North Winds

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The Myth

The Anemoi were Greek wind deities. Each had control over a cardinal direction from which their respective wind came and associated with certain seasons. The North Wind was controlled by Boreas. The bringer of winter, he was described as being temperamental and very strong.

In Young Hercules

When Strife is unable to prove his godly status to the skeptical Pythagoras, he and Fatuus sneak into Zeus's basement on Olympus to 'borrow' an old attribute of his. After trying a series of doors (the first two of which contain rain and thunder, respectively), they settle on the North Wind, a powerful wind capable of freezing a person after prolonged exposure to it. Strife uses the wind to cause considerable destruction to the Academy, but his plan fails when Pythagoras comes up with the idea to use a fire to divert the wind's path back into a bag.