Larger Than Life

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  • Released: September 4, 1998 (USA)
  • Runtime: 13 min.
  • A young woman battles against a series of giant spiders, spawned by toxic waste, in her new suburban home.
  • In Larger than Life Jo (Rebecca Hobbs, star of horror tale The Ugly) discovers her new house is inhabited by an array of mutant arachnids, each larger than the last. Kiwi writer/director Ellory Elkayem cleverly melds puppetry and digital effects to give his spiders maximum yuck factor, while the violin-fuelled soundtrack pays spirited homage to the 50s monster movies (Them!, Tarantula) which inspired the whole enterprise. After the success of this spider tale, Hollywood called: Elkayem answered with bug tale They Nest, and comical spider epic Eight Legged Freaks.

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Patrick Wilson as Removal Man #1.