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Kora owns her own inn: Kora's Inn. She is secretly a Devotee of Artemis.


Sister of Cleo. It is unknown if their parents are still alive.


  • Kora usually wears a sleeveless top made out of some dark blue fur that slants to cover one hip, and a skirt made out of blue panels.


  • Can transform into The Huntress, which gives her perfect aim, the ablility to track someone no matter where they go in the forest, the ablility to read animal body language, and the ability to turn invisible.


Romantic Interests

Kora's Plot Arcs

Television Tropes

Appearances and Mentions

1.19 - The Lure of the Lyre

1.23 - The Mysteries of Life

  • Hercules mentions that Kora said this land was very sacred to Artemis. When Jason asks what Kora has to do with Artemis, Hercules is confused and says "That's a good question. I don't know."

1.26 - Cold Feet

  • Kora is seen in the background in the beginning of the episode, talking to Lilith.