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TV Movie Summary

  • Released July 19, 2001 (New Zealand)
  • A TV network hires actor Kevin Smith to front a documentary about a town divided by an unusual discovery. Gooey Duck — a shellfish with reputed aphrodisiac qualities — has appeared off Ureroa. The quota is owned by a local couple but the rest of the town, big business, the government and the local iwi all have their own ideas. Smith's involvement gets complicated when he innocently consumes the mollusk while watching Prime Minister Jenny Shipley on TV. The medium, celebrity, small town NZ, gender, politics and penises are all satirised.
  • In this mocumentary, Kevin Smith plays himself covering the story of a New Zealand town after the discovery that a local shellfish, the geoduck (pronounced "gooey duck") has the properties of Viagra. As the locals begin to realize that there is serious money to be made, everybody tries to get a piece of the action. Meanwhile, having tried the geoduck, Kevin finds himself strangely attracted to New Zealand Prime Minister Jenny Shipley, and things go strangely wrong as he follows the story to its unfortunate conclusion.

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Additional Pictures (YH Alum Actors)

Kevin Smith as Himself.

Michael Hurst as Stephen Jessop.

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Stephen Papps as Aaron.