Mount Olympus

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Olympus is the home of the gods. It is described as having huge (but not overly-so) rooms, each with no fewer than three windows that look out to a beautiful blue sky. The temperature is always pleasant, and the air is scented with pine and filled with the sound of birds singing. The walls of it change depending on Zeus's mood.

1.05 - Girl Trouble

  • Cyane says, "Look, I used to think that the gods of Olympus were fair and just."

1.15 - Ares on Trial

  • Hercules wakes up in a tribunal room in Olympus. There are three Judges' Chairs facing the Defendant's Chair. Behind the defendant, there is a three-tiered lounging area covered in what looks like white fluffy fur for various Gods and Goddess to recline and watch the trial while eating green grapes and drinking out of tall cups. The entire room is surrounded by what looks like white cloth that is shifting in a breeze. There is no roof to the room - blue sky with shifting clouds can be seen.

1.25 - Herc's Nemesis

  • Hera tells Nemesis that she and her father shouldn't have sided with the Titans against Zeus for control of Olympus.
  • Nemesis tells Hercules about siding with her father and the Titans against Zeus for control of Mount Olympus.

1.47 - Mila

  • In Mila's dream, a shadow figure says "Olympus has enough gods."