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What is a virtual season?

A virtual season is a fan-run season made up of fan fiction stories or scripts posted over the internet that picks up and often concludes a cancelled (or sometimes even a fully wrapped) television series. They are often treated like real seasons, thus start in the fall and run new episodes for periods of time over the course of the year. Some differ, of course. So it all depends.

What are the Young Hercules Fan Fiction Seasons?

The Young Hercules Fan Fiction Seasons is, to the best of everyones knowledge, the only Young Hercules virtual season in existence on the internet. It picks up, in fan fiction form, where the televised series ended. Like the televised series it serves as a pre-equal to Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" starring Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst. Unlike most the televised Young Hercules episodes, it is a bit darker at times.

Why did the actual televised series end after only one season?

There are several different versions of the story. Everyone of them may have some truth, or may not. Mostly it has to do, in any case, with Fox Kids not wanting to air it over their "landmark" kids shows such as Power Rangers. It was also said they didn’t want to sell the long-term rights they had to the first season episodes to another channel that would support another season. See, if another station picked up season 2, Fox could throw season 1 against it in odd competition. Of course, there is also the fact Studios USA supposedly felt the show was useless with grownup Hercules ending after a short 8 episode final season the next year. In short: it was the victim of being popular, well-liked, and in the end not lucky.

How many seasons were there of fan produced virtual episodes?

There were two seasons. The first had a full 22 episodes. The second was suppose to be the same, however, production halted (literally) after episode 2. It never resumed. Therefore, there is only one virtual year now. Season 2. Which is comprised of all 24 episodes.

Why did the project end?

Personal problems. Things just never managed to pickup later on. In some ways, we did wrap-up the main story of the season and ended on a positive note, so it was felt was had accomplished what we set out to do. We would have liked to do a few more episodes, but that just wasn’t possible.

How can virtual episodes have "guest stars"?

We thought it would be fun to "cast" the side characters. What better way than to do so with familiar names and faces? This is just for fun and we mean no disrespect or offence to anyone. We hope none of the actors who were "cast" are offended. Sadly, on another project from lWo, an actor contacted us with a somewhat nasty note about their face representing a character.

Can you post the original slideshow banner that was used to promote the Virtual Seasons initial run?