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Hind Sight

This is a transcript of the dialogue of the episode Hind Sight, as aired, transcribed by Bryn.


Jason: Yeah!

Iolaus: I get the hang of this balancing pole thing, and then Cheiron makes me do it blindfolded and he says, get this, he says: 'All you see --

Iolaus/Hercules/Jason: -- is not all there is.'

Iolaus: What, you guys know that?

Hercules: Hello. What-Wha, no-no, I didn't mean to scare you.

Helene: You're the son of Zeus.

Jason: Hey!

Hercules: Hey, where'd she go?

Jason: Where'd who go?

Iolaus: Yeah, I don't see anyone.

Hercules: She... she had these dark, deep eyes, y'know? She knew all about me.

Iolaus: You got all that in a second, huh?

Hercules: Well, not just that. It-it's, uh... she was beautiful.

Iolaus: Ah-hah, you are in trouble now.

Hercules: Hey, listen. You think if I went after her, she'd talk to me?

Jason: I wouldn't do that. No matter how special you think she is.

Hercules: Why not?

Jason: Well, she ran away. Is that too subtle for you?

Iolaus: Well, I never let that stop me.

Jason: You've got nothing to show for it.

Iolaus: Deep dark eyes, huh? Sure you weren't dreaming?

Hercules: I don't know...

Jason: All right, wake up. Come on. Maybe she has an invisible friend for Iolaus.

Iolaus: I can work with invisible.

Jason: You usually do.


Cadet: Well, what about Louise?

Iolaus: I think this dart needs new feathers.

Jason: Feathers? I don't need feathers. As a matter of fact, I can beat you blindfolded. If we had one.

Iolaus: Oh. Hm, what have we here? Okay, let's see what you're made of, tough guy.

Jason: I may be the Prince of Corinth, but I'm the King of Darts. Go!

Iolaus: Oh.

Jason: Bullseye.

Iolaus: No, you missed.

Jason: What?

Iolaus: Give me back my hankerchief.

Jason: Aw.

Kora: Oh yeah, his game's off today, but it's not because of the feathers. See?

Iolaus: Oh? Ah.

Hunter #2: What a dump.

Hunter #1: Hey! Bring us some food. Make it fast.

Hunter #2: Yeah, we haven't got all day.

Hunter #3: We're hungry now!

Hunter #2: Imagine if my arrow bagged the beast, huh, instead of just nicking it!

Iolaus: Hey, uh, is that gold? Oo!

Hunter #3: Tuft of fur from a golden hind. I'll get a thousand dinars just for this piece.

Jason: Golden Hind? Where?

Hunter #1: In the woods, by the river.

Jason: Ha ha ha. Whoever bags the Golden Hind is gonna be famous!

Iolaus: Hey, I wonder what an animal made of gold is worth?

Hercules: Yeah... Hey, uh, even Zeus would be proud of a trophy like that, huh? Um...

Iolaus: Let's go.

Hercules: I'm just gonna...

(Opening Credits)

Act One

Jason: Then it's settled. We'll get the supplies at the academy and be out hunting by noon.

Kora: You're not really going after the Golden Hind, are you?

Iolaus: What, you don't think we're good enough to get it?

Kora: You're good enough. That's what's bothering me.

Hercules: Why?

Kora: Hunting should be about feeding your family, not showing off.

Jason: No, no. It's not showing off. Look, on my honor as a future king, I'm gonna bag that Hind myself.

Iolaus: Not if I bag it first.

Jason: Ooo!

Kora: Hercules! Please don't go.

Hercules: Why?

Kora: Hunting for sport is wrong.

Hercules: Everybody's so excited. This is the most exciting thing we've had here in years. What's really going on?

Kora: Nothing. Go. I've got to clean up this mess.

Hercules: Okay. Thanks.


Jason: We should get extra bows.

Iolaus: Yeah, I'll go to the kitchen, get some food, make our backpacks.

Hercules: Yeah. I'll tell Cheiron we're gonna miss lunch. Hey! Hey, wait! There she is again! Listen, we-we're not going to hurt you. Wait a second. It was that girl! Do you remember that girl I was talking about? I swear she was there. I looked her right in the eye!

Iolaus: Right. So, did she tell you anything useful this time? Like, her name? Her address?

Hercules: You don't believe me, do you? Fine. I'll tell you something. She was there, and she was so... perfect.

Jason: So what? We've got a hind to hunt.

Iolaus: You are pathetic.

Hercules: Yeah, uh, okay. I'll catch up with you guys later, okay?


Hercules: Hey, wait! I'm not going to hurt you! I just wanna talk to you. Okay! Watch where you're shooting your arrows! Not again! How does she do that? Wait a second. I know these feathers.

Kora/The Huntress: Don't move!

Hercules: Okay!

Kora/The Huntress: I don't wanna hurt you.

Hercules: Well, that makes two of us!

Kora/The Huntress: I'm only going to tell you once. You or your friends go after the Hind, you won't live until sundown.


Jason: Hercules should've caught up by now.

Iolaus: Hmm. Well, maybe Miss Deep Dark Eyes did want to speak to him.

Jason: Get real. Although, Hercules may want to bag the hind for himself. You know how much he wants to impress Zeus.

Iolaus: You don't think he'd keep the money too, though?

Jason: Nah, he wouldn't do that. Look, you and I are gonna make a pact. We are gonna bag this hind, and we are gonna be famous.

Iolaus: Oh, uh, what about the money?

Jason: We'll split that three ways.

Iolaus: And the glory?

Jason: Two ways!

Iolaus: Deal. Yes. You, Jason, are learning from the master.


Hercules: So-so, you're gonna shoot my friends if they go after the Hind?

Kora/The Huntress: I don't have a choice.

Hercules: You might wanna work on your 'deep scary voice' thing.

Kora/The Huntress: I'm serious about not hunting the Hind.

Hercules: Why are you so against hunting all of a sudden? I mean, that's how you feed your customers, isn't it?

Kora/The Huntress: Too hard to explain. I'll show you.


Hercules: This place is awesome.

Kora/The Huntress: The Goddess of the Hunt has certian places and certian creatures that are special to her.

Hercules: How did you find this place?

Kora/The Huntress: You know that I pledged to serve the goddess Artemis? This is one of her sacred groves. It's hard to find if you don't know how to look for it.

Hercules: Okay, listen, here's my question. Why is the Goddess of the Hunt trying to stop us from hunting?

Kora/The Huntress: Look.


Hunter #1: You out for a hunt, boys?

Iolaus: Us? No...

Hunter #2: Now you're not thinking of going after the Hind yourselves, are you?

Jason: Uh, what if we were?

Hunter #3: This isn't any old hunt, son. Hunting Hind is a job for professionals. Not schoolboys.

Hunter #1: I'd stay out of the forest today if I were you.

Iolaus: Well, I'm glad you're not me so I wouldn't have to wear that hat, heh.

Hunter #2: Uh, you shouldn't make fun of his hat.

Hunter #1: Hey! Why don't you as your teacher if you can go hunting at recess, huh?

Iolaus: Heh-heh-heh.

Hunter #2: Schoolboys!

Jason: No-no-no! Don't-don't. Listen! Hey! Forget them! We're going to bag this hind, okay? Because we're better hunters than they are, right? Let's go get our bows. Come on.



At Kora's signal, the Hind comes closer. She limps slightly from the Hunter's arrow that nicked off the tuft of fur. The Hind coyly looks Herc's way (the exact look the Girl gave him in the teaser, though he won't make the connection...) her gaze hits our young hero like... well, we saw this in the Teaser, too. Hercules is quite simply dazzled. Hercules:

I've never seen anything... any-one... so incredible. Can she talk?

Kora/The Huntress:

If she's not frightened. Golden Hinds are the gentlest and rarest of creatures. They're almost extinct. And they're Artemis' favorites.

Hercules just can't take his eyes off the Golden Hind. He speaks to her with infinite tenderness, subtly foreshadowing the special relationship he'll someday have with one of these creatures. Hercules:

Please, come closer. I won't hurt you.

The Hind comes closer. Herc reaches out to touch her hair, but she recoils. Hercules is wounded to the heart. Kora/The Huntress:

Don't take it personally. They don't like being touched by humans.


That's... sad for us.

Kora/The Huntress:

No, what's sad is that people think they have the right to kill her. And for what? To satisfy their vanity and their greed.

Hercules hangs his head. His reason was no better. Hercules: (quietly)

Or to get a gather's attention.

Kora/The Huntress: (softening at that)

I'm sorry, but there are real lives at stake here, even if they're not human. No life should be taken casually.


I never thought about it that way. What do you want me to do?

Kora/The Huntress:

I need you to keep the hunters away from the Hind while I get her somewhere safe. And please, you must continue to keep my relationship to Artemis secret.


I won't be able to convince Jason and Iolaus to give up the hunt if I can't tell them the truth.

Kora/The Huntress: (firmly)

You'd better find some way, or Artemis might come after them herself, and she never misses.

On Hercules' concern, we:

FADE OUT. [edit] Act Two



Hercules enters while Iolaus and Jason fill their quivers. Jason: (pissed)

Where have you been?


Out, uh... checking out, well... Believe me, it was important.


Sure she was. What's she like?


What? Who?


The mystery girl you ditched us for.

Hercules: (a genuine realization)

You know, I forgot all about her.

Iolaus and Jason look at Hercules like he's gone nuts. Jason:

Fine. Just grab a bow and let's go. We've got a Hind to hunt.


Yeah, guys. I sorta need to talk to you about that.


What more is there to say? Besides all the fun we're going to have, we've gotta show up those three hunter jerks but good.


This is gonna be the best hunt of our lives!


What about the Hind's life? Don't you think it's wrong to kill something if no one's gonna eat it?


You're kidding, right?


No, hunting's for feeding people. It shouldn't be a sport.

Jason and Iolaus are now certain Herc's gone nuts. Jason:

First Kora, now you?! Look, if you're not up to the challenge, why don't you just say so instead of making up all this garbage about hunting not being a sport.

Jason pushes past Hercules to take a bow down from the wall. Iolaus:

You know, if we don't get the Hind, those Hunters will. That Hind's a goner whether we hunt it or not.

Iolaus takes down a bow and joins Jason near the door. Hercules:

Look, I wanted the Hind as much as you do. But I'm asking you to trust me on this.


You've been wacko ever since you first laid eyes on Miss Deep, Dark Soul Speaker, but this is hunting we're talking about.


And we're going. With or without you.

Jason and Iolaus leave Herc alone with his failure.


Herc hurries along to find Kora and the Hind, but it's Kora and the Girl who emerge through the trees. Herc is stunned and flustered by this. Frightened by his intensity, the Girl hides behind Kora (Note: the Girl is careful not to touch Kora). Hercules:

You again? Why do you keep running away from me... Wait, what's going on? Where's the Golden Hind?

Kora/The Huntress: (to Girl)

Shhh. It's all right. (to Herc) This is Helene, she's a... devotee of Artemis, like me. Sounds like you two've met already.

Helene peeks around Kora. Her voice is soft and kind of shaky. Helene:

What happened to your friends?


Don't worry, I'll take care of them.

Kora frowns her acknowledgment of his failure, but doesn't want to scare Helene, who's still pretty fearful of Hercules' nearness. Kora/The Huntress:

We're going to the Temple of Artemis in Seneca.

Hercules: (smiles to calm Helene's fear)

I'd love to join you, but the priestesses aren't exactly gonna let me in.

Soothed by his sweetness, Helene takes a tentative step forward. Helene:

No, men aren't allowed.

Helene comes closer, but she's startled by a LOUD BIRD and stumbles. Herc reaches out to catch her, but she avoids his touch... and stumbles into Kora. Helene:


Helene backs up and is TRANSFORMED INTO THE GOLDEN HIND, who sees Herc's astonishment and runs off. Herc moves to follow: Hercules:


Kora/The Huntress: (stays his arm)

She's long gone by now; she's as fast as the wind.


But we've gotta go after her.

Kora/The Huntress:

I'll do that. You need to make sure no one gets a clear shot at her.


First, I've gotta know. What just happened here?

Kora/The Huntress:

When they feel safe, Hinds can take human form. But a mortal's touch turns them back again.


I knew there was something special about her! Okay, you get her to the Temple so she'll be safe. I'll take care of Jason and Iolaus and the hunters.

They split up and head into the forest.


Hunter #1 examines a series of broken twigs while Hunter #3 checks out some hoof-prints. Hunter #2 is nearby. HUNTER #1

A large animal passed through here. Could be a stag...


No, the hoof-prints are too small. It's the Hind, all right. (points) And it went that way.


Jason and Iolaus move along, with quivers, backpacks, bows. Jason:

The hunter said he was near this stream when he nicked the Hind. If we can find hoof-prints, we might be able to backtrack it to its den.

They scan the ground. After a bit, Iolaus gets frustrated. Iolaus:

I'm hungry. You want a cookie?

As he unshoulders his backpack, he spies something glittering on a nearby branch -- some STRANDS OF GOLD HAIR. Iolaus:

Uncle Flatus always said the best tracking clues are stuck on branches. Look at this!

Jason examines the hair and smiles at his friend. Jason:

What other tips did old Uncle Flatus give you?


If hair's caught on the south side of a branch, the animal's heading west. (points) Over there.


Herc moves quickly through the forest. When his feet hit a wide blanket of leaves, the ground seems to give in under him. With a startled CRY, he leaps to the side, just managing to grab onto the edge of what is revealed to be a hidden pit. As he pulls himself out, he looks down and sees sharp spikes lining the pit. Hercules:



The three Hunters continue tracking. WHOOSH! An arrow with distinctive tail feathers flies into Hunter's #1's hat, carries it through the air, and pins it to a distant tree. HUNTER #1

Hey! That's my favorite hat! Who did that?

The others quickly notch arrows in their bows while Hunter #1 gets his hat. They look around, bows ready. HUNTER #2

I don't see him. Where is he?

WHOOSH! An arrow flies toward Hunter #2's bow from the side and slices the string mere inches above his hand and from his face. HUNTER #2

Who ever he is, he's good.

Hunter #3 drops to one knee and scans the area while sighting along his arrow. WHOOSH! An arrow slams through the side of the quiver slung across his back; the force pulls him to the ground. HUNTER #3

Someone doesn't want us out here.

100 yards away, Kora/The Huntress: is about to step forward and tell them to get lost, but there's a SOUND behind her. She turns... to see the Hind, shivering in fear. GOLDEN HIND/Helene:

Someone's coming from the other direction.

Kora notches two arrows simultaneously and prepares to shoot... but it's Hercules who emerges from the foliage. Kora/The Huntress:

Thank Artemis, it's only you.


Jason and Iolaus aren't far behind. They're coming from over there.


So we're surrounded?

Hercules: (to Kora)

Put down that bow, I'm not getting you shoot anyone. (to Helene) And I'm not going to let anyone shoot you.

Kora/The Huntress:

Then... what?

Hercules: (thinks for a beat)

Do you have a flint? (off her nod) Start a little fire over there.

Kora/The Huntress: (incredulous)

A fire!

Hercules: (quietly anxious)

Kora, we don't have much time! If this works, they'll stop hunting her for good. It's either this, or you have to start shooting at everybody.

Kora looks at Helene, then decides: Kora/The Huntress:


Hercules leans in close to Kora and whispers to her as he nods toward the Hind. Hercules:

Do her horns grow back?

Kora/The Huntress:

Yes, but --


I'll need a horn and a tuft of fur.

Hercules approaches the skittish Hind, telling her, and Kora: Hercules:

Please. You can trust me.

The Hind looks to Kora, who nods.


Jason and Iolaus move quickly through the forest. Jason: (impatient, annoyed)

What did Uncle Flatus say about getting lost?

Then they hear a most CHILLING CRY echo through the forest and stop dead. They run towards the sound. Jason:

Over there!


As Hunter #1 pulls the arrow out of his hat, he and his two partners stop dead as they also hear the CHILLING CRY. HUNTER #1

What in Tartarus was that?


It's those kids!

They start towards the SOUND.


The three Hunters, Jason and Iolaus converge on Hercules. Herc is alone, kneeling beside a pile of ashes. He holds a gold horn and a tuft of gold fur. He is wearing Kora's bow and quiver, and appears to be furious. Jason:/Iolaus:


He turns to them, tears of fury in his eyes! Hercules:

I did it! I killed the Hind with one shot. It was beautiful! But after I took the horn as a trophy, the body went up in flames. Look!

Herc points to the pole of ashes. A scorched arrow lies in them. Jason, Iolaus, and the Hunters look down, amazed. Nearby, Kora and the Hind hurry away -- with Kora looking back for the briefest moment -- as they go safely out of the forest.

BACK AT THE "KILL", Hercules picks up the arrow from the ashes. Hercules:

It isn't fair!

The hunters frown at each other, somber, subdued. HUNTER #1

So there's no way to keep the gold?

Herc snaps the arrow in his hands; looks up dramatically as he curses the gods. His anger and disappointment are convincing. Hercules:

The gods are behind this, I know it! Curse you all. I'm never going to get my rightful due as a son of Zeus!

At least to the Hunters. Jason and Iolaus watch Herc with suspicious eyes. The Hunters exchange resigned shrugs. Hunter #2 slaps Herc on the back. HUNTER #2

You're right, kid. Life just ain't fair.


At least you didn't waste as much time as we did hunting Golden Hinds. You won't catch us doing that again.

The Hunters trudge off. Jason and Iolaus circle Hercules. Hercules: (all innocence)


Jason claps his hands slowly - feigned applause. Jason:

I didn't know you had it in you.


Well, I decided you were right, and I wanted to show my father...


Stop acting, Herc. I don't buy this performance any more than the one you put over on the hunters.


Better come clean.


I can't, I gave my word. As my friends, you're just gonna have to trust that the right thing happened here today.

Iolaus and Jason nod reluctantly. Iolaus brightens first. Iolaus:

We've still got the horn and the tuft.


Yeah, they oughta be worth a little glory, at least around the academy.

Our heroes' camaraderie is restored. As they walk off. Iolaus:

You ever catch up with Miss Deep Eyes?


Turns out, she wasn't who I thought she was.

Iolaus: (an observation, not a put down)

They never are.




We're both a lot like that moon up there, don't you think?


What do you mean?


It's caught somewhere between new and full. Part-here, part-there.

Hercules: (smiles)

Yeah, we both have two natures that make us different from everybody else. It's hard sometimes, isn't it?

Helene: (nods sadly; then profoundly)

Thank you for saving my life. I think that someday, you're going to get your rightful due from everyone who really matters to you. Here on earth... and up there.

With that all-too-true prophesy, she walks away. Herc wistfully looks up at the moon again, and we...