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Pelia as played by Miriama Smith

Name Pelia
Actor Miriama Smith
Species Human
Occupation Farmer's Daughter
Episodes 1.26 - Cold Feet

Pelia is the daughter of Balan, a farmer from the Northern Lands. She once dreamed of traveling, even to the point of having saved money for a trip somewhere, but a poor harvest and the death of her mother caused her to put those plans aside so she could stay and help around the family farm. During Jason's stay in the village, there seemed to be a mutual, unspoken attraction between the two of them.


Daughter of Balan. Her mother, whose name is not mentioned, passed away.


She cares very deeply for her father and for the people in her village and would do anything to help them. She's also very outspoken when she disapproves of something, calling Jason out numerous times after he decides to get involved in the situation with Daptes and teach the villagers how to fight back. It's only because she doesn't want to see anyone get hurt, though.