Lupreea's Assistant

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Lupreea's Assistant.png

Name Unknown
Actor Jay Saussey
Species Human
Occupation Tanta Amazon Spy
Episodes 1.49 - Ill Wind

Lupreea's nameless assistant says and does very little through most of her appearance. She dutifully helps Lupreea with her equipment and with making the healing elixir for the ailing Cyane. When both insider information and Cyane's memories point to an assassination attempt via poison, Hercules and Iolaus first suspect Lupreea herself. However, when Cheiron claims he's created a cure for the poison, the nameless assistant pulls a knife, ready to cut Cyane's throat. She reveals that she is loyal to Keenta, the leader of the Tanta Amazons. She is last seen being tossed out of the Academy gates, where Cyane tells her to go tell Keenta that the Telaquir Amazons still have a leader.