Wall of silence frustrates fans - The New Zealand Herald - 2002 (February 19)

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This article is from the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, dated February 19, 2002, featuring Kevin Smith.

The high-res newspaper scans are from Bryn. Article text from The New Zealand Herald.

Wall of silence frustrates fans

By Louisa Cleave.

      Shocked fans of actor Kevin Smith are clamouring to learn more about his fatal fall, but his family are keeping the details firmly under wraps.

      "Although I now know it is true, I still know nothing of what happened to him," said one fan on an internet site where tributes to Smith are being posted.

      "If someone could fill me in I would be most grateful."

      "How did he fall?" asked another fan from Indiana, whose ill son had received Xena memorabilia, including pictures of Smith, which were hanging on her living room wall.

      Smith died on Saturday from head injuries sustained in the fall from a building several storeys high.

      The 38-year-old had been in China filming a martial arts movie and was due to act in another film, A Man of War, starring Bruce Willis.

      The accident happened up to two weeks ago but was publicly revealed just last week in a statement released by his agent, Robert Bruce.

      Confusion surrounds the events leading up to the fall. Mr Bruce said it did not happen during filming but has given no other details.

      It is thought Smith had been celebrating with staff from Beijing Film Studio. They rushed him to hospital.

      The New Zealand Embassy in Beijing could not shed any light. A spokesman said Smith's family had asked them not to release any information, including discussing arrangements to bring the actor's body home, although that is thought to be happening later this week.

      TVNZ has rescheduled a series Smith narrated and pulled ads featuring the actor.

      A TVNZ spokeswoman said they would talk to Smith's family in due time and if they supported the idea, the ads would return.

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