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Movie Summary

  • Released: April 13, 2000 (New Zealand)
  • Tagline: A reason for a small town to put on a clean pair of undies.
  • Billy Williams (Cliff Curtis) is enthusiastic and likable, but a bit hopeless. When the driving force behind the Waimatua School 75th Jubilee is killed in an accident, Billy takes over - determined to prove himself. Meanwhile, the arrival of ex-international rugby player Max Seddon (Kevin Smith) forces his wife Pauline (Theresa Healey) to question the choices she has made in her life. This affectionate comedy about small-town NZ life was the first feature directed by actor Michael Hurst.
  • Jubilee is a comedy set in New Zealand, about Billy Williams who volunteers to help arrange the renowed Waimatua Jubilee. He wants to gain the respect of his wife Pauline, as well as the townsfolk, and earn a place in Waimatua history. Faced with planning this biggest party in town and balancing his hectic schedule with his demanding wife, Billy plans for the arrival of international rugby player, Max Seddon, a distraction to his wife, as they were high school sweethearts.

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Bruce Hopkins as Larry.

Kevin Smith as Max Seddon.

Ross Duncan as Wallace.

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