Letters About the Weather

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  • Released: 1999 (New Zealand)
  • Runtime: 16 min.
  • Letters About the Weather is a futuristic short film set 50 years from now, at a time where virtual reality is so real and addictive that it has nestled its way into the actual fibre of reality. It is a place where it's possible for a person to have a virtual relationship with a partner of choice, day or night. This technology has become so easy and so accessible that humans have lost touch with reality. Letters About the Weather follows a woman, fed up with perfection and fantasies, and sees her seek the truth and unpredictability that reality can bring.

Alum Actors

Non-YH Alum Crossactors


Additional Pictures (YH Alum Actors)

Ian Hughes as Ben.

Rajeev Varma as Day Tripper.

Ray Woolf as Angel.

Additional Pictures (Non-YH Alum Actors)

Sara Wiseman as Grace.