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This is a page to collect various clippings that feature Kevin Smith. It is unknown what magazines/papers these articles are from - if you know what publication they come from, please Email me!.

~*~ Articles from before February 2002 ~*~

Below this line are articles from before Kevin Smith's death in February 2002.

Kevin's hopes exterminated

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Kevin's hopes exterminated
Dr. Who Fan: But Kevin Smith was left in the lurch when his dalek co-star failed to show.

      Dishy Xena star Kevin Smith has been upstaged by a tin man!

      Insiders tell me the man with Melrose Place looks - and who headlined at last night's Sky City starlight symphony - was due to do some publicity shots for the big sci-fi expo Armegeddon.

      I hear Kevin - who plays Ares in Xena - was to have paired up with a dalek from Dr. Who for the shots.

      Apparently Xena commitments prevented Kevin, a big fan of Dr Who, from getting to Auckland.

      Then the dalek's minder - who'd brought several of the aliens all way from Britain for the expo - refused to transport one to west Auckland where Kevin was filming.

      He feared the dalek would be damaged in transit.

      In the end the shoot was cancelled - leaving poor old Kevin disappointed.

Toffee flops! Screen hunk says no to biscuit role

      That takes the biscuit!

      Sexy Kevin Smith is the latest heart-throb to turn down the chance of being the new Toffee Pop hunk.

      "It's just not me," the Xena and Lawless star told Sunday News. "I've got no interest in it at all."

      Smith's agent Robert Bruce says the hunky entertainer doesn't want to be known just as a sex symbol.

      "Kevin's a talented actor, singer and comedian - not just a body," Bruce said. "Griffins approached us and basically asked us to name our price but no amount of money would be enough."

      The star is the latest in a lineup of hunks to turn down the Griffins Biscuits offer.

      All Black Ron Cribb and Olympic gold medalist Rob Waddell have also given the flick to the chance of stepping into the white satin boxers vacated by rugby star Carlos Spencer.

      Voting for the new Toffee Pop hunk closed on October 31 but Spencer's successor still hasn't been named.

      Hot favourite Cribb turned down the offer saying he didn't want to upset his girlfriend of four years, Sheree.

      Olympic rower Waddell has also shunned sex symbol status in favour of the quiet life.

      His agent Susan Devoy said Griffins had not approached Waddell after it got wind of his reluctance to take part in the hunk hunt.

      "He's not keen to pursue it at all, it's just not him," Devoy said.

      Other favourites are yachtsman Dean Barker, "Newsboy" Jeremy Wells and Olympian Chris Donaldson.

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Why Kevin won't take the biscuit

      Who would be a Toffee Pop hunk? Not Kevin Smith, that's for sure.

      The actor and singer is the latest in a line of male stars who've politely declined the starring role in TV's sexiest biscuit commercial.

      The Xena star joins All Black Ron Cribb and Olympic gold medalist Rob Waddell in turning down the team from biscuit makers Griffin's.

      Smith's agent Robert Bruce told Sunday News: "It's not something I'd want to see him in - he's an actor not just a body."

      Maybe that's a sign of our politically-correct times.

      Perhaps today's male sports stars and celebrities are siding with their female counterparts in resisting flesh-baring roles.

      Or maybe it's because - when it comes to the crunch - no one can fill Carlos Spencer's boxer shorts.

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~*~ Articles from after February 2002 ~*~

Below this line are articles from after Kevin Smith's death in February 2002.

Tragedy masks cartoon

Cartoon by New Zealand cartoonist, Paul Ekers.

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Collected Kevin Smith Obituaries & In Memoriams

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Smith memorial

      Friends and colleagues of actor Kevin Smith will pay their respects at a memorial event in the Aotea Centre, Auckland, tomorrow.

      Smith, best known for his roles in Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules, died on February 16 after he fell from a film castle in China.

      Actor and director Michael Hurst will coordinate tributes and performances by Craig Parker, Oliver Driver, Mark Ferguson, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Kevin Sorbo, Lucy Lawless, Simon Prast and others from New Zealand's theatre community.

      The ASB Theatre in the Aotea Centre will open at 3:30 for the 4pm event. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

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Timaru pies sent for

      A favourite South Canterbury treat will feature on the menu at a memorial service for one of Timaru's favourite sons in Auckland today.

      May's Bakery director Wendy Smith (no relation) said the company had been asked to supply 200 of its "famous" mince pies to feed guests after the service for Timaru-raised actor Kevin Smith, to be held at the Aotea Centre.

      The pies were chilled and air-freighted to Auckland yesterday.

      A Spokesperson for the family said yesterday they had ordered the pies to have "something Timaru" included.

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Television pick Saturday - Remembering Kev: A Tribute to Kevin Smith

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Mourners say goodbye to star

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Smith hit head several times

      WELLINGTON - New Zealand actor Kevin Smith hit his head several times during a fall onto a stone floor in the accident that resulted in his death in China last week.

      Smith's agent Robert Bruce said yesterday that he wanted to clarify the details of Smith's death on behalf of Smith's wife and family.

      In China to film United States movie Warriors of Virtue II, Smith had fallen while climbing a tower at the CCTV Film Studios in the Hebie Province to check some sets.

      He "apparently fell several metres onto a stone base after hitting his head several times on the way down", Mr Bruce said.

      Smith, 38, was semi-conscious when taken to the local hospital for a CT scan, after which it was decided to take him to the main hospital in Beijing.

      "It was while at this hospital that Kevin fell into a deep coma," Mr Bruce said in a statement.

      "After several days in the coma Kevin showed signs of recovery but unfortunately on the fourth day his body went into shock and he subsequently passed away on Friday (February 15)."

      Earlier reports said Smith had been celebrating with the staff from Chinese production house Beijing Film Studio when the accident happened.

      Mr Bruce said that because there were no suspicious circumstances and no post-mortem required, no police investigation was done.

      The New Zealand government was helping to return Smith's body and his family to New Zealand as soon as possible.

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Friends and fans celebrate life of a star

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TV actor who played Xena love interest dies

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Smith farewelled by Court

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Smith fell from film-prop castle

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