Ryan Gosling reads "Hey Girl" for MTV - 2011 (July 20)

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Ryan Gosling Stars In 'Hey Girl: The Sequel'

  • Posted 7/20/11 10:13 am ET by Kat Rosenfield

      Here at Hollywood Crush, there's nothing we love more than a nice, ripe Ryan Gosling meme...except, of course, for a nice, ripe Ryan Gosling meme read aloud by Ryan Gosling. And fortunately for Gosling-lovers everywhere, Ryan was game to once again perform a dramatic reading of various posts from the F--- Yeah! Ryan Gosling Tumblr during our chat at the "Crazy, Stupid, Love." junket.

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      Well, that is, if he can stop laughing first. Or is he crying? Hard to tell! But the man turns an absolutely lovely shade of crimson before getting it just under control enough to squeak out, "This is so stupid!"

      Yeah it is. Stupid AWESOME!

      Meanwhile, Ryan does finally calm down enough to select a handful of F--- Yeah! images and read 'em aloud—though not before coming across one that causes him to yelp, "Oh my god, I can't say that!" followed by some tsk-tsking, another "Oh my," and finally, the admonition that "these are untoward."

      Yes, you heard it here first: if you want Ryan Gosling to read your "Hey Girl" macro out loud on camera, it had better be toward.