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Cheiron's Academy may not have a varsity team, but there are many familar sports you can catch the cadets playing.


Similar to American Soccer.

  • Seen in 1.09 - Amazon Grace. While showing Cyane and her tribe around the Academy, Hercules walks outside to find a game of bagball going on between the cadets. Hercules explains that it's one of Cheiron's foot drills, using a pig's bladder filled with water. A new round of this Greekified version of soccer starts between the cadets and the Amazons. The game ends when Iolaus, playing the part of the goal tender, fails to catch the ball and ends up being splattered with the water inside it.
Bagball, seen in 1.09 - Amazon Grace.

Beach Net Ball

Similar to Volleyball.

  • Seen in 1.48 - Apollo. Apollo's followers can be found playing this, a Greekified version of beach volleyball, when they are first spotted by Hercules, Iolaus, and Theseus. It's unknown what the ball is made out of or filled with, but it appears to be metallic silver
Beach Net Ball, seen in 1.48 - Apollo.

Hoop Ball

Similar to Basketball.

  • Seen in 1.18 - A Serpent's Tooth. Hercules and Iolaus interrupt a petition at the Corinthian palace by bringing a game of hoop ball, a Greekified version of basketball, into the throne room where they use the room's crown decor as the hoop. The ball looks similar to the pig's bladder ball used in Bagball, but seems to be filled with air.
Hoop Ball, seen in 1.18 - A Serpent's Tooth.


Similar to American Football.

  • (Also see Fan Photographs)
  • Seen in 1.03 - What a Crockery. Iolaus trips over a small watermelon, and suddenly a game of Greekified Football is on. Hercules plays defense while Iolaus is offense, and Jason is the quarterback. Jason throws the melon to Iolaus seconds before being tackled by Hercules, but Iolaus misses the catch and the melon smashes against the ground.
Melonball, seen in 1.03 - What a Crockery.

Shooting Contest

Like a cross between pool and American soccer using trickshots. "A trickshot is a shot played on a billiards table which seems unlikely or impossible or requires significant skill." - Wikipedia

  • Seen in 1.05 - Girl Trouble. Jason and Iolaus settle their argument by a shooting contest involving Iolaus kicking a ball "Through the arch; off the ladder; over the roof; off the well; off the wall; down the steps; nothing but pigpen."
  • The contest between Jason and Iolaus is an allusion to a series of 1993 McDonalds Commercials with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird calling and then making impossible bank-shot baskets.
Shooting Contest, seen in 1.05 - Girl Trouble.