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Young Hercules '96 Crew T-Shirt

  • Item seen for sale on: Ebay.
  • Last seen for sale: September 2018.
  • Item owned by: Bryn.

Item description:

  • This item is a Crew-Only limited edition T-Shirt that was specially-made to commemorate the filming of the television show YOUNG HERCULES starring a teen-age RYAN GOSLING. This show was a spin off of HERCULES THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS starring Kevin Sorbo & Michael Hurst which also spun off the show XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS starring Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor. All three shows were produced by Sam Raimi and his production company Renaissance Pictures.
  • The prepping and shooting of 22 episodes of television is a long and grueling experience and the end production is often celebrated within a Production Company with great fanfare. YOUNG HERCULES was no different. This unique T-shirt was given ONLY to Cast, Crew & Staff Members on the film. As a result, they're hard to find for sale in any condition. They were NEVER offered for SALE in a retail outlet, at Comic Book and Movie Conventions or online. The only way to GET one was to be on the Crew, Cast or Staff during that filming period or to buy one from an actual Crew, Cast or Staff member.
  • Printed on the front of the shirt is: "YOUNG HERCULES CREW 96."
  • Though the show was filmed in 1996 the show did not air until 1998 due to the special effects and long post production process.
  • Printed on the back of the shirt is: "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY SPINOFFS..."
  • The shirt's manufacturer is Clouo International Super Tee
  • This shirt was made in New Zealand.
  • The size of the shirt is a MEDIUM.

Official Young Hercules crew T-Shirt - Front.

Official Young Hercules crew T-Shirt - Front Design - "YOUNG HERCULES CREW 96".

Official Young Hercules crew T-Shirt - Back.

Official Young Hercules crew T-Shirt - Back Design - "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY SPINOFFS..."