The Phat Chick

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(YHWiki Editor's Note: This character was not listed in the credits. She has been named "The Phat Chick" by the YHWiki Editors to make things a little more interesting.)

The Phat Chick.

One of Strife's few followers. Her sole purpose seems to be feeding Strife grapes as he lounges on a leopard-print chaise.

Ares: I saw what you were warming up.

Strife: Yeah. Is she phat or what?
Ares: Fat? What, are you kidding me?
Strife: No, Uncle, not 'fat'. 'Phat'. She's a real Persephone, you know? Fly. Dope. Def... Groovy? Anyway, I was just--
Ares: Did I give you any indication that I care about your life?
Strife: No.

Ares: Then don't share it, please.