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Front of the CD

There was one audio CD released for Young Hercules. Although it was labeled as being a soundtrack of the television series (and the music was used during the entire series), the titles of the tracks confirm that it is more aptly named a soundtrack of the movie pilot.

Curious what songs were used in which episodes? Check out the Background Music Breakdown.

Product details:
Original Release Date: November 17, 1998
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Soundtrack
Label: Varese Sarabande

Track List:
01. Prologue/Ares and Discord - [04:09]
02. Bathing/Introduction/The Lost Boys - [04:10]
03. The God's Take Away/The Stick Fight - [05:40]
04. Promise Me - [02:23]
05. Slain Warriors/Bath and Scheme/Argonauts Sail - [04:49]
06. It's a Twister! - [02:19]
07. Stable Rumble/Yvenna - [2:25]
08. Talking With the Moon - [00:59]
09. The Welcome Wagon - [03:12]
10. Be Honest - [02:41]
11. The Fleece/The Urn - [02:29]
12. Very Big Foot/Still Kicking - [03:11]
13. A Legend Is Born - [01:25]
14. End Titles - [03:26]
15. Main Title - [00:47]

Front cover of the CD insert.

The left interior of the insert. Pictures are as follows: Orpheus and Eurydice (left top), Hercules and Orpheus (left center), Nemesis (left bottom), Stregna (bottom center), Hercules (right side).

The right interior of the insert. Pictures are as follows: Hades (left side), Pelia and Balan (right top), Iolaus and Hercules and Lilith (right center), Daptes (right bottom).

Back of the insert.

Front of the CD itself.

Back and sidebar of the jewel case. Pictures are as follows: Hercules and Eurydice (top), Discord (center left), Hercules (center right), Bacchus (bottom).