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Appeared In: Young Hercules: Cheiron's Warriors

The second mate of the Marina, Petros is described as being very large ("roughly the size of the Parthenon") and with a lot of missing teeth. Once he sees Kostas the Ogre lifting a huge sack filled with pieces of metal, the the ship's captain orders Petros to instruct him on where to put the cargo. After picking his jaw up off the floor, Petros does as he's told. When it's discovered that Hercules is not a real ogre after all and the crew has been tricked, Petros is one of the sailors who attacks the cadets. Specifically, he goes after Hercules, angry at him in particular for making him look bad in front of the captain. He's last seen being tossed (by Hercules) through the mainsail and crashing through the roof of the wheelhouse.