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The following is a list of YH-centric and related websites across the internet (in no particular order). Feel free to add a link to your own site!

Young Hercules Forums

Chat with other YH fans!

  • The YHU Forum - You have to register before you can access the forum, but once you're in you can chat with other fans of YH and role-play as cadets!

Young Hercules Websites

Hercules and Xena Websites

  • - Birthplace of the International Association of Xena Studies. Full of tons of info about Hercules, Xena, and Young Hercules.
  • Legendary Journeys - a massive Xena, Hercules, and Young Hercules database.
  • The Less Than Legendary Journeys - A shared universe fanfiction site for Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and Young Hercules.
  • Xena Prop Treasures - A blog showcasing Xena props, including buying and selling.

Actor-centric Websites

Ryan Gosling sites:

  • Gosling Fan - Your best and 24/7 source for Canadian actor and artist Ryan Gosling.
  • Ryan Gosling Fan - Your high-quality resource dedicated to Oscar-nominee Ryan Gosling.
  • Pictorial Gosling Compendium - Adapted for the Connoisseur and the Layman by DFD Society. The DFD Society is charterd in Madrid as a non profit scientific and educational organization that has supported gazillion explorations and research projects adding to knowledge of Mr. Ryan Gosling.

Dean O'Gorman sites:

Chris Conrad sites:

Kevin Smith sites:

More sites:

Honorable Mentions