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Questions that arose and were never answered in the Young Hercules episodes and canon.

Young Hercules (Movie Pilot)

  • If Jason is the keeper of the Golden Fleece, what happened to it during the entire series?

1.01 - Treasure of Zeus

  • Outside of the phoenix cave there were three spears and a sword stuck in the ground, and a helmet hanging off of one of the spears. If the weapons were left behind by some other victims of the phoenix, how did the helmet end up on top of the spear and why aren't the wooden spear handles charred? Was this some kind of memorial to fallen warriors? Or merely a warning to potential treasure hunters? Who left these weapons behind?

1.02 - Between Friends

  • Why did Iolaus borrow the tuition money from Nysus instead of Jason? And did Iolaus even question how Nysus had that kind of money?
  • At the end of the episode, Hercules and Jason appear to be "sneaking" through the Academy dorm to their cots after everyone else is asleep, but in the previous scene it was clearly mid-day when Jason and Iolaus were arguing over who was going to help Kora clean up while Hercules made a quick exit. What happened between these two scenes?

1.06 - Teacher's Pests

  • Are all student records filed under the father's name?
    • Does that mean that Herc's records are filed under "Hercules Zeus"?
  • What ever happened to Pythias?

1.07 - Inn Trouble

  • Whatever happened to the supplies Kora was expecting to be delivered? Why did they never show up at the Inn?

1.15 - Ares on Trial

  • What was Ares really doing while Strife was beating up Hercules and Discord was watching? Why couldn't he provide his real alibi?
  • Herc appears to be left alone in the courtroom - how did he get back to the Academy?

1.20 - Fame

  • If the bite takes effect when the sun goes down, and Orpheus's concert was after sunset, does that mean that anyone bitten at the concert would have a full day before they're turned?
  • What was Eurydice's life like before being turned into a Bacchae, and where is her family? Does she try to contact her old life after being freed from Bacchus's cult?

1.25 - Herc's Nemesis

  • After Hercules cuts Stregna's hair, she swears "You've won this time. But my hair will come back... and so will I." But she's never seen or heard from again. What happened to her and her vengeance?

1.27 - Mommy Dearests

  • Why did Lucius even bother making the flashy, impossibly non-lethal set-up for killing Pollux? Couldn't he have just tied him to a stake like Hercules?
  • If Lucius was so bent on destroying all of the children of Zeus, what happened to him so that he could not be a prime villain in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys? Better yet, where was he the rest of the season when he promised that it "wasn't over"?

1.34 - Get Jason

  • What *really* happened to the cook?
  • How far did the horse pull Jason and his bed before Hercules and the others caught up to him?
    • For that matter, why didn't Jason just jump off?

Young Hercules (Novelization)

  • If Jason is the keeper of the Golden Fleece, what happened to it during the entire series?

HtLJ - 5.17 - The Academy

  • Tabor is revealed as Cheiron's son. He was born human (Iolaus II: "I guess you didn't inherit your father's... equine... things.") but it begs the question: who is Tabor's mother? What happened to her?