YHFFS2.01 - The Enemy Within I

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Title The Enemy Within I
Episode # Young Hercules Fan Fiction Season 2, Episode 1
Summary Hercules must find the head of Medusa in order to save the Academy from Ares’ ruthless plans.


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      "Hey wait up!" called Iolaus, hurrying toward Hercules and Lilith. "Is this ignore Iolaus day or something?"
      One cadet, passing Iolaus, rudely commented, "Ha, that's every day!"
      "We're young forever!" Iolaus chuckled. "Herc, we're going too have a party tonight. Some punch tasting, beautiful women, dancing, and beautiful women!"

      Hercules couldn't help but smile. "Iolaus!"
      Iolaus squinted his eyes. "I bet you think all I do is imagine about beautiful women."

      Hercules sincerely replied, "Imagine? Yes you do that. Most of the time!"

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