I'll Make You Happy

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I'll Make You Happy.jpg

Movie Summary

  • Released: April 8, 1999 (New Zealand)
  • A teenage prostitute organizes a heist to help her friends achieve their dreams.
  • A young hooker must find the money to send her roommate to Tibet in order to fulfill his dreams. She discovers plans for an illegal steroid deal going down between her pimp and a coke addict. Her and the girls, a new male friend, and her agoraphobic, HIV positive roommate pull off the biggest heist of their lives when they manage to get away clean with the money.

Alum Actors

Non-YH Alum Crossactors


Additional Pictures (YH Alum Actors)

Bruce Hopkins as Jock.

Colin Moy as Airline Pilot.

Jodie Rimmer as Siggy.

Additional Pictures (Non-YH Alum Actors)

Lucy Lawless as Herself.

Rena Owen as Mickie.