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Hercules: "Jason! Got here as fast as I could."

Iolaus: "What happened?"

Jason: "Oh, she said she was feeling dizzy a few days ago. I thought it was nothing-- un-til last night-- when she complained of chest pains. Her mother died of a weak heart."

Hercules: "Where is she?"

Jason: "Outside."

Hercules: "Hello, Mother."

Alcmene: "Hercules."

Hercules: "What are you doing?"

Alcmene: [Chuckles]: "Don't look so surprised. I tend to my garden every day."

Hercules: "You should be in bed, resting."

Alcmene: "Oh, stop it. I'm feeling much better. Besides-- why would I want to be inside on a day like today, hmm? Hercules, you can stand there with that look on your face, or you can sit down and enjoy the day with me."

Hercules: "You are so-- stubborn."

Alcmene: "Where do you think you get it from?"

Hercules: [Sighs]: "It looks beautiful."

Alcmene: "I started this garden the day I found out Amphitryon had died in the war. Bringing it to life somehow-- helped me accept his death. And when-- you went off to fight against Parthus-- I sat here every day, praying that my son would come home to me. My prayers were answered."

Hercules: "That was the first war I ever fought in. I'm sorry I put you through that."

Alcmene: "No apologies, Hercules. You did what you had to do. I just wish I-- could have protected you from what you saw."

Young Alcmene: [Chuckles]: "Looks like you could use a bath."

Young Hercules: "And whose fault is that?"

Young Alcmene: "You offered to help. And besides, you've always been a messy child."

Young Hercules: "Well, thanks, Mom. I appreciate that."

Young Jason: "You got that Mama's boy doing your dirty work again, Alcmene?"

Young Alcmene: "Well, lemme guess. You two freeloaders are-- here for lunch?"

Young Iolaus and Young Jason: "Ooh."

Young Hercules: "What's up, guys?"

Young Iolaus: "Ah, no good. The Parthuns crossed the border into Kaelin territory."

Young Jason: "King Eteocles has managed to push ‘em back, but the Parthuns have declared war."

Young Iolaus: "Yeah. If they win, Corinth could be next."

Young Hercules: "The Kaelins have been our allies since your father was king."

Young Jason: "Now, it's my turn to make sure they don't fight alone."

Young Iolaus: "We're gonna join them on the front line, Herc."

Young Jason: "What do ya say, Buddy?"

Young Hercules: "I say we're goin' to war."

Young Iolaus and Young Jason: "Yeah!"

Young Jason: "Yeah! Let's go get ‘em!"

Act One

Hercules: "I was so eager to go off and fight-- I had no idea what I was in for."

Alcmene: "Well-- you were young."

Hercules: "Yeah."

Alcmene: "You know? All a mother wants to do is protect her children from-- all the pain in the world."

Hercules: "Hmm."

Alcmene: "Because you love them so much, you-- hold onto the illusion you can do that. And the truth is-- I couldn't."

Hercules: "None of us can. I held that same illusion for my children. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself."

Alcmene: "I can't help it. I just wish you hadn't had to have-- grown up so fast."

Hercules: "You know-- even when things were at their worst-- I always had a place to call home-- thanks to you."

Young Alcmene: "I don't want you to go."

Young Hercules: "Mo-o-o-m."

Young Alcmene: "Look-- I've already lost someone I love to war. I won't go through that again. I won't."

Young Hercules: "Don't worry, Mom. It's not gonna happen to me."

Young Alcmene: "Don't you tell me not to worry. This isn't the same as rousting a couple of bullies. There's a good chance your strength won't be enough."

Young Hercules: "Maybe. But at least I'll be fightin' for somethin' I believe in."

Young Alcmene: "A just cause doesn't make war noble, Hercules."

Young Hercules: "Well, why did you send me to the Academy? I mean, what did you think all that training was for?"

Young Alcmene: "I didn't send you there to become a soldier. I sent you so you'd learn how to take care of yourself."

Young Hercules: "I did. And I will."

Young Iolaus: "Come on!"

Young Alcmene: "Please come back to me, Hercules."

Attendant's Voice: "Your Highness-- King Eteocles requests your presence in his tent."

Young Jason's Voice: "Lead the way."

King Eteocles:: "Well-- it seems I'm in the presence of greatness."

Young Jason: "I was gonna say the same to you."

King Eteocles:: "Thank you for coming, Jason."

Young Jason: "I wouldn't have missed it for the world. You'd do the same for Corinth."

King Eteocles:: "From what I've heard, your kingdom's in good hands. Your father would have been proud."

Young Hercules: "Well, I've had help. These are my friends-- Hercules and Iolaus."

King Eteocles:: "Welcome."

Young Hercules: "It's a pleasure to be here, your Highness."

King Eteocles:: "Sit down, gentlemen-- eat. You're gonna need your strength. Two summers ago-- the Parthuns suffered a terrible drought. We offered hunting privileges in our western region."

Young Jason: "And let me guess. That wasn't enough for them."

King Eteocles:: "Now, they're trying to claim _our_ territory as their own. Most of my troops are defending our border-- but-- I've sent a small battalion-- into enemy territory. They've established a foothold-- next to the king's fortress. Once we join them-- I'll lead a charge inside."

Young Hercules: "Take out the brain, and the body's useless."

King Eteocles:: "Jason-- would you do me the honor of serving as my second-in-command?"

Young Jason: "I won't let you down."

King Eteocles:: "Gentlemen-- you're three of Chyron's best. By this time tomorrow, we'll be dictating the terms of their surrender-- and you'll return home as heroes. To victory!"

Young Iolaus, Young Hercules, Young Jason: "Victory!"

Calimachus: "You'll be OK. But just stay off this leg for a while."

Young Hercules: "Calimachus."

Calimachus: "Well, well-- if it's not the academy's finest?"

Young Hercules: "It's good to see you."

Calimachus: "I wish it were under better circumstances."

Young Hercules: "Well, now that you mention it, I'm surprised to see you here."

Calimachus: "I don't like what the Parthuns are doing any more than you do-- but I can't take a life in good conscience. Tending the wounded's the best thing I can do to help."

Young Hercules: "Ya haven't changed a bit, Cal. I'm glad."

Young Iolaus: "Hey, what is this? An academy reunion?"

Young Jason: "What are you doin' here, Buddy? I thought you gave up manhood for a life of medicine."

Calimachus: "Yeah-- well, you won't be sayin' that when I'm stitchin' your head back on."

Young Jason: [Laughs]

King Eteocles:: "Fall in, men! We're movin' out!"

Young Jason: "All right, boys-- time to see what we're made of."

Soldier's Voice: "Stay sharp, men. We're in Parthun territory, now. Somethin' here, in the way[?]. Be careful."

Calimachus: "Hemlock."

Young Hercules: "Poison-- the stakes don't kill ya-- it will."

King Eteocles:: "Crude, but effective-- almost as good as ours."

Young Iolaus: "We-you mean, we have those, too?"

Young Jason: "In case somebody drops by unexpected."

Young Hercules: "Isn't that what we're doin'?"

Young Jason: "Yeah, but we're the good guys."

Calimachus: "Hey, where's Nikos?"

Young Hercules: "Must have fallen behind."

King Eteocles:: "That boy's gonna get himself killed!"

Young Hercules: "I'll get him. We'll catch up."

Young Hercules: "You OK, Nikos?"

Nikos: "My wife and I have a house just over that hill. This is the first time we haven't been together since we've been married. I wonder what she's doing now."

Young Hercules: "She's probably looking out the window, wondering the same thing about you."

Nikos: "Hercules, you think we're gonna make it?"

Young Hercules: "Yeah."

Nikos: "A lot of the guys have been saying that-- if we pull this off, we'll be like heroes? But what I keep thinking is, what if I make my wife a widow? Where's the glory in that?"

Young Hercules: "Come on."

King Eteocles:: "All right, then-- let's move! The battalion's just over the hill."

Soldiers' Voices: "Keep your eyes on the trees as well." [Other incoherent mumbling as well.] "It's loaded."

Soldier: "Uh!"

Soldiers' Voices: "He's hit!" "Look out!"

King Eteocles:: "Ambush!"


Kaelin Soldiers: "Behind you!" "Look out! Ahhhhh!"

King Eteocles:: "Ohhh!"

Young Jason: "Eteocles!"

Young Hercules: "Jason!"

Act Two

Young Iolaus: "By the gods, they cut off his arm!"

Calimachus: "He's losing blood fast. Let's get him outta here, quick."

Young Jason: "Oh! Eteocles! Eteocles!"

King Eteocles:: "This war-- it's yours, now."

Young Jason: "Please, Eteocles! Forgive me!"

Young Hercules: "Jason, we gotta get back to the battalion! Come on!"

Iolaus: "Have you, um-- sent word to Iphicles?"

Jason: "But he's at sea. He won't get the message for a few days."

Alcmene: "Iolaus-- did Hercules drag you all the way down here for nothing?"

Iolaus: "Ah-- far be it for me to pass up a home-cooked meal. Besides-- am I gonna miss out on the chance of seeing you?"

Alcmene: [Chuckles]: "You smooth-talker. I'll get my shawl."

Hercules: "OK."

Jason: "Where are you going?"

Hercules: "She wants to go to the market."

Iolaus: "Is that a good idea?"

Hercules: "You talk her out of it."

Jason: "He has a point."

Hercules: "How are ya holding up?"

Jason: "I don't know. I'm tired of pretending nothing's wrong. You should've seen her last night. Nothing worse than watching someone you love in pain."

Hercules: "Don't give up hope, Jason."

Jason: "I haven't-- but I'd be foolish not to prepare myself. I suppose I've learned the hard way-- hope for the best, but expect the worst."

Young Hercules: "There's Eteocles' trench. We made it."

Young Jason: "By the gods."

Young Iolaus: "There's nobody left alive. I'm not goin' in there."

Young Hercules: "You don't have a choice. It's too dangerous out in the open."

Young Jason: "Those savages! Those murderous Parthuns! I'll kill every last one of ‘em! Nobody survived. For every man here, I'll kill two of theirs!"

Young Hercules: "Jason, shhh! Quiet. The Parthuns think everyone in the trench is dead. If we don't be quiet, we will be."

Calimachus: "Hey, Herc-- I'm gonna need a hand over here."

Young Jason: "We'll take care of this."

Calimachus: "The arm's severed at the elbow-- he's lost a lot of blood. Hand me the sword. The herbs'll deaden the pain."

Young Hercules: "I'm glad it's more than just a decoration."

Calimachus: "The healer I trained under gave it to me. I guess you could call it a good-luck charm. Hold him down."

Young Hercules: "Bite on this."

Nikos: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Calimachus: "Thanks.

Hercules: "Does he have a chance?"

Calimachus: "It doesn't look good. We'll have to wait and see."

Young Hercules: "You know, I think I can understand why you won't take a life, but-- it can't be-- any easier losin' somebody you're tryin' to save."

Calimachus: "You know, you're probably right."

Young Hercules: "I don't know if I'd have the strength to do it."

Calimachus: "Sure, you would. You, of all people."

Young Hercules: "I don't know. Maybe."

Calimachus: "Besides, it's not just death that I have to deal with. When I save a life, you know-- somebody's son, somebody's daughter-- there's nothing more gratifying in the world."

Young Hercules: "What if there's nothin' you can do?"

Calimachus: "Then it's my job to make sure they don't die alone."

Young Iolaus: "Herc? What're we still doing here? Huh? We should be back at base camp, before there's another attack."

Calimachus: "Nikos can't be moved."

Young Iolaus: "Well-- if we hang around here long enough, we're gonna end up as dead as the rest of these guys."

Young Jason: "No! No, we are _not_ goin' anywhere! It's my duty to finish what Eteocles started. We carry out the mission."

Young Iolaus: "Are you out of your mind?! Jason, we're the only ones left! We don't stand a chance!"

Young Hercules: "All right! We can't leave Nikos here-- and we can't move him yet. All right. All right, the Parthuns don't know that we're here. They would've attacked by now. We're gonna stay put-- take turns on watch. Now, does anybody have a problem with that?"

Nikos: "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Young Jason: "Keep him quiet."

Parthun Soldiers: [Yelling]

Young Iolaus: "Ahhhhh!"

Calimachus: "Nah! Ahh! Ahh! Ahhhhh!"

Young Jason: "No! No! No!"

Young Hercules: "Jason!"

Young Jason: "No!"

Young Hercules: "Jason!"

Young Jason: "No!"

Young Hercules: "Shhh! They're gonna hear you."

Young Jason: "I let Eteocles die! I wa-- I was supposed to cover his back! I was supposed to-- !"

Young Hercules: "You sh-- it was an ambush. It's not your fault, Man. It's your turn on watch. Now, can you handle it?"

Young Jason: "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah."

Young Hercules: "You sure."

Young Jason: "OK. Yeah."

Young Hercules: "How's he doin'?"

Calimachus: "Can ya keep him talking? He's gotta stay awake."

Young Hercules: "Hey, pal."

Nikos: "Hercules."

Young Hercules: "We're gonna get outta here real soon."

Nikos: "You're a bad liar."

Young Hercules: "Well, we are, though. You're gonna get to see your wife. How'd you guys meet?"

Nikos: "We've known each other-- since we were children-- best friends all our lives. She asked me to marry _her_."

Young Hercules: "You're a lucky guy."

Nikos: "Yeah-- I am. [Coughs] It's funny-- the smallest things could make her happy-- like-- a sunset-- or the sound of the rain-- things that I never even thought mattered. But they do, Hercules. They matter."

Young Hercules: "Don't worry, buddy, you're gonna get to share those things with her real soon. Nikos."

Alcmene: "Jason doesn't talk about that war much, but, I know he thinks about it, from time to time."

Hercules: "We all do."

Alcmene: "I suppose, in a way, he still blames himself for the king's death."

Hercules: "Some scars never heal. Hmm, they fade a little, but-- they don't go away. You all right?"

Alcmene: "Mm-hmm. Would you mind if we-- stopped for a moment? I'm just a little winded. I'll be fine."

Hercules: "Mother, why are you doing this?"

Alcmene: "What are you talking about?"

Hercules: "Look-- Jason told me about last night. You are not fine. I know you don't want to worry us, but you don't have to pretend anymore. Please-- you should be in bed. Let me take care of you."

Alcmene: "Not even the best healer's gonna make a difference, Hercules. I'm dying."

Hercules: "You can't be sure of that."

Alcmene: "Well, I wasn't-- until this morning. When I-- I saw the way you looked at me in the garden-- you could never hide anything from me. Your eyes always gave you away."

Hercules: "Come on. Maybe I'm-- wrong."

Alcmene: "I'll stop pretending if you will."

Hercules: "I won't let you go without a fight."

Alcmene: "Don't look so sad. I'm not afraid. And I won't waste whatever time I have left, sitting around, feeling sorry for myself. So-- let's go. It's a beautiful day-- and I want to spend it with my son."

Young Hercules: "Hey."

Calimachus: "Hey."

[Soldier moaning]

Young Iolaus: "You hear that?"

Calimachus: "Somebody's hurt out there. We've gotta help him."

Young Iolaus: "Well-- what if it's one of theirs?"

Young Jason: "Then I hope he dies a slow and painful death."

Young Hercules: "We can't just leave him out there, Jas."

Young Jason: "Oh, yes we can. If the Parthuns see you, then we're _all_ dead."

Young Hercules: "I know you feel responsible for Eteocles' death, Jason, but letting whoever's out there die is not gonna make you feel any better."

Young Jason: "I hope you know what you're doing, buddy."

Young Hercules: "Stay here."

Young Hercules: "What're you doin' here! You should be back in the trench!"

Calimachus: "If it's not safe to move him, you won't know."

Young Hercules: "He's a Parthun."

Calimachus: "I'll need to make a tourniquet for his leg before we can move him."

Teresius: "Who are you?!"

Calimachus: "Don't worry. We're here to help. Uh!"

Act Three

Calimachus: "Ah- ahh."

Voices: "Come on! Come on! You can make it!" "Come on! Get him in here! Look out!" "Come on! Come on! Hurry up!" "Come on! Come on! Come on! Let's move it! Go! Move, move, move!"

Young Jason: "Stay down!"

Young Hercules: "Here-- let me help."

Calimachus: "Oh, no, no! Ah-- break it off. Ahh! Now, go help him."

Young Hercules: "Quit tryin' to be such a hero, Cal."

Calimachus: "Look who's talking. I'll be OK. Go help him."

Young Jason: "No! No way does that vermin get any of our water."

Young Hercules: "He can have _my_ rations, Jason. What's your name? My name's Hercules. Hoo-- it's gonna hurt a little bit."

Teresius: "Uh! I'd rather die than have to breathe the same air as you."

Young Hercules: "You're welcome."

Young Iolaus: "Herc-- they know we're here, now."

Young Hercules: "Yeah, but they don't know how many. We still got a little time."

Young Iolaus: "And if we run?"

Young Hercules: "They got us pinned down. Wouldn't make it very far."

Young Iolaus: "Look-- Herc-- I know you're not one to cash in on special favors-- but now would be a really-- really good time to call up the old man."

Young Hercules: "Zeus never helped me before. I doubt he's gonna start now. Besides, I fight my own battles."

Hercules: "Mother, there's something I've always wanted to ask. Do you resent Zeus for what he did to you?"

Alcmene: "Hmm-- I admit I was angry when I found out Zeus had come to me as-- Amphitryon, but-- but all that went away the day you were born and, like it or not, I have Zeus to thank for blessing me with you."

Hercules: "Well."

Alcmene: "But-- if I had one wish for you, Son-- it would be to have you reconcile with your father."

Hercules: "Please."

Alcmene: "You've been carrying that burden for too long. It's time to let it go."

Hercules: "It's a little too late. Too many people I love have-- he's been a disappointing father."

Alcmene: "Well, don't blame Zeus for what's happening to me. This is my battle, not his. [Gasps] Ooh!"

Hercules: "Did you want to dance?"

Alcmene: [Laughs]: "I‘m all right."

Hercules: "Fine, but I'm takin' you home, anyway."

Calimachus: "Hey, Herc-- I could do with some water. Thanks."

Young Hercules: "There must be something more I can do."

Calimachus: "Remember what I said about not dying alone? You're doing all you can."

Young Hercules: "It's a naphthalene [?] cannon! Come on, let's go! Everybody out! Now!"

Young Iolaus: "Jas-- give me a hand!"

Young Hercules: "Let's make a break for those woods over there."

Young Iolaus: "No way! We're pinned down! We don't have a chance!"

Young Jason: "I say we go. Let's go-- now!"

Young Hercules: "Hey! What're you doin'?!"

Calimachus: "I'm gonna draw their fire!"

Young Hercules: "I can't, I can't let you do that."

Calimachus: "I've gotta do it; otherwise, you'll all be killed! It's your turn, now."

Young Hercules: "Cal!"

Voice: "Get up!" "Push!"

Calimachus: "Hey! Hey! Ahh! Ahh!"

Young Hercules: "Ahhhhhh!"

Calimachus: "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey-- Ah! Ah!"

Young Hercules: "Ca-a-a-a-a-l!"

Young Iolaus: "You OK?"

Young Jason: "You consider yourself lucky to be alive."

Teresius: "Go ahead and kill me. You'll do it sooner or later. You're a bunch of bloodthirsty thieves."

Young Jason: "Us?! You people tried to steal land that didn't belong to you!"

Teresius: "My forefathers owned that land before the Kaelins settled there."

Young Jason: "And that gives you the right to start slaughtering people?!"

Teresius: "You think we haven't suffered losses?"

Young Jason: "You brought that on yourselves! Are the Kaelins supposed to just stand there and let you people march in?!"

Teresius: "They shouldn't have been there in the first place!"

Young Hercules: "Enough! What are we doin' here, guys? We're killin' each other over this. There's enough land between the two kingdoms for everyone. Some things are worth fightin' for. This is not one of ‘em."

Young Jason: "That's not your decision to make, Hercules."

Young Hercules: "You're right, Jason-- it's yours. You're a king. And being a good leader's not about winning wars. It's about keepin' the peace. And you, before you go off accusing anybody of being an animal, know that he risked his life to save you. Now we can sit around and argue about who was here first, while guys like us are out there getting killed-- or we can put an end to this war."

Young Iolaus: "So, what're you thinkin', Herc?"

Young Hercules: "What's your name?"

Teresius: "Teresius."

Young Hercules: "Teresius-- can you get us in to see your king?"

Teresius: "If I go there with you-- I could be hanged for treason. And-- you could be executed on the spot."

Young Hercules: "We all have a risk to take. Are we in?"

Alcmene: "Hercules-- would you give us a moment alone, please?"

Jason: "I don't know what to say."

Alcmene: "Do you know why-- I love you so much? Because we've already said everything we'd-- ever wanna say to each other. How many people are that blessed?"

Hercules: "I feel so useless. She's the one doing all the comforting."

Iolaus: "Ha. I'm not surprised. You may have the blood of a god, but-- your real strength comes from her."

Hercules: "I can't just stand by and do nothing."

Iolaus: "Hercules-- you know you're the best friend I-- and I've seen you do some things which I thought were impossible. But-- maybe there are some battles you just can't win."

Act Four

Parthun Soldier: "Ready your weapons!"

Teresius: "Hold you fire! Get down on your knees, or they'll kill us all."

Young Hercules: "We surrender!"

Parthun Soldiers: "He's one of ours! Open the gates! Bring ‘em in! Close the gates!" "Let's kill them now! Death to the Kaelins!"

Parthun King: "And you are the one that captured the king of Corinth?"

Teresius: "No, your Highness-- they saved my life. They're here of their own free will."

Parthun King: "You're either very brave-- or you're very foolish."

Young Hercules: "Foolish for believing this war is just, your Highness? If we continue-- there won't be anyone left on either side to celebrate victory."

Parthun King: "A noble thought, young man, but it's remarkably naive. We've sacrificed too much to stop now."

Young Hercules: "Well, I think we've sacrificed too much to go on."

Young Jason: "King Eteocles was our ally. Now that he's dead, I have the authority to recall his troops-- if you'll listen to what we have to say."

Parthun King: "That sounded like a threat. I could have you killed where you stand."

Young Hercules: "Ours is a mission of peace, your Highness. Our lives are in your hands."

Parthun King: "Up. Go on."

Young Hercules: "Share your land with the Kaelins. Your kingdoms can live together in peace, and we'll know that our brothers did not die in vain."

Parthun King: "And why should I trust you?"

Young Jason: "Corinth has nothin' to gain in this war. But in peace, we gain a new ally."

Parthun King: "And I'm to believe that all our differences will just disappear with the wave of a hand?"

Young Hercules: "No, it will take time. But if any part of you _does_ want peace-- then we can't be _that_ different."

Parthun King: "May the gods help you if you're lying. Dispatch a message to all fronts. Cease fire."

Young Alcmene: "All of Corinth is talking about what you did, Hercules. I couldn't be more proud."

Young Hercules: "This belonged to a friend of mine-- a kid about my age. I had to watch him die, Mother, to realize you were right. There's no glory in war."

Young Alcmene: "For every boy that's not coming home-- one hundred more will-- and that's because of you. You did everything you could."

Young Hercules: "Then why do I fell like I failed?"

Young Alcmene: "You're safe now, Son. You're home."

Alcmene: "I have known you since you were a boy, Iolaus, and it has been a joy watching you grow into the man you are."

Iolaus: "You always made me feel like-- like part of the family, Alcmene. Thank you."

Alcmene: "On the bureau, Son, I-- I have something for you-- in the jewel box."

Hercules: "You kept it."

Alcmene: "You _do_ deserve it. You always have."

Hercules: "I love you, Mother."

Alcmene: "You have made my life complete. I couldn't have asked for a greater gift. I have no regrets-- my love-- no regrets."

Hercules: "Ahhhhh!"

Zeus: "I'm sorry, Son. Alcmene was a beautiful woman."

Hercules: "Zeus."