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Lilith: "You know, I can't believe Cheiron made us do our morning-- "

Hercules: "Hi."

Lilith: "-- laps through a cave _full_ of spiders. I hate spiders."

Jason: "Hey. Hey. Look at it this way. You ran your personal best. All right? See the good."

Iolaus: "Uh, spiders are OK. It's just, uh-- remember that-- underwater escape he rigged up last week?"

Hercules: "Oh, yeah, the, uh-- sinking ship drill."

Iolaus: "Yeah, let's just say I-- "

Hercules: [Whispers]: "Thanks."

Iolaus: "-- prefer dry land-- lots of it-- all around me-- for miles."

Jason: "How about yesterday's fire baton maneuver? I saw my life flash in front of my beautiful face."

Lilith: "What about you, Hercules? What are you afraid of?"

Hercules: "Ah, well-- same thing as you-- I mean, as anybody, I guess."

Iolaus: "You are part god. Half of you shouldn't be afraid of anything."

Hercules: "Yeah, but the other half of me could be a complete and total sissy chicken-- so, you never know."

Lilith: "Oh-- as if."

Hercules: "All right, uh-- you guys wanna know what really scares me? Ticking off Cheiron!"

Others: "Oh!"

Hercules: "Come on. Let's get outta here, before curfew, all right? Oh."

Jason: "Oh."

Kora's Voice: "Good night. Go to bed, already."

Morpheus: "What's next on the nightmare line-up? Hey-hey-hey! Somebody's rocking my dreamboat?!"

Ares: "Morpheus, the god of dreams. It's been a long time."

Morpheus: "Not now, Ares. I'm working on a rush order, and I'm way behind. I gotta lotta nightmares to take care of, here."

Ares: "Does this have anything to do with the deal you had with Apollo-- where he kept the sun up for a few extra hours-- cut you some slack."

Morpheus: "So it ended up frying a few crops. So what?! Now I got Ceres breathing down my neck."

Ares: "Yeah, the goddess of bounty can be a real bear."

Morpheus: "Uh-- tell me about it. She wants some Grade A nightmares to make up for the-- Ssszzzzz-- so, please, if ya don't mind-- !"

Ares: "Hey-- I don't mind-- especially since those nightmares are now mine."

Morpheus: "Oh-h-h-h, no, no, no, no. These are for a deal I made with Ceres."

Ares: "Who just made a deal with me. See, I kept a battle out of one of her orchards."

Morpheus: "And she gave you the marker for the nightmares I owe her?"

Ares: "Hmm. You might say it's a-- ‘dream situation'."

Morpheus: [Sighs]: "Hmm-- this'll cover it. Ooh, you could terrify a lot of people with that-- if you work it right."

Ares: "I'm only interested in one-- Hercules."

Morpheus: "So, what exactly are you planning to do, here?"

Ares: "Me? Nothing. I'm gonna let the nightmare do all the work and Hercules, well-- he's gonna destroy himself!"

Morpheus: "That nightmare's workin' already."

Ares: [Laughs]

Lilith: [Laughs]: "Yeah, yeah. Good night, guys."

Hercules: "Sweet dreams, Lilith. Ooh, yeah."

Iolaus: "You know? Guys? It's funny, but I never remember any dreams I have-- except for this one where I'm surrounded by Amazons-- _but_-- they _like_ me."

Jason: "Then that's how you knew it was a dream." [Laughs]

Hercules: "Ooh-- yes."

Jason: "Ow!"

Lilith's Voice: [Screams]

Hercules: "Lilith!"

Lilith: "Help! Hercules! Help! No-o-o-o-o-o!" [Screams]

Hercules: "Lilith!"

Act One

Lilith: "No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!" [Screams]

Jason's Voice: "Lilith!"

Iolaus's Voice: "Lilith!"

Jason's Voice: "Hold on!"

Iolaus's Voice: "Lilith!"

Jason's Voice: "Lilith! Hold on! We're coming!"

Iolaus's Voice: "We're coming, Lilith! We're coming! Hercules! A little help here! Help! Herc! Herc!"

Hercules: "No-o-o-o-o-o!"

Jason's Voice: "Now! Hercules!"

Iolaus: "Her-r-r-r-r-c!

Hercules: "Iolau-u-u-u-s!"

Cheiron's Voice: "Hercule-e-e-e-s!"

Hercules: "No! Chei-- Cheiro-o-o-o-o-n!"

Hercules: "Cheiron! [Chuckles] Hey, Jason-- Jason. Iolaus? Iolaus! Hey. Where is everyone?!"

Hercules: "Hello-o-o-o?! Cheiron."

Cheiron: "Hercules-- you're safe. Thank the fates."

Hercules: "What happened? What's goin' on?"

Cheiron: "Uh! A dark presence swept throught the academy, stealing the cadets. I was almost lost, too-- until you woke up."

Hercules: "Why didn't it take me?"

Cheiron: "I've-- uh! I've heard tales of this before-- the gods of caused this-- presence-- to enter our world from your dream."

Hercules: "What, something from my dream did this?"

Cheiron: "It seems like the work of the god, Morpheus-- and I fear the cadets are lost forever."

Morpheus: "Hmm-- interesting technique! You used Hercules' own nightmare to kidnap his friends into the dreamworld, huh?"

Ares: "Phase one complete. I love that."

Morpheus: "Hmm-- physical presence in the dreamworld is tricky stuff. People get hurt-- you know?"

Ares: "Like a care about these mortals? So long as Hercules goes for the rescue-- and he will-- count on it."

Morpheus: "Ah, even if he _does_ try to rescue his friends-- _you_-- can't mess with him, physically-- Zeus's protection order and all."

Ares: "Hey-- I didn't kidnap those cadets. And I don't have to mess with Hercules. No, I'll just let his own worst nightmare keep doin' _all_ the dirty work. Some nightmares have all the fun. O--K-- oh, this is good. Oh-ho, pinch me, I'm dreamin'."

Cheiron: "‘Embrace your greatest fear.'"

Hercules: [Sighs]: "I don't know what's goin' on, and I don't know what I did wrong, but I'm goin' to that dreamworld. And I'm gettin' my friends back."

Cheiron: "You're not going there. Travelers to the dreamworld don't come back. We'll have to find some other way to rescue the cadets."

Hercules: "What do you mean?"

Cheiron: "Stories passed down in my Kindrah. Those who have traveled to the dreamworld-- their greatest fears have been made real there-- and've destroyed them."

Hercules: "Well, uh-- whatever it is-- I c-I can beat it."

Cheiron: "This isn't a simple fight. To have any sort of chance, you must be prepared to-- confront what terrifies you the most and then embrace it."

Hercules: "Embrace it? I'm gonna take it out."

Cheiron: "To destroy it, would be to destroy part of yourself. Do you even know what you're most afraid of?!"

Hercules: "Yeah-- when people that I care about are hurt because of me. I can't do this without you. So help me. Please."

Cheiron: "All right. But remember-- the vortex that dragged the cadets into your dreamworld is their only way back out."

Hercules: "Right. Uh-- the vortex."

Cheiron: "Now, concentrate on the still surface of the water. Come on. And breathe as I tell you. Slowly. Slowly. [Echoes]"

Hercules: "I don't think this is workin', Cheiron. Cheiron? Well-- could be wrong. Eyuh! Who are you?"

Hercules: "Kora's-- how'd I get here?"

Lilith: [Singing to the tune of "Twinkle, twinkle little star"]: "Spiders bite you all around. Fire burns-- "

Hercules: "Lilith?"

Lilith: [Singing]: "-- and makes you frown. Spiders-- "

Hercules: "Lilith?"

Lilith: [Singing]: "-- bite you all around."

Hercules: "Is that you?"

Lilith: [Singing]: "Fire burns and makes you frown."

Hercules: "Hey-- "

Lilith: [Singing]: "Spiders bite you-- "

Hercules: "-- glad to see you."

Lilith: [Singing]: "-- all around."

Hercules: "Listen, uh-- "

Lilith: [Singing]: "Fire burns and makes you frown."

Hercules: "-- where is everybody?"

Lilith: [Distorted Voice]: "They're with me. They're on the dark side. Help us, Hercules!"

Hercules: "OK. OK."

Lilith: [Distorted Voice]: "No. No, stop! Please, don't! Don't, go away! No!" [Screams]

Hercules: "What're you talkin' about? Why? Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! Ahh! Lilith?!"

Iolaus: "Ah! Her-r-r-c!"

Hercules: "Iolaus! Iolaus."

Iolaus: "Get away from me!"

Hercules: "What?!"

Iolaus: "You can't help me! You put me here!"

Hercules: "No, I came to help! Now, come here! Give me your hand!"

Iolaus: "Hercules-- Hercules! Herc! You put me here!"

Hercules: "Iolaus!"

Iolaus: "Hercules!"

Hercules: "Iolaus!"

Iolaus: "Her-r-r-r-r-r-c!"

Jason: [Distorted Voice]: "Embrace-- your greatest-- fear."

Hercules: "Jason."

Jason: [Distorted Voice]: "Embrace-- your greatest-- fear."

Hercules: "Jason."

Jason: [Distorted Voice]: "Embrace-- your greatest-- fear. Embrace-- your greatest-- fear-fear."

Hercules: "‘Embrace my greatest fear'?"

Jason: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Alcmene's Voice: "Hercules!"

Hercules: "Mom?"

Alcmene: "Hercules! Hercules?!"

Hercules: "Mom! I'm coming!"

Act Two

Cheiron's Voice: "You must embrace your greatest fear! Hercules!"

Cheiron: "It's your dream! It's only a dream, Hercules! It's _only_ a dream!"

Cheiron's Voice: "It's only a dream, Hercules!"

Hercules: "Mom? Ma? What're ya doin' here? What's wrong?"

Evil Hercules: "Nothin's wrong-- except that I'm not your mother." [They gasp.]

Hercules: "This is a dream. Just a dream!"

Evil Hercules: [Laughs]: "Maybe for you. Try telling that to them."

Jason: "Help! Help!"

Iolaus: "Hercules!"

Jason: "He-e-e-e-lp!"

Lilith: "Save me! Hercules!"

Jason: "Hercule-e-e-e-s!"

Ares: [Evil laugh] [High-pitched]: "Ah-h-h-h-h! Help! Mama! Mama! [Normal Voice] [Laughs] Yes!"

Morpheus: "Hey! Watch it, big fella! Some of us are trying to work here!"

Ares: "Ah-- so I owe ya one."

Morpheus: "Noted. So-- how's your nightmare workin' out?"

Ares: "Beyond my wildest dreams. I wanna get closer."

Morpheus: "So, go! Enjoy yourself! Live a little! Jerk."


Hercules: "Who _are_ you?!"

Evil Hercules: "Look in the mirror."

Hercules: "You think you're some part of me or somethin'?!"

Evil Hercules: "Oh-- some part. I-- am the _best_ part!"

Hercules: "You're the part that hurts without regret?!"

Evil Hercules: "Oh, yeah."

Hercules: "That fights without feeling?!"

Ares: "You could say-- he's your worst nightmare."

Hercules: "Ares."

Ares: "Don't mind me. I'm only here to cheer on the winner. And just-- guess-- who I'm bettin' on."

Jason: "Help!"

Iolaus: "Help!"

Jason: "Help!"

Hercules: "Iolaus! Jason! Lilith! This is _my_ dream. Everybody! There ya go! There's the way out! Hurry up!"

Iolaus: "This way!"

Jason: "Let's go!"

Ares: "No!"

Hercules: "How's it _feel_, huh?! This is _my_ dream! I'm in charge!"

Ares: "Hey-- don't tell me. Tell him. Not bad. Now let's see if you can beat your worst nightmare."

Cheiron's Voice: "‘Embrace your greatest fear, fear, fear."

Hercules: "You're my greatest fear! Don't you get it?! Huh? If I destroy you-- or you destroy me-- we're both gonna lose!"

Evil Hercules: "Tell ya what-- you stay here and I'll see how much _fun_ I can have on the other side."

Iolaus: "No, no, no, no-- you can't come in here."

Jason: "Easy. Back off, big fella."

Evil Hercules: [Yells]

Hercules: "Forget about spiders-- water and fire. You're every evil thing that I'm capable of."

Evil Hercules: "Oh-- you have no idea."

Hercules: "But I can't destroy you-- ‘cause you're a part of me. But, you know what?! That's it! All right?! You don't control me-- I do!"

Evil Hercules: "That's what you think."

Hercules: "We need each other. You understand that?"

Evil Hercules: "You're supposed to hate me!"

Hercules: "Well, I don't. And, ya know what? I'm not scared of you anymore, either."

Evil Hercules: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Ares: "Yes! He did it. Hercules destroyed himself! Ooh, ooh, ooh-- ahhhhhh."

Hercules: "Forgettin' sum'in', Ares-- a little sum'in' called-- inner strength."

Ares: "No-o-o-o-o!"

Morpheus: "OK-- uh-h-h-h! Show is over."

Ares: "I was this close-- _this_ close! To getting rid of Hercules!"

Morpheus: "Stick to your swords, god of war. Leave the dreams-- to me."

Iolaus: "Hey-- "

Jason: "Wow! He's back!"

Hercules: "Awwww."

Cheiron: "You've returned to us."

Hercules: "Yeah-- thanks to you. And you were right. I was _this_ close to destroying my darker half, but-- if I had-- I'd have destroyed myself, right?"

Cheiron: "None of us is without our dark sides. You did well, Hercules. I'm proud of you."

Hercules: "Well-- it's just good to be back." [Chuckles]

Cheiron: "Cadets-- we've had much excitement for one night. Morning bells won't ring for another hour. Everyobody-- back to sleep."

Hercules: "Back to sleep?"

Iolaus: "Ahh-- "

Hercules: "You sure that's a good idea?"

Iolaus: "How about a game of bag ball? Huh?"

Jason and Lilith: "Yeah!"

Jason: "Bag ball! It's awesome!"