Kora's Inn

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Kora's Inn

"Last decent meal before Cheiron and his academy food."
- Hercules, 1.01 - Treasure of Zeus.

Kora's Inn is located near Cheiron's Academy, and is the favorite eating place and hang-out of the cadets. It is owned and run by Kora. It has a bar with stools, and several benches, tables, and chairs scattered around the main room with a fireplace in the center. There seems to be an upstairs but this is not really explored on-screen.


  • Leonidas has worked as a dishwasher, waiter, and cook.
  • Iolaus was hired to be a busboy, but has worked as a waiter.
  • Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason run the inn during 1.07 - Inn Trouble while Kora is looking for Artemis's stolen food offering. Hercules and Iolaus wait tables, while Jason seems to do all of the cooking. The only item on the menu is chicken salad, and none of the customers pay for their food.
  • Cleo runs the inn during 1.29 - Sisters after Kora storms off. Leonidas cooks in the kitchen, and Hercules and Jason work as waiters.


  • In 1.01 - Treasure of Zeus, the Inn seems to have recently changed hands. Hercules claims it's the last decent meal before the Academy, and Iolaus (if he is to be believed) is tight with the previous owner, but all of the guys seem to be meeting Kora for the first time, and are genuinely surprised to find out she is the owner. It is unknown who the previous owner was.
  • Problems with Satyrs in 1.01 - Treasure of Zeus cause Kora to threaten to turn her Inn into a humans-only establishment (No shirt, no feet, no service), but she does not seem to have any problem with serving Cheiron in 1.06 - Teacher's Pests; in fact, she even has a table that is at the right height for a standing centaur. Despite this, however, the Inn seems to be primarily a human establishment.
  • In 1.29 - Sisters, Kora puts up the inn as collateral against Cleo's debts, and Cleo worriedly exclaims that she's risking "the family inn", indicating that the Inn probably was owned by Kora's parents before she took over.


  • The Inn consists of a large main room with a fire in the center - scattered tables, chairs, and couches make up the seating area. A large nook under a balcony next to the stairs leading upstairs often forms an area large enough for a band to play, although Kora thinks they're rarely worth the effort - (1.29 - Sisters).
  • A long bar with tall stools separates the main room from the kitchen.
  • A staircase leads to a balcony that overlooks the 'stage' and the main room. This balcony was curtained off and used as a 'backstage' during Orpheus's concert - (1.20 - Fame).
  • A Ride-by-Window on front of the inn is sometimes open, servicing the customer on the go - (1.13 - Forgery).

House Rules

  • No Roughhousing - "You kiddies wanna play, you take it outside. If I want things broken around here, I’ll hire a dishwasher." - Kora, 1.01 - Treasure of Zeus.
  • No Satyrs - "Looks like I'm gonna have to put up a sign - 'No shirt, no feet, no service.'" - Kora, 1.01 - Treasure of Zeus.
  • No Waiters With Funny Hats - "We already have a cute gimmick. It's called 'Serving the customers'." - Kora, 1.06 - Teacher's Pests.
  • Employees Must Wash Hands - "Okay, look. Make sure they wash their hands, okay?" - Kora, 1.07 - Inn Trouble.
  • No Roughhousing, Take Two - "I told you! No roughhousing! And the next time you wanna play fire god, you do it somewhere else!" - Kora, 1.25 - Herc's Nemesis.

Menu Items

Special Events


Just when you thought eating out at the local dining establishment was safe...

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