Necklace with charms (YH-themed)

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This is a necklace made by Sarah as a gift for Bryn. It uses beads and stones of her favorite colors: green and brown. The mixture of beads, stones, and metals give it a very earthy feel, which ties into the earthiness of 'Ancient Greece' seen in the show. Gods (and Kora) on one side, mortals on the other. The charms are on spacers, so they are free to move around and jingle.

Full necklace. Click for a high-res picture
Details of the necklace.
Arrow and target charm for Kora, because of her Huntress alt-ego.
Martini glass for Strife - because he thinks he's so cool and dirty and all, but really, he's totally faking it (clear glass when you flip the charm over).
Bottle of poison to represent Discord, and a wicked awesome dagger to represent Ares.
Love charm to represent Iolaus, and a crown for Jason.
Long sword for Hercules and a dress for Lilith.
And of course, the initials YH for Young Hercules, surrounded by swords, as it should be. :D