Jodie Rimmer Talks About Infidelity - New Zealand Woman's Weekly - 2009 (August 31)

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The following text is from New Zealand Woman's Weekly, dated August 31, 2009, featuring Jodie Rimmer.

Jodie Rimmer Talks About Infidelity

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      Jodie Rimmer knows about infidelity. The Kiwi actress has often been a shoulder to cry on for her friends when their relationships have ended due to cheating.

      “It’s important to listen to your friends and not to judge,” she says. “They don’t need you to start a hate campaign.”

      In the new black comedy Separation City, Jodie plays happily married Joanne, whose friend (Danielle Cormack) is dealing with a cheating husband.

      “It drove home to me that to have a good relationship, you have to be totally honest,” she says.

      That’s especially important to Jodie who is often away from her boyfriend Tim and working in close quarters with her leading men. They’ve included “total spunk” Matthew McFadyen in In My Father’s Den, “mad” Rhys Ifans in the Peter Cook TV movie, Not Only But Always, “real honey” Ryan Gosling in the TV series Young Hercules and “down-to-earth” Aussie hunk Les Hill, who plays her husband in Separation City.

      Before Tim, she says she had a lot of good relationships, including one with actor Joel Tobeck when she was 21. And although she looks back on that time fondly, she hasn’t dated an actor since.

      “They’re mental! My favourite leading man is definitely Tim Riley, because that’s real,” she laughs, as she puts the kettle on at the Auckland villa she shares with her entertainment lawyer boyfriend.

      Without the close bond they share, she says they would have found the filming of Separation City difficult to endure. “The hardest thing was being in Wellington during the shoot, but he came down during the weekends.”

      The couple also spent time apart when Jodie moved to Sydney for six weeks to pursue acting jobs. “I came back here for a week to see Tim and didn’t get back on the plane.”

      Since returning home, Jodie’s been offered a theatre role in Wellington but she’s happy Separation City has finally opened. “It’s good to do a comedy. I’m often cast in dark roles.”

      Playing the supportive friend also crept into real life. “It was the first time Danielle and I had worked together. We had an absolute ball."