The Hobbit Interviews: Dean O'Gorman On Fili - Empire - 2013 (July 10)

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This article is from the magazine Empire Magazine, dated July 10, 2013, featuring Dean O'Gorman.

Text for this article is from Empire Online.

The Hobbit Interviews: Dean O'Gorman On Fili

Alongside Aidan Turner's Kili, Aucklander Dean O'Gorman is one of Thorin Oakenshield's young guns in The Hobbit. Sprightly dwarves with hawk-like vision and a cheery demeanor, they'll need all those attributes when they're sent out scouting for the company in a landscape crawling in orcs, goblins, trolls and assorted evils. Black belt in karate aged only ten, O'Gorman's fighting skills will be getting a thorough workout in the journey ahead.
Interview by Ian Nathan


Tell us about Fili...
      As the older brother of Kili he is the more responsible one, and quite protective of his younger brother. He is also aware of his connection to Durin's bloodline and the seriousness of Thorin's mission. This is really his chance to prove himself. Not that he doesn't have his moments to be cool. I like to think of him as very cool.

Aidan Turner, Kili, suggests you are the Prince William to his Harry.
      Did he? Well, there is something in that. Fili is definitely is the better behaved one. They do stick together; Fili is very loyal.

Is it fair to think of you and Kili as the 'Legolas' of The Hobbit movies?
      There is something in that too. Except we are much better-looking.

You joined the party late, after another actor (former EastEnder Rob Kazinsky) dropped out. You must have had to hit the ground running.
      I had already done an audition - I read for Thorin - but I had moved on. Then out of the blue, I think it was early 2011, Philippa (Boyens) called me up for a costume fitting! Just like that! It was one of the best phone calls of my life. They had been shooting for a couple of months, so I had to do three weeks of intensive training: movement classes, dwarvish lessons, fighting two-handed with swords - a really swift introduction to the world. The boots were helpful. You move like a dwarf with them on, and the movement is key, slow but with purpose, even though Kili is more athletic than most.

Do you think small?
      Dwarves consider themselves the correct size. They naturally live underground: they love to be close to the earth, to feel rock around them, and they have a low centre of gravity. But there are times when they face bigger opponents, or peer up at Gandalf or Elrond. Then, it's just that they are out of their natural habitat and these people are unnaturally big.