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      The following is an episode of the Young Hercules Fan Fiction Seasons, a non-profit virtual season project; written for fans by fans this is done to help keep the legacy of the short-lived television series Young Hercules alive on the Internet. The overall direction of the story that takes place in this virtual season may not be exactly what took place if an actual televised season had been produced.


(The evil god Strife laughs)
Strife to Discord: "A little dust here, a pinch there."
Discord: "What's new?"
(Discord wears an evil smile)
(Cheiron looks shocked)
Strife: "Is there anyone who objects to the union of these two."
(Lilith nudges Jason on the shoulder)
(Hercules and Iolaus surprised)
Hercules: "If you have feelings for Lilith, thats great."
Cheiron: "Y-yes."
(Iolaus studies his face in a mirror)
Hercules to Iolaus: "What don't you get?"
(Strife bows to Kora)
(Ares grasps Discord and Strife by there necks)
Ares: Leave it up to these two to mess up a task."
(Hercules and Kora smile at each other)
Strife to Cheiron: "You can perform the ceremony, can't you?"



      "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood-"


      A yellow lightening bolt struck Strife in the back of the head.

      "Discord! Ow!" Strife rubbed the back of his head as he turned around to face his partner in mayhem. "What was that for?"

      Discord placed her hands on her hips and glared at her relative. "That stupid song is getting on my nerves!"

      Strife made a face and shrugged. "Can I help it if I'm happy when I'm plotting catastrophes for our little friend Hercules?"

      "YOU! I'm the one who thought up this whole plan! You're just along to make sure Hercules doesn't leave the academy while I'm setting up the plan at Kora's," Discord said, before disappearing in a godly puff of smoke.

      "You're just along to make sure - pbbtt." Strife mimicked Discord and made another face. "You have your own little game - I'm going to play my own." His sinister laugh rang off the trees as he disappeared.

      Meanwhile at the Academy...

      "I just don't get it Herc."

      Hercules snickered. "What exactly don't you get, Iolaus?"

      Iolaus turned his face from side to side and studied his face in the mirror. "I'm so good looking. Why don't the women just flock to me?"

      "Cos your name isn't Jason of Corinth," Jason chimed in.

      "Just because you're back visiting us for a few days doesn't mean you can immediately start picking on me," Iolaus said indignantly.

      Hercules shook his head and smiled. "Don't worry Iolaus. One day, all the girls will be falling for us."

      Lilith walked up to the guys, having overheard most of their conversation. "Probably because of your stench." Iolaus glared at Lilith while Jason and Hercules laughed.

      As the four of them walk out of the room, Iolaus said "Look out Kora, here we come."

Act One

In the Name of Love

Also Starring
Nathaniel Lees as Cheiron
Jodie Rimmer as Lilith
Angela Dotchin as Kora

Guest Starring
Kevin Smith as Ares

Based on "Young Hercules"
Created by Renaissance Pictures

Assistant Producer

Medea & Tern O'Brien

Executive Producer
Kent Simmons

Edited by Jose Estreda

Written by Euterpe

      Inside Kora's Inn, music was playing and people were laughing as the cadets all joined in the celebration.

      "Isn't this just grr-eat? I love it when Cheiron lets us really cut loose," Iolaus said as he danced around.

      Jason, Hercules, and Lilith all exchanged looks. "Just as long as you don't cut too loose, Iolaus," Lilith said rolling her eyes. Iolaus gave her a look, but was distracted by a pretty girl walking between him and the others. His head swiveling in a comical motion, he followed the girl's path with his eyes, then followed her himself.

      Hercules smiled and said in a funny accent "The wild Iolaus, in his natural habitat and in search of prey, abandons his protective group and sticks his neck out following a pretty female."

      Jason laughed. Lilith merely glowered. "Aw what's wrong Lilith? Mad that Iolaus doesn't follow you around like a trained puppy," Jason teased.

      "Ugh! Iolaus? Please, Jason. Even dodo birds have better sense than that. It's just..."

      Hercules and Jason exchanged a glance. "Just what, Lil," Hercules asked gently.

      "Just that it'd be nice to have someone want to follow me around. Rather than me having to let the three of you tag along all the time," Lilith said, adding a playful punch to Hercules' shoulder. She walked off to the counter to get a drink.

      "What's up with her," Herc asked. He turned around, about to walk off, but stopped, noticing the look on his friend's face. "Jase? What's with you?"

      His question startled Jason. "Huh? Oh, uh. Nothing, nothing's wrong. What were you saying?"

      Hercules looked at his friend closely. "I was wondering what was up with her. Now I'm wondering what is up with you. But I'm also going to get some food... you coming?"

      "Yeah. Food sounds wonderful," Jason said as he turned around to follow Hercules.

      Where Hercules and Jason had been standing, Discord appeared in a puff of smoke. "Wonderful. The brat is here. STRIFE!"

      The god appeared beside Discord, holding a bag in his hand. "You rang?"

      Discord reached out and grabbed Strife's ear, pulling his head closer to her mouth, as she continued to talk at a raised voice. "You were supposed to keep that brat and his friends away. WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE?!"

      Strife's eyes rolled around as Discord yelled in his ear. He stood up abruptly, causing his ear to be pulled by Discord before she let go. Rubbing his ear gingerly, he said "Chill, okay? I have a better plan." He shook the bag he had in his other hand.

      Discord glared at him. "Better? My plan was PERFECT," she said tersely.

      "Yeah, yeah it was good.. but this is more fun. See-" Strife said, hooking an arm around Discord's shoulders and leaning against her. Discord shoved his arm off her shoulder, and Strife fell to the floor. Jumping back up, he raised his hand and pointed a finger at her. "That wasn't very nice."

      "Tell me something new," Discord said with an evil smile on her face.

      Strife took a step forward to stand in front of Discord. "You want something different?" He shook the bag still clutched tightly in his fist. "I got your different right here."

      Discord made a grab for the bag, but Strife pulled it out of her reach. "Nuh uh uh," he said, wagging his finger.

      "Well what's in there," Discord demanded.

      Strife smiled and walked forward a bit. "Aphrodite's love potion," he said with a smirk.

      Discord's eyes widened, then narrowed. "You mean to tell me, that you stole the goddess of love's own love potion," she asked, her hands plunking down on her hips. Strife nodded. "What exactly are you going to do with it?"

      "A little dust here, a pinch there, Hercules and his friends are turned into lovesick fools," Strife explained.


      "Sooooooooooo," Strife said, drawing the word out.

      "So, if Hercules and his friends fall in love with people, they might do drastic things," said a deep voice from behind Strife and Discord. The two gods jumped and spun around.

      "Ares," Discord said, surprise making her voice crack.

      "Unk," Strife squeaked out.

      Ares smiled, sending chills up and down Discord and Strife's spines. "People do drastic things in the name of love... like... kill other people." Ares laughed, and then disappeared. Strife and Discord merely looked at each other. Discord was the first to move.

      "Gimme that," she said, reaching for the bag again. Strife attempted to pull it out of her reach again, but didn't manage this time.

      Hercules, sitting over in a corner with Jason, was watching Iolaus' attempts to pick up girls when he noticed Strife and Discord in a match of tug-of-war over a bag near the table Cheiron was standing behind. Kora walked up to the table and began a cheerful conversation with the centaur headmaster as Strife and Discord's struggles became an all out battle.

      "Strife. And Discord," Hercules said, rising.

      "What? Where," Jason asked, jumping up from his chair.

      Just then, Hercules noticed Lilith walking toward Cheiron and Kora. "Lilith!"

      Lilith turned toward her name but kept on walking, and stumbled over the place where Strife invisibly stood. She, Strife, and Discord all fell in a heap, and the bag of Aphrodite's Love Dust split, sending a fine, sparkly powder over the three of them.

      Hercules and Jason rushed over, and Cheiron and Kora noticed the mess of people. Strife and Discord had become visible to all people, having let their guard down.

      "Oh...," Lilith said, shaking her head. She looked up and saw Jason asking her if she was okay. She smiled, and stared adoringly into Jason's eyes. "I am now."

      Jason and Hercules started, then looked at each other. Hercules' brow creased. "Uh... Lilith?"

      "Shut up Hercules," Lilith said, standing. She laced her arm through Jason's. "What were you saying, Jason," she asked as she lead the young king off to a corner.

      Hercules would have followed, but Kora's yell distracted him. He turned around to see Strife standing in front of Kora, his hand braced against the wall behind her. "What do you mean, I'm beautiful?! Get the Tartarus away from me," she yelled, trying to push the god away.

      "Oh Kora, don't be a tease. You know I love you and want to be with you," Strife said in a sickeningly sweet voice. Hercules' eyebrows went into his hair hearing this, but then he heard Discord's words.

      "Cheiron I just love your long.. mane. Can we go for a ride," she asked looking deeply into Cheiron's eyes. The centaur danced around nervously.

      Iolaus chose that moment to come rushing up to Hercules' side. "Herc what's going on? Lilith is gaga over Jason, and - is that Strife? And Discord?"

      "Yes, yes, and I don't know. But something is definitely very wrong with this scene."

Act Two

      Hercules and Iolaus stared at the two couples in front of them. Strife was trying to put a hand on Kora's shoulder, but the innkeeper kept brushing him off and trying to get away. Cheiron was looking for escape routes from Discord's advances. And Lilith had pushed Jason down into a chair and was sitting across the king's lap. Jason looked a little surprised, but what surprised Herc and Iolaus the most was that he didn't seem to mind that much.

      "Okay. We have to get Strife and Discord away from Kora and Cheiron. And we have to get Jason and Lilith back to the Academy. That's probably the safest place for Kora and Cheiron as well," Herc said, turning toward Iolaus. Iolaus didn't seem to be paying any attention to Hercules' words, though. "Iolaus?"

      "Why is it she's not fighting him off as much as she fights me off," Iolaus asked.

      Hercules rolled his eyes, and hit his friend in the stomach.

      "Ow! What did you do that for," Iolaus asked, rubbing his side.

      "Iolaus, we have to help Kora and Cheiron. Stop making google eyes over Kora and help me think of a way to get Strife and Discord away from them," Hercules said, impatience making his voice tight.

      Iolaus looked at Hercules, then at Kora, then back to Hercules. "They weren't google eyes. They were appreciative eyes. If you got out more- Ow!" Iolaus rubbed his arm where Hercules had hit him again.

      "How are we going to do this - Iolaus when Kora wants you to go away, what does she say that makes you go away fast," Hercules asked.

      Iolaus thought. "Well, sometimes she just says 'Go away Iolaus.' Or 'Iolaus, go away.' Or 'Iolaus, if you don't leave me alone right now...'"

      "I don't think that's going to work on Strife," Hercules said. "We need something else." He paced back and forth in front of the squabbling couples.

      "Kora, will you marry me," Strife asked plaintively. Kora glared at the god, and Hercules whimpered.

      "Iolaus! He's proposing to her! She can't-" Hercules paused. "What if..."

      Iolaus looked at Hercules, confused. "What if what, Herc?" But Hercules wasn't listening. Instead, he was trying to get Kora's attention.

      The innkeeper finally noticed him. Hercules whispered, "Say yes!" Kora looked at Herc like he was crazy. "Just do it," Hercules said again in a low voice. Kora flashed him a glance that said, "You'd better have a good explanation for this," and looked at Strife.

      "Fine! I'll marry you," she yelled, then cringed, realizing what she had said. Hercules walked over to the newly engaged couple, Iolaus following closely.

      "Strife! Congratulations! Now... you know we have to take Kora to the Academy with us so she can get ready for the ceremony," Hercules said, wrapping an arm around Strife's shoulders.

      Strife straightened up, shrugged off Hercules' shoulder, and smoothed his wild hair. "Well. If that's a silly mortal tradition, then I guess I have no choice but to part with my beloved," he said, snatching up Kora's hand. Kora looked surprised, then tried to pull her hand back, but Strife held fast. He kissed the back of her hand gently, and said "'Till then, my love." With that, he disappeared into smoke.

      Kora snatched Hercules by his collar and pulled his face down closer to hers. "Are you crazy," she asked, inches from Herc's face.

      Hercules eyes went wide with fright. "No! Kora, doing that got him away from you, so we can think of a way to reverse the power of Aphrodite's Love Dust."

      Kora raised an eyebrow. "Fine. But you'd better think fast. And you don't even want to know what I'll do to you if he tries to kiss me," she said, wiping the back of her hand on Hercules' vest. She turned around and went over to the counter.

      "She's right," Hercules said to her, straightening his vest. "I don't want to think about what will happen if he tries to kiss her."

      "Maybe I should get some of that Love Dust," Iolaus said, watching Kora.

      Hercules stared at his friend. "What?"

      "Well, if he can get her to marry him..."

      Hercules closed his eyes and squeezed the bridge of his nose with his fingers. "Iolaus... you're not helping. Now think. How are we going to get Discord away from Cheiron?" Hercules looked over at Discord. The goddess had her back against Cheiron's chest and was leaning her head against his shoulder. Cheiron looked very uncomfortable.

      "Well.. we could do the whole hoof-and-mouth thing again," Iolaus said. Hercules looked at Iolaus. "Well it worked with the Satyrs," the other boy said, shrugging.

      Hercules shook his head, then paused. "Hm," he said, tapping his chin.

      "I don't like it."

      "What," Hercules asked.

      "Whatever it is you're thinking. I don't like it," Iolaus said.

      "Well it's not like you're coming up with anything better," Hercules countered. "Besides, you don't even know what I was thinking."

      Neither of them said anything for a minute. They stood there with thoughtful expressions on their faces.


      "So what?"

      "So what were you thinking?"

      Hercules rolled his eyes and turned around to face his friend. "I thought you didn't like it."

      "Well... maybe I was a little hasty," Iolaus reasoned.

      "A little?"

      "Oh forget about it Herc and tell me what you were thinking," Iolaus said.

      Hercules shrugged. "I was just thinking, if we got Cheiron to act like he's hurt, we could get him back to the Academy and tell Discord that she can't see him while we help him feel better or something."

      "Not a bad idea. But if he's hurt how is he going to get back to the Academy," Iolaus asked.

      "Well... you, Jason and I will have to help 'support' him," Hercules said.

      "Help support a Centaur? Herc that might be easy for you, but for us mere mortals... I knew I wouldn't like this plan."

      "Do you have anything better?"

      Iolaus made a face. "No."

      "Then we'll go with my plan." Hercules caught Cheiron's attention. The headmaster watched Hercules' while trying to keep Discord from trying to kiss him. Hercules pointed to his leg, then started walking around as if it were hurting, limping a little bit and dragging his foot behind him slowly.

      "You look ridiculous," Iolaus said, his arms crossed over his chest. Hercules threw his friend a look. He pointed to Cheiron, signaling he should do it himself. The centaur understood what his student was trying to say and moaned in pain.

      "What's wrong, shnookums," Discord asked, concern tingeing her voice. Cheiron looked nonplussed at being called "shnookums" and Hercules and Iolaus had to fight their laughter.

      "My leg hurts. I think I twisted it on my way over here," Cheiron said, leaning to his right side and lifting his front left hoof.

      "Cheiron! Let us help you," Hercules yelled, running over to his headmaster. Iolaus followed slower.

      Hercules lifted Cheiron's left arm and raised it over his head. "You just let us help you back to the Academy," he said, as Iolaus unconvincingly mimicked his friend's actions on Cheiron's right side.

      "I want to help," Discord said.

      "Ooh Discord, the best way for you to help poor Cheiron now is to just let him rest alone," Hercules said.

      "I don't want to leave him alone," Discord pouted, glaring at Hercules.

      "Please, Discord. I don't want you to worry about me," Cheiron said. Discord wavered and finally disappeared in her own puff of smoke.

      Iolaus dropped Cheiron's arm. "So now what are we going to do," he asked.

      "We're going to get the 'injured'," Herc said, nodding to Cheiron, "'the engaged,'" he nodded at Kora, "and 'the lovesick,'" he looked at Jason and Lilith, "back to the Academy. Then we'll figure out what to do from there."

Act Three

      Back at the Academy, Hercules was pacing back and forth while Iolaus, Jason, Kora and Cheiron watched him anxiously. Lilith sat next to Jason, looking at him. Every once in a while, Jason would look over at Lilith, smile nervously, and then go back to watching Hercules.

      "What can we do to convince Discord and Strife that they don't love you two? And what are we going to do about Lilith," Hercules said, stopping to face his friends.

      Lilith took a second to look away from Jason. "You're not going to do anything about me. Nothing's wrong," she said, before going back to stare at the king. Jason shot a worried glance at Hercules.

      "I don't know. But if I know Strife and Discord, they're not going to wait very long," Iolaus chimed in.

      Hercules chewed on his lip, deep in thought. "Well... we're just going to have to go along with the plan until something comes to one of us."

      "What do you mean, go along with the plan," Kora asked, standing up. "I am not going to marry Strife, so you'd better come up with something fast."

      "Kora, I'm trying! Do you have any ideas," Hercules asked.

      Kora put her hands on her hips. "Well... no. But you're the genius who told me to say yes to him!"

      Iolaus jumped off the bench. "Hey! Lay off Herc. He was just trying to help you at the time and was hoping that we'd be able to think of something," Iolaus said, defending his friend. Kora turned to him and glared at him. "If that's okay with you, of course," he finished, before sitting back down.

      "Good going Iolaus," Jason said, leaning over to whisper to his friend. "She's never going to go for you now." Iolaus jabbed Jason in his side.

      "We have to some how get this spell reversed," Hercules said, beginning to pace again.

      "You don't by any chance know you're sister Aphrodite? That'd be a choice goddess to meet," Iolaus said.

      Hercules, Jason, Lilith, Kora, and Cheiron all looked at Iolaus like he was crazy. "Iolaus we're trying to save our friends and you're thinking about hooking up with a goddess. Have you no shame," Hercules asked.

      Iolaus pondered this. "Hm... no, I don't think I do."

      Herc rolled his eyes. "Great. So anyway... we're still trying to think of a way to reverse this spell on Lilith, Strife and Discord. Although I do kind of like the idea of them in love... keeps them out of trouble," Hercules said. Kora and Cheiron looked at him like had lost his mind. "I was just saying."

      "I don't know why you keep thinking something's wrong with me. I finally found a guy I like and you all think I've lost my arm," Lilith said. Iolaus reached across Jason and grabbed one of Lilith's arms, squeezed it, dropped that one and picked up the other one. He squeezed that one, and then dropped it.

      "Nope, they're both there," he said. Lilith reached across Jason and hit Iolaus in the shoulder. "Ow," Iolaus said, rubbing his shoulder.

      "Now children," Jason said, not happy about being stuck between the two of them. He stood and walked over to a window. Lilith, wanting to follow her "beloved," but also wanting to finish beating Iolaus up, decided on the later and scooted over on the bench so she was right next to him. She hit Iolaus on his knee, and grabbed her upper arm when he lightly punched her.

      Hercules noticed Jason staring out the window, and walked over to talk to his friend. "Hey Jase. What's up? You don't seem yourself today."

      Jason shrugged noncommittally. "I don't know man." He was quiet for a minute, then turned to face his friend. "Hercules," he began in a low voice, "have you noticed something different about Lilith?"

      Hercules started, and looked at Lilith. "Um. Well. Did she do something different with her hair?"

      Jason shook his head. "Nah. Never mind."

      "Look, Jase, whatever is bothering you... maybe you should talk to someone," Hercules said.

      "It's just that... well I don't exactly mind Lilith liking me," Jason said quietly.

      Hercules looked stunned. "Um.. what," he asked rather loudly, causing everyone else to look at him. He smiled and waved his hand, trying to play it off that nothing was wrong. Quietly, he said to Jason "What are you talking about?"

      "I'm saying that I wouldn't mind it if Lilith never stopped liking me," Jason said tersely. He sighed and looked out the window again. "I don't know Herc. I go away to rule Corinth for a few months, come back, and it's like... I've never seen her before. It's really weird to me too." He pursed his lips and looked out over the green landscape, lost in his own reflections.

      "Hey," Hercules said, getting Jason's attention. "If you have feelings for Lilith... that's great. Really great. But you know..." Hercules trailed off, not knowing how to say what he was thinking.

      "Yeah. I know this isn't real, and that she doesn't really like me," Jason said, guessing his friends thoughts. He sighed again. "But sometimes it's nice to pretend."

      Hercules would have said something, but right then Strife made a grand entrance, blowing open the doors to the hall and walking through them.

Act Four

      "Well, hello hello hello," he said. He walked over to Kora and bowed in front of her. "My lady."

      Kora raised an eyebrow and nodded at him.

      "How are the preparations for our wedding going?"

      "They're not," she said.

      Strife took a deep breath and squared his shoulders. "Just what does that mean?"

      Hercules hurried over to Kora and put his hands on her shoulders. "Don't mind her. She's just a little nervous. Things are coming quite well, Strife."

      Strife smiled. "That is good. I want to get married as soon as possible."

      "Strife, don't be silly," Hercules said. "There's a dress to be made, invitations to be sent out, food to be catered..." he trailed off, counting on his fingers.

      "No, can't be bothered with all that garbage. I want to get married right now."

      "Now?!" Kora and Hercules echoed each other.

      Strife looked around, nodding. "Yeah. Now. Why not now? I mean, now is now and there's no now after now..." Strife looked as confused as the rest of the group. "Whatever," he waved his hand, "I want to get married now. And this will be a nice place for the ceremony." He waved his hand, motioning to the whole all. He looked at Kora. "I think you will look just beautiful in white, my dear," and with that, he snapped his fingers, and Kora's dress was transformed into a long white wedding gown. Kora looked up and down and then shot a very unhappy look at Hercules. Herc could only shrug.

      "And you, you half-god... you can be my best man," Strife said. He spun around and flung his arms out at Hercules, who found himself wearing black pants, a white shirt, and a black vest. Iolaus burst out laughing.

      Strife wasn't finished there though. "Cheiron... you can perform the ceremony can't you? It'd be nice if our friends were all there, wouldn't it sweetie," Strife said, placing Kora's hand in the crook of his arm. She tried to grab it back, but Strife held fast.

      "Y-yes," Cheiron stammered, unsure of what to say.

      "Great!" With that, Strife waved his hand again, and the entire hall of the Academy was transformed with flowers hanging from the eaves and an altar at one end.

      Iolaus and Lilith looked at each other. "I don't think we're in Greece anymore, Lil," Iolaus said. Cheiron was standing underneath a rounded trellis, Kora and Strife facing him, Hercules standing behind Strife, and Jason, Lilith, and Iolaus sitting on a bench behind them.

      Cheiron cleared his throat nervously. "Um.. welcome to this glorious event. The joining of two hearts is nothing to be taken lightly." Strife smiled down at Kora, who merely glared straight ahead. "If there is anyone who objects to the union of these two peop- uh beings-"

      Right then, the doors burst open again. "Strife," Discord yelled. "You could have at least invited me to the wedding." She walked forward, and stood next to Cheiron. "Hello," she said to the centaur, batting her eyelashes at him.

      "Discord! You're interrupting our beautiful ceremony," Strife yelled back, stomping a foot. "Please Cheiron, continue."

      "If there is anyone who objects-"

      "I object."

      Everyone turned around to look at the newcomer. Strife was a little slow. "Oh what now- Oh! Uncle Ares. Um.. hi."

      Ares glowered at his two flunkeys. "What do you two think you're doing," he growled.

      Hercules jumped up. "You see Ares, Strife and Discord were fighting over a bag of Aphrodite's Love Dust, and then Lilith here," he pointed to Lilith, "Ran into Strife. Strife and Discord fell, pulling the bag apart and it spilled over the three of them. So now Strife thinks he loves Kora, Discord thinks she loves Cheiron, and Lilith thinks she's in love with Jason."

      Ares covered his eyes with his hand. "Leave it to these two to screw up the simplest of tasks."

      "Can you call Aphrodite and get her to reverse the spell," Iolaus asked.

      Ares made a face. "No need to get 'Dite in on this. It just makes these two look like even bigger idiots. And besides, I don't need any other god getting to know you too soon," he looked at Hercules. "It's easier to kill you when no one will miss you much." Ares made a motion with his hand.

      Suddenly, Strife dropped Kora's hand and backed away from her. "Ugh! You?! Me?! No..."

      "Oh and you think I was thrilled with you," Kora yelled, her pride wounded.

      Discord wrinkled her nose. "Oh great. I'm going to smell like horse for weeks!"

      Ares smiled. "Trust me Discord. No one's going to notice. Because you're not going to see anyone for weeks." With that, Ares, Strife, and Discord all vanished.

Act Five

      "But what about Lilith," Hercules yelled at the ceiling, which was now back to its' normal appearance.

      "Would you quit asking 'what about Lilith,' 'what's wrong with Lilith'? I'm fine," Lilith said. "No more feelings for Mr. High-and-Mighty King over here," she said jokingly. She jabbed Jason in his side with her elbow. Jason half-smiled. "Imagine that. I'm the one girl in the land who can withstand your silly charm. Haha!

      "Oh, I'm starving. Iolaus, you hungry," she asked.

      Iolaus jumped up. "You know I'm always hungry. C'mon guys," he said, waving to Herc and Jason.

      Herc took off after them, then noticed Jason wasn't following. "Jase? You okay?"

      Jason smiled. "Yeah, I'll be okay. Let's go get some grub."






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