Iolaus Is Always Eating

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Iolaus enjoys food. A lot. And, in fact, he can be found eating or having finished a meal in several episodes.


The exceptions that break the rule are as follows:

Young Hercules (Movie Pilot)

  • While sailing to Korsenia, Iolaus complains about the 'child-sized portions' at dinner.

1.01 - Treasure of Zeus

1.02 - Between Friends

  • At Kora's, he and Nysus Gaius can be seen devouring bread, presumably the last remnants of a larger meal.

1.05 - Girl Trouble

  • After Jason, fed up with the bad food at the Academy, declares a hunger strike, Iolaus (who seems not to have nearly as much of a problem with the food and finishes Jason's for him) comments that, with the harvest festival coming up and with all the food there will be, it's a bad time to go on a hunger strike.

1.06 - Teacher's Pests

  • Iolaus grabs a stick of celery from a plate off Leonidas's tray, and says "It's okay, I'm a waiter" before eating it.

1.07 - Inn Trouble

  • Iolaus, in dismay that Kora's Inn is closed, cries, "But I'm hungry!" Jason responds, "You're always hungry."

1.08 - Keeping Up With the Jasons

  • Hercules tries to buy Jason lunch to make up for breaking his sword. When Jason says that he's not hungry, Iolaus chimes in with "Can I have his share?"

1.10 - Cyrano de Hercules

  • Iolaus is munching on something while he and Jason watch the interaction between Hercules and Galatea. When Hercules pulls Galatea away for a chat, Iolaus makes a bee-line for the picnic food, "Is that goat cheese?"

1.14 - No Way Out

  • In one of the scenes where Iolaus and Jason are planning Lilith's surprise party, they're both snacking on what look like dinner rolls.

1.21 - Lyre, Liar

  • As Iolaus and Hercules enter the marketplace at the beginning of the episode, Iolaus is eating spanakopita. He continues stuffing his face as he goes to talk to Orpheus (right before the fangirls show up).

1.24 - Dad Always Liked Me Best

1.28 - In Your Dreams

  • The beginning of this episode has Iolaus and the others lingering around the table after a meal at Kora's.

1.31 - Home for the Holidays

  • Iolaus, Jason, and Lilith are invited to spend the Feast of Persephone with Hercules and Alcmene (and Capaneus.

1.37 - The Head That Wears The Crown

  • After being arrested for 'attacking' Jason, Iolaus helps himself to some apparently-really-good stew while Hercules paces around their cell.

1.40 - Iolaus Goes Stag

  • When his mind is swapped with that of a deer, Iolaus (or, rather, the deer trapped in Iolaus' body) can be seen chomping down on some grass and leaves.