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This show is full of several great, groan-worthy puns and jokes. (See also: Pop Culture References and Greekisms)

Young Hercules (Movie Pilot)

  • The scene: When Talos the giant wakes up after having been briefly knocked unconscious, he kicks at the cadets.
    • The pun: "He's still kickin'!"

1.02 - Between Friends

  • The scene: Hercules and Strife are fighting outside of Kora's Inn, balanced on top of precariously stacked furniture.
    • The pun: "How about we set a few ground rules? First one to touch the ground... loses."

1.11 - Battle Lines I

  • The scene: The Amazons are outraged over their sisters being taken by Centaurs, and are forming an angry mob.
    • The pun: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, just hold your horses."

1.12 - Battle Lines II

  • The scene: Strife is threatening to tell Ares about Discord spilling the plan to Hercules. Discord shoots a fireball under where Strife is standing, causing him to yelp and leap away.
    • The pun: "I think I can take the heat."

1.13 - Forgery

  • The scene: Hercules, talking about promising to help Hephaestus at his forge.
    • The pun: "He's my half-brother, and I promised him I'd lend him a hand, okay? As long as he gave it back. 'My hand?'"

1.16 - Down and Out in Academy Hills

  • The scene: Iolaus, on a fishing trip with the others, reels in an old boot.
    • The pun: "I know what's for lunch- fillet of sole!"

1.18 - A Serpent's Tooth

  • The scene: The Babylonian Sibyl has just presented Jason with a sacred stone.
    • The pun: "You know what they say: 'Never quibble with the Sibyl'."
      • The punner: Jason
  • The scene: "Strife! I shoulda known you were behind all this!" Hercules says. Strife steps aside, revealing Discord standing physically behind him.
    • The pun: "And Discord's behind me. Anybody behind you?"
      • The punner: Strife
  • The scene: The Corinth marketplace is on fire.
    • The pun: "You've got bigger fish to fry." "And I think I smell them frying right now!"
      • The punner: Strife & Discord
  • The scene: Hercules hits Strife with Ruff's venom, which will burst into flames at any moment.
    • The pun: "Man, it must really burn Strife to lose to you."
      • The punner: Jason

1.23 - The Mysteries of Life

  • The scene: Iolaus falls into a pit, where Ruff and Jason have been captured by the Barker.
    • The pun: "Iolaus, thanks for dropping in."

1.25 - Herc's Nemesis

  • The scene: Iolaus and Jason have been trapped by vines magicked by Stregna.
    • Pun #1: "We'll just, we'll hang around."
      • Punner #1: Jason
    • Pun #2: "Sorry we're late. We, uh, got a bit wrapped up."
      • Punner #2: Iolaus
    • Pun #3: (After Hercules asks if they're okay) "We're vine--uh, we're fine."
      • Punner #3: Jason

1.27 - Mommy Dearests

  • The scene: Jason offers to give Lucius (posing as a man named Theodore) a tour of the palace after seeing him take down a would-be purse-snatcher with nothing but a rope.
    • The pun: "Hey, knot a problem."
      • The punner: Jason
  • The scene: Lucius throws Jason off of the tallest tower of the palace. Jason manages to catch himself on one of the stones that make up the tower, but just barely.
    • The pun: "Don't worry about me, Hercules! I'll just...uh...hang around!"
      • The punner: Jason

1.29 - Sisters

  • The scene: Cleo balances a tray on the top of Jason's head.
    • The pun: "You've got a real head for this, princy!"
      • The punner: Cleo

1.30 - Golden Bow

  • The scene: Strife is trying to convince Rytus to become his minion.
    • The pun: "I need a following... you follow me?"
      • The punner: Strife
  • The scene: Rytus, not confident about his ability to shoot a moving target, goes aside to talk to Strife. In turn, Strife gives him an arrow.
    • The pun: "I'm all a-quiver."
      • The punner: Strife
  • The scene: Strife is listing off his merchandising plan.
    • The pun: "Eternal flames... always a hot item."
      • The punner: Strife
  • The scene: Strife is trying to convince Rytus to become his minion.
    • The pun: "Am I right or am I... Rytus?"
      • The punner: Strife