Kora, Devotee of Artemis

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      Over the course of the show we are given hints to Kora's backstory and how she knows the goddess Artemis.

1.07 - Inn Trouble

  • Kora tells Hercules that Artemis's Harvest Offering was stolen and that she "kinda owes Artemis a favor" and has to help find it. When Hercules is surprised that she knows Artemis, Kora refuses to tell him any more.

Hercules: Um, so, why are you closing up on the busiest day of the week?

Kora: It's Artemis. Her harvest offering's been stolen. It's the food for her temple at Delos.
Hercules: Ah, so?
Kora: I kinda owe her a favor. I've got to help find it.
Hercules: You know Artemis? Goddess of the hunt and the harvest? That Artemis?

Kora: Hercules, please, I can't tell you any more.