German shepherd. "I chose my dog Quinny because he's a valued family member whome I've seen grow from a puppy to the confident, loyal, intelligent dog he is today."

      Logan says that being healthy is part of his job as a professional rugby player. "I see the importance of fitness and health awareness and am more than willing to support the Heart Foundation in its campaigns to promote the heart-healthy lifestyle."

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