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      The following is an episode of the Young Hercules Fan Fiction Seasons, a non-profit virtual season project; written for fans by fans this is done to help keep the legacy of the short-lived television series Young Hercules alive on the Internet. The overall direction of the story that takes place in this virtual season may not be exactly what took place if an actual televised season had been produced.


(Hercules blocks Ares fireball with a shield]
(Iolaus and Jason laugh]
(Iolaus and Hercules clasp hands]
(Hercules swings his sword at a giant snake]
(Iolaus covered in mud]
(Jason as a human pig]
(Ares in white, doing an Elvis impersination]
(Hercules plays a lyre while Iolaus sings]
Hercules to Ares: "This is going to be good."
Ares to Hercules: "...always good to kick you around."
(Ares throws Hercules down a muddy hill)
(Iolaus looks into a crystal ball, seeing his older self)
Iolaus: "Handsome as always!"




      The sun rose above a small town in Oklahoma; the sun had already risen above the city of Chicago.

      "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh," screamed Kent Simmons, the young handsome man that is the executive producer of the fan fiction seasons of Young Hercules, finding out that he had nothing to eat for breakfast. This day was not starting out right for him.

      Kent turned on his computer, went online, and sent an instant message to the co-executive producer of the fan fiction seasons of Young Hercules, the lovely Tern O'Brien.

      Tern replied, "Hey!"

      "Hey Tern! We need a inventive idea for a special upcoming episode of Young Hercules. We need to meet deadline. What can we come up with?"

      "What about a musical?"

      "Too hard. WAV's take too long to download. MP3's are ilegal on most webservers."

      "Hmmm. How about a clip show! Little too write and a chance to get newcomers caught up."

      "Sounds like a plan but just a clip show?"

      "A behind the scenes clipshow?! Maybe even some spoilers and news stuff for the future."

      "I love it! Remind me to give you a raise."

      "LOL. We aren't getting paid."

      "True. I'll buy you dinner next time I come to Oklahoma. I need a vacation."

      Kent and Tern began to work.

      "This is going to be different. We can say we have done everything," stated Kent.

      Tern sighed, "Lets not keep them waiting..."

      "Without further adue, it's the Past, Present, and Future! We will see some of the past and some of what awaits our young brave heros in the future!" stated Kent and Tern.

Act One

Past, Present, Future

Guest Starring
Kent Simmons and Tern O'Brien
as Themselves

Based on "Young Hercules"
Created by Renaissance Pictures

Assistant Producer

Tern O'Brien & Medea

Executive Producer
Kent Simmons

Edited by AChecker

Written by Tern O'Brien & Kent Simmons

      "Now we will take a look at some of the past of the season and show you some of the future," stated Kent. "Take it Mr Announcer in the bold letters."

      Why thank you Mr Simmons! The darker approach to the fan fiction second season would feature some more serious and mature storylines. Not only would Hercules' have to confront his darkside, he would give into it:

      Sitting in his cabin aboard Jasons ship, Hercules dosed off...

      A field of green grass, cloudless blue sky, and gentle breeze surrounded the demigod. Hercules wore white leather pants, and a silk white shirt.

      "This is bliss," noted the demigod.

      Hercules lay in the open field, taking in every moment of the calmness.

      "This is your paradise, champion of the people." Called a calm, yet stern, voice.

      Hercules sat up, nervously glanced in each direction, and gritted his teeth together.

      "Who is that?" Hercules reached for his belt. Nothing was there.

      "No sword to defend myself," groaned Hercules.

      "There is no need for the sword. This place reflects the inner calm you are now feeling. After all you are thinking that everything will be okay." Noted the same stern voice.

      Hercules chuckled, lay back down, and smiled. "Everything is peaceful to put it that way... Everything is so great."

      A darker version of Hercules lay next to the gleeful light version.

      "This is paradise, isn't it?" cooed darker Hercules.

      Light Hercules giggled. "Paradise, paradise, and paradise. My problems are put behind me. I can resist the temptation after all it is just making me act out of line. It's hurting more than helping."

      Darker Hercules shrugged. "So... is it helping defeat that waste they call Ares, though?"

      Light Hercules sat up, suddenly frowning.

      "Hercules!' screamed the voice of Iolaus, sounding desperately in anguish.

      The demigod saw his best friend running to him. Blood was pouring from Iolaus' heart.

      "Iolaus!!!!!" screamed Hercules, franticly standing up and running over towards his best friend.

      The demigod caught Iolaus on his arms.

      Iolaus looked up at Hercules, frowning. "You did this."

      The mortal Iolaus stood up straight, his face turning pale.

      Hercules looked down at his hands. He was holding a dagger in his best friend's chest. The demigod startled and in shock, looked up at the once calm sky.

      The green fields slowly turned red, the sky grew orange, and Iolaus exploded into dust.

      Hercules frowned, looking down at his hands.

      They were covered with blood, from his fingertips to wrists.

      "No," screamed Hercules, dropping to his knees.

      Ares wicked voice whispered in the distance, "A gift for not destroying me."

      Hercules lifted the dagger, closed his eyes, and thrust the dagger into the red colored dirt.

      "Ares, you..."

      Suddenly, Hercules awoke in the cabin.

      His hands were normal, he felt in his body, and he could hear Iolaus and Theseus talking above on the deck.

      The demigod took a big sigh of relief. "At least they're alive."

      In the end of that battle, Hercules would come to his senses and not act out of hate; but still he had embraced his darkside for this one battle and given into his hate, unlike before when his dark side was tested. The dark approach was not just "war and blood andgore" as other matters also became more serious. Like the time our heros had to babysit and assist those youngsters abused mother:

      "I don't know what you mean, my King." spoke Kiara.

      "Then tell me about your son's legs." asked Jason

      Kiara looked at him, and hoped her relief of the different subject didn't show. "So, Hercules came running to you?"

      "Hercules, Iolaus, and I are all concerned."

      "About an active boy who gets scrapes and bruises, like most young children. I already went over this with Hercules."

      "About the burns. On him and you. You seem to have avoided him on that one. Please. Talk to me."

      "What does this have to with my husband?" Kiara could no longer look at him with the strange care in his face. She did not know how to take it.

      "Did he put the burn marks on you? And what about the bruise on your face?"



      The loud sound woke Jason from his brief reminiscing. He looked to see Kiara laying unconscious on the wet, hardwood floor. Her hair was to the side of her, exposing the fresh blood, soaking the back of her dress, along with some splashed water.

      The young King leapt from his position, and skidded across the wet floor to her. He barely kept his stop in control as he knelt next to her.

      "Kiara," he said rolling her over on his lap, and cradling her sweat soaked head in his arms. "Kiara."

      "Ow." Came a faint cry from her lips.

      Jason looked up again. The dining hall was deserted. All the cadets were on the other, side in the training hall. The cook had vanished, probably to a nature call. He looked down at Kiara again. He knew he would have to get her to Cheiron for help.

      "Okay. You can do this Jason," he thought to himself. He positioned himself so he could get his arm under her legs, and centered himself for balance. He wasn't worried so much about her weight, as he was about aggregating her wounds further. "I know this is going to hurt, but we need to get you some help, whether you want it or not."

      He carried her through the halls and slipped into the infirmary. Using his foot to close the door behind him, he took a breath and laid her on a slab table on her stomach.

      Kiara groaned in pain again through her sleep.

      "Sorry," Jason said pulling her soaking wet hair from her. Then he wiped the trickle of sweat from the side of her face.

      Hercules also recently had to defend himself with a sword in the heat of battle while Jason's reign as king was tested during a battle with the savage horde:

      Jason was desperately trying to calm his friend down. The demi-god was an emotional wreck.

      "I'm sorry Herk. I didn't mean to hurt you." Jason stated, as a tear rolled down his cheek.

      The young King embraced his sad friend. Hercules began to calm but remained a bit tense.

      "I have to do something. I cannot let that innocent boy die." begged Hercules, brushing Jason off and walking out of the hospice.

      "He's dead. You killed him in self-defense. There is nothing you can do except..."

      "Except kill the rest and get revenge," Hercules told Jason, not too happily.

      Jason sighed, "I wasn't..."

      Hercules interrupted his friend. "Your no help. Just go. Get out of here. Get!"

      Both left the room, through separate doors.


      Jason hefted Archins sword above the Hordemasters chest. He was seconds away using it to end the Hordemasters life.

      Hercules couldn't let Jason do this. The demigod grabbed a dagger and hurled it at Jason's. The dagger cut of the blade of Jason's sword.

      The Hordemaster sighed.

      Jason yelled, "You have no right!"

      "You have no right," replied Hercules, grabbing his friend by the shoulders. "His war is done. He forgives me. I except what I did and if we let the horde live in peace in this forest, we can pass in peace and Corinth will be safe. My word and his."

      Jason looked down at the Hordemaster, who had crawled back over and continued to cradle his sons body while displaying his emotions.

      The King of Corinth embraced Hercules. The friends shared a tearful moment.

      As the season continues, Hercules' darkside will once again be tested, even greater then before! But let's not forget the comedy. Laughs were a million when Aphrodites love potion got loose:

      "What do you mean, go along with the plan," Kora asked, standing up. "I am not going to marry Strife, so you'd better come up with something fast."

      "Kora, I'm trying! Do you have any ideas," Hercules asked.

      Kora put her hands on her hips. "Well… no. But you're the genius who told me to say yes to him!"

      Iolaus jumped off the bench. "Hey! Lay off Herc. He was just trying to help you at the time and was hoping that we'd be able to think of something," Iolaus said, defending his friend. Kora turned to him and glared at him. "If that's okay with you, of course," he finished, before sitting back down.

      "Good going Iolaus," Jason said, leaning over to whisper to his friend. "She's never going to go for you now." Iolaus jabbed Jason in his side.

      "We have to some how get this spell reversed," Hercules said, beginning to pace again.

      "You don't by any chance know you're sister Aphrodite? That'd be a choice goddess to meet," Iolaus said.

      Hercules, Jason, Lilith, Kora, and Cheiron all looked at Iolaus like he was crazy. "Iolaus we're trying to save our friends and you're thinking about hooking up with a goddess. Have you no shame," Hercules asked.

      Iolaus pondered this. "Hm… no, I don't think I do."

      Herc rolled his eyes. "Great. So anyway… we're still trying to think of a way to reverse this spell on Lilith, Strife and Discord. Although I do kind of like the idea of them in love… keeps them out of trouble," Hercules said. Kora and Cheiron looked at him like had lost his mind. "I was just saying."

      "I don't know why you keep thinking something's wrong with me. I finally found a guy I like and you all think I've lost my arm," Lilith said. Iolaus reached across Jason and grabbed one of Lilith's arms, squeezed it, dropped that one and picked up the other one. He squeezed that one, and then dropped it.

      "Nope, they're both there," he said. Lilith reached across Jason and hit Iolaus in the shoulder. "Ow," Iolaus said, rubbing his shoulder.

      "Now children," Jason said, not happy about being stuck between the two of them. He stood and walked over to a window. Lilith, wanting to follow her "beloved," but also wanting to finish beating Iolaus up, decided on the later and scooted over on the bench so she was right next to him. She hit Iolaus on his knee, and grabbed her upper arm when he lightly punched her.

      Hercules noticed Jason staring out the window, and walked over to talk to his friend. "Hey Jase. What's up? You don't seem yourself today."

      Jason shrugged noncommittally. "I don't know man." He was quiet for a minute, then turned to face his friend. "Hercules," he began in a low voice, "have you noticed something different about Lilith?"

      Hercules started, and looked at Lilith. "Um. Well. Did she do something different with her hair?"

      Jason shook his head. "Nah. Never mind."

      "Look, Jase, whatever is bothering you… maybe you should talk to someone," Hercules said.

      "It's just that… well I don't exactly mind Lilith liking me," Jason said quietly.

      Hercules looked stunned. "Um.. what," he asked rather loudly, causing everyone else to look at him. He smiled and waved his hand, trying to play it off that nothing was wrong. Quietly, he said to Jason "What are you talking about?"

      "I'm saying that I wouldn't mind it if Lilith never stopped liking me," Jason said tersely. He sighed and looked out the window again. "I don't know Herc. I go away to rule Corinth for a few months, come back, and it's like… I've never seen her before. It's really weird to me too." He pursed his lips and looked out over the green landscape, lost in his own reflections.

      "Hey," Hercules said, getting Jason's attention. "If you have feelings for Lilith… that's great. Really great. But you know…" Hercules trailed off, not knowing how to say what he was thinking.

      "Yeah. I know this isn't real, and that she doesn't really like me," Jason said, guessing his friends thoughts. He sighed again. "But sometimes it's nice to pretend."

      Hercules would have said something, but right then Strife made a grand entrance, blowing open the doors to the hall and walking through them.

      "Well, hello hello hello," he said. He walked over to Kora and bowed in front of her. "My lady."

      Kora raised an eyebrow and nodded at him.

      "How are the preparations for our wedding going?"

      "They're not," she said.

      Strife took a deep breath and squared his shoulders. "Just what does that mean?"

      Hercules hurried over to Kora and put his hands on her shoulders. "Don't mind her. She's just a little nervous. Things are coming quite well, Strife."

      Strife smiled. "That is good. I want to get married as soon as possible."

      "Strife, don't be silly," Hercules said. "There's a dress to be made, invitations to be sent out, food to be catered…" he trailed off, counting on his fingers.

      "No, can't be bothered with all that garbage. I want to get married right now."

      "Now?!" Kora and Hercules echoed each other.

      Strife looked around, nodding. "Yeah. Now. Why not now? I mean, now is now and there's no now after now…" Strife looked as confused as the rest of the group. "Whatever," he waved his hand, "I want to get married now. And this will be a nice place for the ceremony." He waved his hand, motioning to the whole all. He looked at Kora. "I think you will look just beautiful in white, my dear," and with that, he snapped his fingers, and Kora's dress was transformed into a long white wedding gown. Kora looked up and down and then shot a very unhappy look at Hercules. Herc could only shrug.

      "And you, you half-god… you can be my best man," Strife said. He spun around and flung his arms out at Hercules, who found himself wearing black pants, a white shirt, and a black vest. Iolaus burst out laughing.

      Strife wasn't finished there though. "Cheiron… you can perform the ceremony can't you? It'd be nice if our friends were all there, wouldn't it sweetie," Strife said, placing Kora's hand in the crook of his arm. She tried to grab it back, but Strife held fast.

      "Y-yes," Cheiron stammered, unsure of what to say.

      "Great!" With that, Strife waved his hand again, and the entire hall of the Academy was transformed with flowers hanging from the eaves and an altar at one end.

      Iolaus and Lilith looked at each other. "I don't think we're in Greece anymore, Lil," Iolaus said. Cheiron was standing underneath a rounded trellis, Kora and Strife facing him, Hercules standing behind Strife, and Jason, Lilith, and Iolaus sitting on a bench behind them.

      Cheiron cleared his throat nervously. "Um.. welcome to this glorious event. The joining of two hearts is nothing to be taken lightly." Strife smiled down at Kora, who merely glared straight ahead. "If there is anyone who objects to the union of these two peop- uh beings-"

      Right then, the doors burst open again. "Strife," Discord yelled. "You could have at least invited me to the wedding." She walked forward, and stood next to Cheiron. "Hello," she said to the centaur, batting her eyelashes at him. </font></p>

"Discord! You're interrupting our beautiful ceremony," Strife yelled back, stomping a foot. "Please Cheiron, continue."       "If there is anyone who objects-"       "I object."       Everyone turned around to look at the newcomer. Strife was a little slow. "Oh what now- Oh! Uncle Ares. Um.. hi."       Not to forget some of that old Iolaus charm:       "So when all those beautiful princesses get a load of me-"       "Get a whiff of you, you mean. How much of that did you put on Iolaus? Did you even bathe?" Hercules waved his hand at his best friend as they headed towards Jason's palace.       Iolaus, his much shorter companion frowned.       "Of course I did! This is a love scent Herk. It'll appeal to the senses of all those beautiful girls." he grinned.       "The only thing it will appeal to are the bugs and you're not sleeping in the same room with me!" the demi-god laughed as Iolaus smoothed his curly, shoulder length blonde hair down.       "Well don't expect me to be in early anyhow. I'll be romancing the stunning princess of Thebes. Or somewhere like that." Iolaus shrugged. "I'm not picky."       Our heros might be heroic but that does not mean they don't have to do what every growing teenager has to do...homework and work:       "But-" Iolaus started, then stopped. He knew there was no way out now. "Great. Now along with extra credit comes extra homework."       "What are you worried about, Iolaus? You don't do your home work anyway," Hercules joked as he led the kids outside.       Iolaus trotted with Dana in his arms to catch up. "How are we going to explain this to Jason? We promised to get him out for awhile." Iolaus reminded Hercules when they were in the courtyard.       "I'll go!" chimed Lilith, skipping up beside them with a sheepish smile. "Since you two are so busy, I'll go see Jason."       "What are you so happy about?" asked Iolaus.       "I don't have to babysit."       "You knew?" asked Hercules.       "I suggested it. And you know. . .I'm not the motherly type, so I wouldn't be any good with kids. Even if I were offered to get out of class. I'll be sure to send Jason your hellos."       The young cadet laughed and ran off.       "Yeah? Well you'd better take some good notes for us," Hercules called after her.       He and Iolaus looked at each other, shook their heads. With a sigh they took the kids to a clear area to let them run around.       "So what do you guys want to play?" Hercules asked bending down to Daniel and Sera's level.       Daniel looked at him with a daring look. "Are you really Hercules?"       "Yes," he said, wondering what the boy meant.       "Your daddy is really Zeus?" Daniel dared again.       "Yes," was the only answer Hercules could come up with. He was not sure where this was leading.       The boy's face lightened up into a smile as he fell down to sit. "Goody. Tell us a story of your adventures."       Sera followed her brother to a sitting position. Her tiny finger in her mouth and a spell binding smile on her face.       "A story?" The two looked at each other again, and gave a small chuckle. "What have you heard?" he asked, as Iolaus laid Dana's blanket down to change her diaper.       "I've heard you're real strong, and you have strong friends."       Iolaus smiled at that one, and straightened his vest.       "And you fight big monsters, and they go ROAR!" Daniel illustrated his summary with such excitement and speed, they almost did not follow what he was saying.       Hercules had to laugh at the child's enthusiasm.

Act Two

      Of course no season would be complete without some romance:

      Meg slipped her shoes on and crept to the window. Stepping onto the balcony the cool night air washed over her with pleasure and she took a deep breath. Hercules and Iolaus. . .the annoying small one had followed. Though they kept a safe distance, she periodically looked out the carriage to make sure they were there.

      With a cat's grace she slipped over the balcony and shimmied down the side, dropping quietly to the ground. The movement in the trees hadn't been imagined. Stealthily she hurried towards them.

      "Herk?" she whispered. A whiff of odorous cologne hit her. Iolaus was definitely nearby.

      The tall demi-god-god stepped out from the shadows.

      "Herk!" Meg ran to him. Eagerly they embraced, hugging each other tightly.

      "I was afraid you wouldn't be out here." she smiled up at him.

      "Of course. I told you I would help you." he smiled down at her. Iolaus rolled his eyes, shuffling his feet in the dirt to catch their attention. The shorter young man had noticed the dark blue robe of Hera was gone. She wore a shorter, white robe, that ironically enough displayed her smooth shoulders and long legs. The thin gold chain fell into the soft folds of the dress but when she moved, Iolaus caught the flash of blue hiding.

      "Iolaus, stand guard while Meg and I talk."

      "Of course." with a sigh, the curly haired cadet made himself comfortable on the ground. Why was Meg still wearing her pendant of Hera?

      Hercules took Meg by the hand and they walked further into the woods.

      "It was the strangest reception Herk. At Hera's temple, we eagerly welcome in new followers. This was so. . .solemn. I felt. . .trapped. Suffocated." she shuddered at the memory; as Herk promptly put one arm round her shoulders. Standing under the full moon Herk held her gently.

      "It'll be ok. You're closer to the Academy now." Herk said softly. Meg laughed bitterly.

      "Hercules, once I'm initiated to Hestia's service, there will be no male visitors. If I'm found out here with you, I don't know what would happen to me. To be thrown out of Hestia's service-"the dark eyes filled with tears, "There's no telling what my father would do to me."

      "Shh. It'll be ok. We'll figure something out. Iolaus and I always do. We won't let you got through this alone."

      "Iolaus. . .I don't think he likes me very much." Meg whispered.

      "Iolaus likes everyone. Especially girls. He's just something of a clod." Hercules chuckled. Meg didn't appear convinced. "I'll pretend I'm your brother or something. Better yet, we'll dress up as distant cousins." Hercules laughed, imaging Iolaus in a long skirt with a powdered wig on his head.

      "You're really determined to do this aren't you?" Meg asked, surprised. "Help me I mean."

      The soft smile on her lips stirred an unfamiliar sensation in Herk. A split second flash of Eurydice flitted through his mind before vanishing. Hercules smiled at Meg.

      "I have a thing for helping women." he smiled. Meg was special, like Eurydice had been. The tilt to her chin when she looked at him was so touchable. Deep, luscious coal colored eyes with no bottom.

      Not thinking, Herk ran one hand through her silky locks of hair.

      "What was that for?" Meg asked breathlessly, the thumping of her heart drowning out everything but his answer.

      "It just. . .needed it." he said softly as their lips drew closer.

      A loud cricket chirping startled them both and each pulled back.

      "Someone's coming." Herk whispered, pulling Meg into the shadows. The demi-god couldn't tell whose heart was racing faster, his or the one he held in his arms. A moment later the chirping came again.

      "False alarm." Hercules breathed. Meg didn't relax.

      "This is so risky." she whispered fearfully. "I should get back."

      "Yeah. I don't know want you tired tomorrow. . .for whatever it is you do. What do you do anyway?" he asked. Meg shrugged.

      "In Hera's temple I was a priestess. I led the daily prayers and rituals, meditations. Others came to me for advice. I took the new followers under my wing." tears rose again in her eyes. "Here I'm starting over. . .and I'll never be anything important, like a priestess."

      "Why not?" Hercules asked.

      "I'm sent to her as a reject of another god. . . .I have spent my life devoted to Hera and now I must change that all around for Hestia. It's more than just a vow of allegiance. It's faith." she whispered, wiping her tears away.

      "That doesn't seem fair." Herk said mournfully. Another bitter laugh escaped Meg.

      "When have you known the gods to be fair? Zeus wasn't very fair to you, was he?"

      Hercules nodded, thinking about his absentee father. And Ares. . .the demented God of War didn't exactly fight fairly either.

      "I suppose you're right." he sighed.

      "I have to change my entire life now. And just to be accepted by my father." she turned away from Herk to hide the flood of tears.

      "You said you left Hera's service because you lost you faith in her."

      "I lost my faith in her goodness. When her messages and dreams sent to us were only about revenge. . .I had to question her. You were one of her targets. And you did nothing to warrant such hatred. The compassionate mother figure I had known is gone. And I couldn't stay there. But I didn't think Father would send me here either.

      "Being sent to Hestia is to punish me for disgracing my father. As the oldest daughter and no brothers, it was up to me to set an example. And I've destroyed that. I'll never reach a level beyond initiate. I would have to devote my entire faith to Hestia. . . and i don't think I would be accepted."

      "Why not?" Herk asked, intrigued.

      "I've kissed a boy before. Hestian virgins must be as pure as a new day to be accepted as a priestess. Mos of the Hestia's virgins have been here since they were very tiny."

      "I see." Herk murmured, not really seeing.

      "I'll reach my majority soon. . .and then i can do as I wish. But I have no skills to aid me in the world outside of the temples." tears gushed down her smooth cheeks. "My father will disown me if I leave. The only option is marriage and seeing as how we're not allowed male visitors, that's out of the question."

      Hercules hugged the sobbing girl.

      "I wish I could do more for you."

      "Just be my friend Herk. I need friends." she murmured against his leather shirt.


      "When do you have to get up for work?" Hercules asked. Meg sighed. They were sitting on the front porch, on the steps to her father's house.

      "Sometime around dawn." she replied sleepily, her head resting on his shoulder.

      "Then I'm going to leave you now. Because dawn isn't that far away and you need to rest." he said quietly. They had spoke in whispers so as not disturb her family, though Hercules knew they were being watched. He could feel the intense eyes boring into his back.

      "Come back tomorrow night. Seeing you makes it easier." she smiled at him.

      "Of course." Hercules stood and hugged Meg tightly. "I'll come as often as I can."

      Meg looked at him and impulsively he kissed her gently, his heart pounding.

Act Three

      Look for more of Meg as the season continues. Now, Ares and Hercules are brothers, but they are the greatest of rivals. They always fight and every time it just gets better and better:

      Ares and Hercules fought in the main chamber of the halls of war.

      Hercules laughed, ducked down, and then kicked Ares in the stomach once more. Ares stumbled a bit, grinned, and pulled a sword from the wall. The god of war slowly hefted it in the air.

      Once it was lowered to Hercules' head, the demigod frantically caught it, pulled it into his grasp, and swung it at the full god. Ares moved away, grabbed a shield from the wall, and a sword of his own.

      The half-brothers wielded swords at each other, the other always blocking the sword of the other. This continued for several minutes, finally ending with Ares out powering Hercules, forcing Hercules to drop to his knees.

      Ares laughed.

      Hercules kicked himself to his feet, trampled across the floor, and tackled Ares on the hall's floor, just as Ares was about to grab the sack containing Medusa's head. Hercules grabbed Ares by the neck.

      Ares tried to punch himself free, but Hercules ducked every time. Finally screaming out, Hercules slugged Ares across the face, and kicked his half-brother in the chest. The demigod spun his foot around, kicked Ares, and swiped the tall god off his feet.

      The nose of Ares was bleeding. Hercules wiped sweat from his forehead, some drops of blood poured down from his nose, and his eyes became slightly glassy. Despite weakening, Hercules managed to avoid collision with Ares right hand.

      Hercules screamed as Ares' hands came down on his back and hitting him. Ares grabbed Hercules, lifted him in the air, and tossed him into a table of fruit. The weight of Hercules broke the table. The demigod now lay among broken wood, smashed fruit, and broken glass.

      Ares kicked Hercules at least ten times, preventing Hercules from getting to his feet. The demi-god became weary. Soon Ares backed off, laughed, and enjoyed seeing his younger brother coughing up some blood.

      Hercules still stood up, lunged himself at Ares, and tripped on the floor. The cruel God of War let out his most evil and sinfully laugh, spreading his hands to his sides. He took in every glorious moment of what was happening.

      Ares created another fireball, this one much larger. The son of Zeus used a shield as a bumping device, sending the fireball back at Ares.

      The god of war was set on fire, screaming and hollering. Hercules seemed to take some pleasure, sitting back on Ares throne. He smugly wiped the sweat from his forehead.

      On fire, Ares somersaulted into the air, letting out a lion-like roar. Once he landed on his feet, right in front of his throne, he was flaming no longer. Ares grabbed Hercules by the neck, strangled him for a moment, and tossed him against the wall.

      Hercules held onto his right shoulder, crying out in anguish. It was hurting. The demigod tried to stand up but he was too weak.

      This pleased Ares, who sat back in his throne, created another fireball, and tossed it from hand to hand. He laughed at the fallen demigod.

      Hercules stopped his brother's laugh once he stood up tall. He looked up at Ares, and smirked.

      ...and of course Ares vs Hercules wouldn't be complete without some verbel confrontation as well:

      "Ares. What are you and your goon squad doing here? And who is that?"

      "Oh, Hercules. You're so trusting. This is your friend Marcus. Or as we like to call him on Mt. Olympus, Proteus. The shape shifting god."

      "Why? Why are you all here? Why didn't you just finish me and my mother off in the night, as you always wanted."

      "Oh we wanted. Believe me, but I have a different plan. You see. I revel in your hurt, and so I thought I would have the pleasure of letting you know you were being deceived. And now you two will pay. You!" he pointed his strong finger at Proteus,"can get your butt to where it belongs. And you," he laughed at Hercules."Can go through life wondering if the next person you see is really who they seem."

      New gods have shown up this season, both the good, bad, beautiful, and Proteus:

      "You are Proteus?" ashed Hercules. Hercules face was in disgust at the disfigured form in front of him. The gray skin, that stretched across his skeleton. The gray hair that was like long prickles across his head. "You are a god? What did you think you came here to do? Join them in their crusade to torment me, and find a way to kill me?"

      "No. That's not it at all," Proteus' voice was low, and it seemed he had to fight for the air to make it. He held out his gnarled hand. "I just wanted a friend. Everytime I tried to tell you the truth, we were interrupted, and I never found the courage to show you what I really am."


      "I think she found the new window in the barn wall," Aphrodite's voice came from the hay loft with a small amount of apology and a great amount of laughter.

      Hercules turned and laughed as he looked at his sister. "Well, I do have enough time in my break to fix it."

      "Rest. You deserve it. I got this." She gave her brother a playful wink, and with a squeal of excitement, she pointed her finger at the whole. In a bright light, it was fixed. "Discord never had a taste for decorating anyways. Gotta jet bro. C-ya."

      With a blow of a kiss, she was gone.

      Perhaps, though, the best element of the stories is the true friendship between our heros. Both dramatic and "having a good ole time." Of course, boys will be boys:

      "Do you remember our first adventure Hercules?" Jason asked.

      "Boy do I!! Yvenna.. Rrrowrr" Iolaus said pawing at the air.

      Jason slapped the smaller cadet on the arm.

      "What?" Iolaus yelled. "Ohhhh, sorry Herc, I..."

      "Anyway the point is. Cheiron told you, if you do anything for selfish reasons you'll fail." Jason said. "I think that applies to Bacchus too."

      "You're right. Besides I know Eurydice is happy. I just wasn't expecting to be hit with all those memories on this camping trip." Herc said smiling.

      "It's okay buddy. But last one back to the Academy is a hinds hind." Iolaus took off running. Jason and Herc glanced at each other before taking off after him.

Act Four

      Tern sat at her computer typing furiously part of an upcoming episode....

      Iolaus eyed Meg distrustfully as he watched her. The tall girl stood talking to the handsome young man with dark mustache.

      Young Autolycus smoothly slipped his arm around Meg's shoulders as he led her towards the woods.

      "I just love a quiet walk through the woods. With such a lovely girl as yourself it's only more pleasurable." Auto told her. Meg blushed, unaware they were being watched.

      Stealthily Iolaus followed the pair. The former thief didn't trust this guy further than he could throw him, which wasn't very far to begin with. Why was Meg getting suckered into his game when she wrote such mushy letter to Herk?

      Tern frowned as she re read the lines. Auto needed to be more of a shmooze. She'd come back to this scene later. Moving on to. . .

      "First you tell me my girlfriend is running about town with another guy then you accuse her of being a thief?" Hercules grabbed his friend by the front of the purple vest, lifting him off the ground.

      "Herk, I saw them!! They were all mushy and stuff! And that guy Autolycus is wanted in three kingdoms!! They call him the Prince of Thieves."

      "That doesn't make Meg a thief!" Herk snarled.

      Yawning, Tern sipped her margarita, surprised to discover it was almost finished. Looking at the clock she remembered she had to be up early, and the sun would rise soon. Spell checking quickly she signed back online and sent the clips to Kent.

Act Five

      Kent was typing fast. He needed to give everyone a sneak peak at an upcoming episode, and things were looking good...

      The four leather clad guards brought Strife to a weird looking castle, built on a wasteland.

      Strife didn't know what to expect as he was hauled into the throne room.

      "Not the right way to treat a hero," spoke Strife, getting kicked to his knees by Jason.

      The godling looked up and squirmed.

      "Thats not the one. But maybe, just maybe another quest can be achieved." spoke a voice much like Hercules.

      It was Hercules, but wearing black leather pants, a silver sleevless tunic, and with darker brown hair flowing down his shoulders. He also had a shabby beard!

      "The gateway, you came from it. Did you not?" asked this darker looking version of Hercules.

      "Yes," squealed Strife.

      "Hercules" sinfully laughed.

      "Good. Thats what I wanted to hear. Oh by the way, they call me...The Sovereign."


      As the exhausting, but rewarding day, ended:

      In Chicago, Kent laid in bed, dressed in expensive gold pajamas. Next to him was a beautiful woman in a red nightgown, who was all smiles; In Oklahoma, Tern went to sleep, surrounded by an array of bottles.

      "Goodnight," they stated, both turning off the lights in their respective rooms.





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