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1.23 - The Mysteries of Life

  • The Barker claims to have Medusa as part of his "Mysteries of Life" exhibit.
Barker: Who'll pay to see some 800-pound man or Medusa?

Hercules: You've got Medusa?

Barker: Well, she calls herself Medusa. Between you and me, I think the snakes are rubber.

The Myth

  • In Greek mythology, Medusa was one of the Gorgons, a trio of creatures whose hair was made of venomous snakes and whose gaze could turn anyone and anything to stone. Despite this, many depictions show her as being incredibly beautiful. Unlike her two sisters, Stheno and Euryale, Medusa was mortal. Her demise came at the hands of Perseus, who used a mirrored shield given to him by Athena to see Medusa's reflection and not have to look at her directly.