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So, you wanna help the YH-Wiki become even more awesome by becoming an editor? That's totally phat! (...Fly? Dope? Def? Groovy?)

Anyways... That's totally great. Welcome! All you have to do to get the ball rolling is Email me with your desired username! That's it!

After spending hours a week doing nothing but deleting spam accounts, I have had to completely lock down user registration. But we can always use more people to add to the wiki and edit pages, so if you're interesting in helping out, just email me and we'll get you registered!

Not sure what you could contribute? Check out What Needs To Be Done for more info!

Welcome, and enjoy the YH-Wiki! I look forward to admiring your input!

Don't have the time to edit, but still want to contribute?

That's awesome too! If you have an extra dollar or two, please consider donating it to the Wiki - all donations go towards the yearly fee to keep the site running. No donation too small! Click here to donate!

- Bryn