When Good Plans Go Bad

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Not every plan goes exactly how a person wants it to. In fact, sometimes even the best plans have a way of going very wrong. Life just works that way, and far be it from us not to laugh or cry about it.

HtLJ - 4.21 - Top God

  • Whose Idea: Hercules
  • The Plan: To eat some ambrosia, given to him by Apollo, to gain godlike powers.
  • What Went Wrong: He ends up using those powers for not-so-great purposes and it nearly costs him his friendship with Jason.

Young Hercules (Movie Pilot)

  • Whose Idea: Hercules
  • The Plan: To break into the Cave of Ares and steal back the urn that Ares stole.
  • What Went Wrong: After wrestling with Iolaus for the urn, the top flies off and a cyclone erupts from it, tearing up the marketplace and nearly killing several people.

1.01 - Treasure of Zeus

  • Whose Idea: Hercules
  • The Plan: To sneak into a cave and recover a fancy drinking cup that Zeus made as a wedding gift for Hera.
  • What Went Wrong: Several things. First, the chalice was filled with highly flammable material, which caused the cave to explode and nearly flame-broil the boys on their way out. Second, the exploding of the cave awakened the phoenix guardian sitting on top of the cave. The phoenix then went after them, sensing that they'd taken the chalice. Third, taking the chalice nullified Zeus's protection order on Hercules, so that Ares could then kill him without consequences. Fourth, when Hera began to search for the chalice, Ares snuck it into Alcmene's house. Luckily, Iolaus and Jason were able to get the chalice back to the cave before Ares could kill Hercules or Hera could find the chalice at Alcmene's home and punish her, but it was a near thing.

1.02 - Between Friends

1.03 - What a Crockery

1.04 - Herc and Seek

  • Whose Idea: The Lowacks
  • The Plan: To steal the Academy's newly-paid-and-accounted-for tuition money.
  • What Went Wrong: Hercules.

1.05 - Girl Trouble

  • Whose Idea: Iolaus
  • The Plan: To hitch a ride to Athens on a ship.
  • What Went Wrong: The ship turned out to belong to slave traders with a cargo full of Amazons.

1.06 - Teacher's Pests

1.07 - Inn Trouble

  • Whose Idea: Hercules
  • The Plan: Keep an eye on the Inn while Kora goes on an errand for Artemis.
  • What Went Wrong: Strife and Discord, in an attempt to seriously ruin Herc's day, do everything they can to sabotage things at the inn. Their mischief ranges from manipulating people into thinking Iolaus stole everyone's money to inviting Silenus and his groupies to ransack the place.

1.08 - Keeping Up With the Jasons

  • Whose Idea: Hercules
  • The Plan: To have his own awesome shield and sword that would be the envy of everyone at the Academy.
  • What Went Wrong: He broke Jason's sword, which made him understandably angry. Also, everyone ran into some trouble with Melotheum and his brothers.

1.09 - Amazon Grace

  • Whose Idea: King Leeseus
  • The Plan: Take the Amazons back to Athens with him to serve as his slaves.
  • What Went Wrong: After defeating Cyane in the Combat by Champion, Hercules chooses the abolition of slavery entirely in Athens as his reward.