Kind-hearted Kevin - New Zealand New Idea - 2002 (March 09)

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This article is from the magazine New Zealand New Idea, dated March 09, 2002, featuring Kevin Smith.

The high-res magazine scans are from Bryn.

Kind-Hearted Kevin

      The sudden death of actor Kevin Smith reminded me of a chance encounter I had with him years ago when Gloss, in which he starred, was still on television. I was at a dairy in Wellington one Sunday morning grabbing some buns and a couple of other small items, when I realised I had left my wallet in the car, I said to the shop assistant, 'Hang on to those, I'll just whip out to grab my purse and I'll be back', or something to that effect.

      Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me say, 'I'll get that'. I turned to see this incredibly handsome man hand over some money and his own purchases, I was gobsmacked - and before I could say anything, he had paid for my shopping and was out of the shop, into his car, and off. It was only a few dollars, but how many people would do anything like that? Even though my encounter was only very brief, Kevin Smith was truly an extraordinary person.

- G. Elvidge, Hupper Hutt, NZ.

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