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This is a transcript of the dialogue of the episode Sisters, as aired, transcribed by Bryn.


Cadet's voice: Hope Carmen and Michelle are here.


Hercules: Come on, Kora. Iolaus is sick, huh, so it's gonna be a good day! Don't make me enjoy it alone.

Jason: Hey, Kora? We could go on a picnic. Or we could go swimmin'.

Kora: Oh, swimming? With a couple of sharks like you? No way.

Hercules: Did you hear that? She called me a shark.

Jason: She's just being nice to you, man. Hey Kora! You know what they say. All work and no play...

Kora: Mmm-hmm. It keeps my restaurant open.

Hercules: Come on, Kora. Don't you ever feel like just having fun?

Kora: Sometimes...

Guy with the Goofy Hat: Miss! There's something in my soup!

Kora: And then that happens.

Hercules: [bangs head on table] I'm just gonna give up, all right? She's never gonna go out with me.

Jason: Hey. You know what my father used to say?

Hercules: What?

Jason: He... when you're going off to battle... just... be ready.

Kora: So, are you two going to buy something or are you just wasting space?

Hercules: Uh, can I have a, uh, refill on my water, please?

Jason: I'll take a little-a little of that.

Hercules: Um...

Jason: You know what Kora's problem is. She needs to loosen up. Enjoy life.

Hercules: I know. Can you just imagine what Kora would be like if she just learned to relax?

Jason: Ohhh. [whistles]

Cleo: Ko-ra!

Kora: Cleo?

Cleo: Big sis, I'm home! Heh heh heh...

Hercules and Jason: Well, helloooo...

Act One

Cadet's voice: Aw, man, did you see Daimes[sp?} ralph?

Cleo: Thanks. Whoa! It's okay! I got it!

Hercules: You never said that you had a sister.

Kora: Well, I do. Whether I like it or not.

Hercules: You-you guys are so... different.

Kora: Yeah, we're different all right. Well, at least, she is.

Cleo:You've got a real head for this, princy!

Kora: You know, I don't know if she's gonna fit in around here.

Cleo: Nothing like using your prince for a stand, huh?

Jason: Anytime, Cleo!

Hercules: Rroww!


Cleo: So, I walk right up to the bouncer, and I'm like "Is this a private party?" and he's all, "Yeah, it is. Go away."

Kora: Excuse me. Excuse me!

Cleo: So I go, "Oh, come on, please." And he's like, "No." So then I go, "How's about we arm wrestle? I win, I get in?"

Jason: So, did you get in?

Cleo: King Midas gave it to me himself. Solid gold. Yeah, I danced with him twice. He's a cute guy if you overlook the donkey ears.

Kora: Here. Hey!

Hercules: How big was this bouncer?

Cleo: Hmm, not so big, about twice your size.

Hercules: Hey!

Cleo: Hey, I'm kidding, I'm kidding!

Jason: She's kidding, she's kidding-ooh!


Guy with the Goofy Hat: This is for you. See you, Cleo!

Cleo: Goodnight, you bad boy! You know, running a restaurant's not so bad. It's kinda fun.

Kora: Uh. Yeah. Well, there's more to it than joking around with customers.

Cleo: Like what?

Kora: Like, you let six people leave without giving them a check.

Cleo: Six people...

Kora: Okay, you just need to show a little more responsibility, that's all.

Cleo: Here we go again.

Kora: Okay, fine.

Cleo: You know what this place needs?

Kora: Oh, uh, better service?

Cleo: Live entertainment! A band, you know, like a really good band! We can move these tables around so it's like a stage over here, and then if we bring some...

Kora: I've tried bands and it's not worth the effort.

Cleo: You'd like the idea if somebody else suggested it.

Kora: Tomorrow is market day. I've got to pick up some supplies in the morning, so I'm going to open up late. If you really wanted to help me, you'd come with me.

Cleo: Heeey, how about I open up for you?

Kora: Oh, I don't think so.

Cleo: Oh, come on! What's so hard? Don't you trust me?


Hercules: Welcome to Kora's. May I take your order please?


Cleo: Squeek, squeek! Whoo, hoo hoo! Head's up!

Jason: Fresh lemonade!

Kora: Hey, Jason? How about that picnic?

Jason: Did you really tap dance in Hera's temple?

Cleo: Hey, they dared me!

Jason: I would have dared you too!

Kora: What are you doing?

Hercules: Oh, uh, Cleo thinks that this will open the place up.

Kora: But I liked everything where it was!

Hercules: Well, Cleo thinks we need room for the band.

Kora: Band?!?

Cleo: Whoo-hoo! All right! Yeah!

Kora: So, where did they come from?

Hercules: Lighten up, Kora, okay? Cleo met them on the road and she said they needed help getting gigs.

Kora: I wonder why.

Jason: Hey, Kora. Cleo rocks!

Kora: Cleo, Cleo, Cleo!

Jason: Yeah! Rock on, Cleo!

Hercules: Yeah!


Cleo: I've got an exceptionally good idea for the top of the second set. See, we start off slow and quiet, then you hit that chord real loud. Then I'm gonna jump off the stage and do a split on a table ringside.

Lute Player Jonathan: Uh, what's a chord?

Cleo: Wow.

Band: Wow.

Cleo: [belches] Top that.

Hercules: Nice one.

Jason: That was a wonderful burp, Cleo.

Cleo: Yeah, I know.

Hercules: Here it is.

Kora: Hey! What's shakin'?

Cleo: Hey, you're stretching my dress!

Jason: Kora?

Kora: That's my name, don't wear it out.

Hercules: Are-are you okay?

Kora: Yeah! I'm getting loose, I'm getting down!

Hercules: [belches] I'm sorry.

Kora: Whoo! All right, let me try. [tiny burp]

Hercules: That's okay.

Kora: I think I just need to build one up.

Hercules: Uh, okay.

Cleo: Hey, what's your problem?

Kora: Well, everybody said to loosen up!

Cleo: Well, cut it out. You're scaring the band! Kora, you're embarrassing yourself.

Kora: What are you looking at? Why don't you carve a sculpture, it'll last longer!

Jason: Man, that's wacky.


Cleo: Whoa, that was a pretty weird scene out there.

Kora: Listen, Cleo. I don't see you for four years and you come in here and you start running the place. Where were you when mom and dad and I needed your help?

Cleo: I wondered when this would start.

Kora: What are you talking about?

Cleo: It's the same old story. People like me better, and you hate it.

Kora: Oh, yeah, right.

Cleo: Well, get over it! Can I help it if I have a personality?

Kora: Boy. You haven't changed a bit. You're so competitive!

Cleo: Me? Take a look at yourself in the mirror, honey!

Leonidas: Uh, Cleo? I gotta talk to you about the recipe on the new menu.

Kora: Now you've changed my menu? Okay, fine! Why don't you just take the whole place?


Cleo: Okay, everybody! Now we can really party!

Lute Player Jonathan: Okay! One, two, three, four!


Kora: Tight leather pants should be against the law!

Scarface: You... are coming with us.

Thug Steven: [laughing]

Act Two

Hercules: Hi, I'm Hercules and I'll be your waiter and, uh, let's go. Come on. Excuse me, can I, uh... thanks. That's great.

Guy with the Goofy Hat: Hey, what happened to the stuffed grape leaves?

Customer's voice: This is taking forever.

Jason: Cleo says those are out in Troy. What you want are the blackened grape leaves with olive mint chut-ney. Mint chutney. My name's Jason if you need anything.

Cleo: Here we go!

Constable Tarsus: Do you have any specials today?

Cleo: Um, sure, yeah! Um... swordfish!

Constable Tarsus: That sounds good.

Cleo: It's delicious! You'll love it!

Hercules: Did you just tell the constable that we have swordfish?

Cleo: Well, give him chicken. Everything tastes like chicken.

Hercules: Okay, you know what? I know that we agreed to help you... Whoa, we don't allow that here!

Customer Tim: Miss, can we have a table?

Cleo: Yeah, just a second.

Customer Tim: We've been waiting for hours.

Cleo: I said "just a second", okay? You don't look like you're gonna starve to death!

Customer Tim: Ahh!

Jason: Hey, where's your sister? I've got a customer with a complaint.

Hercules: He's not the only one.

Cleo: I don't know!


Kora: Let go! Who are you? Where are you going? Talk already! Let go, you big apes, or I'll really lose my temper!

Thug: Hiya, Blondie. I knew we'd see you again.


Don Corleonus: Ah, Cleo. At last we meet, huh? I am Don Corleonus. I'm certain you know why we are here.


Guy with the Goofy Hat: Young man, listen to me. It doesn't have any olives, it doesn't have any mint, and it doesn't have any chutney! Well, this isn't Olive Mint Chutney!

Cleo: Three plus three, take away two, carry the one... uh, there we go.

Customer Jon: But the bill's for eleven dinar.

Cleo: Okay, here's two more.

Customer Jon: What kind of clip joint are you running here?

Cleo: Look, pal, if you're not happy, you can take your dinars and-

Hercules: Ah-ha, hi, um, thank you very much, uh, for coming to Kora's and come again.

Cleo: There's a difference between being dishonest and just being bad at math!

Hercules: Cleo, listen, uh, you cannot talk to the customers that way, all right?

Cleo: Well, running a restaurant is such a grind! I can't believe Kora ran out on me like that. What's your problem?

Fruit Vendor Sacha: Nothing. But I coulda sworn I saw you heading down the road toward the coast. Well, whoever it was sure had hair like yours.

Cleo: Kora!

Fruit Vendor Sacha: Well, the two goons she was with? They looked like trouble to me. Especially the one with the scar.

Jason: What's going on?

Cleo: Kora's in big trouble and it's all my fault!


Don Corleonus: You know, my associates is Scalea were happy to lend you the money. This is, in fact, how they make their living.

Kora: Look-

Don Corleonus: But instead of repaying the money you owe, you ran away like a thief in the night. Like a thief in the night. So, they come to me, huh.

Kora: You're making a big mistake.

Don Corleonus: A mistake has been made, but it was you who made it. You see, you've... betrayed the trust of a very generous but powerful man. And now you must return and face the concequences. If you wish to speak, now is your chance. I will listen.

Kora: I could pay. I could pay right now. Can you just give me an hour.

Don Corleonus: Forgive my bluntness when I say I do not trust you to make good this promise, huh? When you return, uh, you can try and... work things out with my associates.


Cleo: I knew they'd find me eventually but I didn't think it would be so soon.

Hercules: Technically they didn't find you, they found Kora. But... I mean, we are the ones who told her to loosen up, right? And if we hadn't of pushed her, she wouldn't be out there in the first place.

Jason: Yeah, you're right.

Cleo: I never meant to put Kora in any danger!

Hercules: Let's just get her out of it, all right?

Jason: Let's go tell the constable.

Constable Tarsus: I knew I should never have tried that swordfish!

Hercules: That was the constable. Well, looks like we have to do this on our own.

Cleo: I think I know where they've gone.

Hercules: Let's go.


Cleo: The guys I borrowed the money from do some smuggling on the side. There's a cove down here they use a lot. If they're planning to take her to the home island to pay my debt, this is where they'll catch the boat.

Hercules: Whoa. Good thinkin'.

Cleo: So, have you guys got a plan?

Jason: Plan? Wha-no!

Hercules: Uh, yeah!

Cleo: Hi, fellas! Thought I'd take a stroll on the beach. Care to join me?

Thug: How did Cleo get out?


Thug Steven: The ship's on its way.

Don Corleonus: Mmm mmm mmm mmm. A boat will arrive soon to take us back to Scalea. On this boat you will be treated with respect as my guest. But should you step out of line you will step off the gangplank. Go! Go! See what's up! Not you.


Cleo: Go Jason!

Hercules: Come on.

Cleo: Herc! Look out!

Jason: Ahhh!

Thug Steven: Wahhh!

Don Corleonus: My boys! How could you do this to my boys, ah?

Jason: I'm just finishing what your boys started!

Don Corleonus: There are two of you?

Kora: Aw, you came for me. Thanks.

Cleo: Hey, what are sisters for?

Don Corleonus: Under the circumstances I'm prepared to admit that, uh, I mighta made a mistake, you know?

Kora: Ahhh.

Hercules: Heh. Yeah.


Kora: I'll pay Cleo's debt within a month. You have my word, and my inn as a guarantee.

Don Corleonus: From one professional to another, I accept your offer.

Cleo: Kora! You can't risk the family inn! Not for me!

Kora: You're family, Cleo. You always will be.

Don Corleonus: Cleo, you would have had a miserable life if it weren't for your wonderful sister, Kora.

Scarface: [sniffles]


Kora: Are you sure you won't change your mind? I promise not to go crazy on you, okay? Please stay!

Hercules: Stay!

Cleo: It wouldn't work! You're too... okay, I'm too competitive. You know, I stayed away so long because I know I can never measure up. Besides, the guys want me to join the band. I've always kinda wanted to be a musician. I'm going to send you part of every paycheck.

Kora: Bye, Cle.

Hercules: Heh, oh! Well!

Lute Player Jonathan: Come on, Cleo!

Jason: Be good.

Kora: Bye!

Cleo: Byyye!

Hercules: Goodbye.

Cleo: Miss you guys!

Kora: Cleo hasn't turned out all that bad, huh?

Hercules: Well, she, uh, comes from a good family.