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  • This is a current list of Young Hercules props and costumes that are floating around the world (or, as many as I've been able to track down so far.)
  • If you own a YH prop that is not listed here, please let me know so I can include you!
  • If you would like to sell a YH prop, please Email me!

Amazon Arrow


Amazonarrowprop01.png Amazonarrowprop02.png

Amazon Spear

  • Owned by My Taste Of Hollywood
  • This was the spear used by the Amazons in 1.09 - Amazon Grace.
  • This spear is made with a wood handle and a hard resin spear head. It has a resin snake wrapped around where the spear head meets the wood and also has a cracked or leaf vein pattern on the blade itself. It has lamb skin wrapped with leather about half way down on the wood pole. -



Bacchus's Outfit



Cyane's Skirt

Barbie amazon top and skirt.jpg

Cyane's skirt02.png

Festival Mask

  • Owned by My Taste of Hollywood
  • Worn by Jason in 1.22 - A Lady in Hades.
  • This full head mask is made of closed sell foam covered in a light rubber coating and then painted to have that goblin look. It has screen covered eyes so you can see out but no one can see in and the head part is horse hair woven into a material base. Quite a interesting piece used in the first 2 minutes of the episode when Jason tries to talk Young Hercules into going to the festival that night. - My Taste of Hollywood
Festival Mask Prop.jpg

Festival Mask item.png

Graeae Sisters' Dresses

  • Owned by My Taste of Hollywood
  • Worn by Deino and Enyo in 1.38 - Me, Myself, and Eye.
  • They are both made the same way and but one has a body suit underneath to make the actress have the appearance of a twisted or malformed body. They have a long under dress with a partially see through over dress and short cape or wool sweater type outer piece. The over dresses have holes torn in them to give an old or ancient appearance to the outfit. These outfits are a little different looking because they have these wired long funnel type sleeves and the bottom of the dresses are wired so they stand out and away from the body. They are both labeled by character ‘Deino Witch and Enzo Witch’. - My Taste of Hollywood
Graeae Sisters Dresses.JPG

Graeae Sisters Dresses screencap.png

Hephaestus's Costume


Hephoutfit03.png Hephoutfit.jpg

Hephaestus's Thunder Arrows

Thunderarrowsprop03.jpg Thunderarrowsprop04.jpg

Thunderarrowsprop01.jpg Thunderarrowsprop02.jpg

Hercules's Backpack


Hercbackpackcap01.png Hercbackpackcap02.png

Hercbackpackcap03.png Hercbackpackcap04.png

Hercules's Pants

  • Owned by unknown.
  • Hercules wore this in pretty much every episode of "Young Hercules".
Hercules costume 01.jpg

Hercules's Shirt



Horsehead Checker/Chess Piece

YHchesspeice01.jpg YHchesspeice02.jpg YHchesspeice04.jpg YHchesspeice03.jpg



Iolaus's Quiver

  • Owned by The Aegean Collection
  • Quiver and arrows used by Iolaus in three episode of the Young Hercules series. The quiver is made of leather with detailing. Arrows are wood with foam tips. Shown with Skull Bow from Hercules.

Iolausquivercap01.png Iolausquivercap02.png

Jason's Gauntlets

  • Owned by Bryn
  • Black leather with metal studs, measures 6 inches long and approx 8 inches in diameter with elastic for some give. Three straps secure the bracers by looping through attached D-rings.
  • One of at least two pairs worn by Jason.
  • More information on the wardrobe page for: Jason's Gauntlets 02



Kora's Darts

  • Owned by Bryn
  • 16 darts painted gold, roughly eight inches long with a sharp point.
    • 8 have smooth feathers, 8 have notched feathers.
Kora's Darts 16.jpg

Kora's Darts 01.png Kora's Darts 02.png

Lucius's Gauntlets



Lucius's Spoon



Nemesis's Costume

  • Owned by My Taste Of Hollywood
  • Nemesis wore this in 1.25 - Herc's Nemesis.
  • This outfit is very well made and labeled 'Nemesis' and 'body dbl', it has a leather and rubber necklace, a leather, feather and rubber lace up top, the gauntlets are made of thick leather with rubber decorations, it has a pair of well made leather and rubber armbands, the skirt and belt are made as one piece and laces up on each side; it has 3 layers of material, the top 2 are the feather see through material and then the under layer appears to be a satin looking material. The greaves are leather and rubber, they have foam pads at the knees to push them away from the legs. On her back is arrow quiver made of leather with rubber decoration also. -


Orpheus's Armband


Orpheus armband.png

Seska's Gauntlets

  • Owned by The Aegean Collection
  • Gauntlets (left/right) worn by Seska (Jodie Rimmer) in the fifth season Hercules episode "The Academy". The gauntlets are made of leather with copper detailing. Single right handed gauntlet (rear) worn by Seska during the six season episode "A Wicked Good Time". The gantlet is made completely of colored detailed leather.

Sun Nymph's Shorts

  • Owned by Bryn.
  • The only tag inside says: "Apollo Demi-God, Mark".
  • The shorts appear to be 100% silk with a batik/tie-die color scheme in vibrant shades of orange, red and gold. Waist 27" (unstretched), Inseam 10", total length 25". They have an elastic waist with a golden tie closure. There is a stylized sun print on the right leg, and gold woven tape sewn down the sides and across the bottom of the legs.
Sunnymphsshorts01.jpg Sunnymphsshorts02.jpg

Sunnymphsshorts03.jpg Sunnymphsshorts09.jpg

Sunnymphsshorts05.jpg Sunnymphsshorts04.jpg

Sunnymphsshorts06.jpg Sunnymphsshorts07.jpg



Timor's Leather Pants