Herc's Obsession With Zeus

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Hercules has a bit of an obsession with his father, Zeus, King of the Gods. Even though he has never met him, Hercules still will get distracted when someone mentions Zeus, and will often take stupid risks to prove himself.

1.01 - Treasure of Zeus

Alcmene: Oh, Hercules. I wish you weren't so obsessed with your father. Since you were little, you've taken every dare - no matter how dangerous or how foolish - always trying to prove worthy of Zeus.
  • When Nysus Gaius mentions a chalice made by Zeus, Hercules is instantly distracted and begins to fumble his footwork during the morning drills.
  • After drills, Hercules approaches Nysus to get more information about the chalice.
  • Hercules steals the chalice from Hera's cave.
Iolaus: Whoa. Hold it. Time out. You're gonna snag a chalice that belongs to Zeus? Is this one of those father-son things?

Hercules: No. Listen, it's not like that this time. I'm not taking it from Zeus - I'm taking it back to him.
Jason: We're gonna spend all night climbing a mountain so you can get a pat on the back from your dad?

Hercules: I didn't ask you two to come, and I can do this on my own.

1.17 - Winner Take All

Castor: Pollux! That's no way for a son of Zeus to act, brawling like a common mortal.

Hercules: Whoa, whoa... whoa, wait a second. You're a son of Zeus?
Pollux: Yeah. You wanna make something of it?
Hercules: Wait, no, no, it's just, uh, well, I'm a son of Zeus, too.

Castor: But, that means we're half-brothers. Pollux, we have another brother!
Castor: Hey, Hercules... why don't you join Pollux and me in the Gymkhana relay?

Pollux: Yeah. We've never had a team before.
Hercules: Uh, hmm, I can't. Uh, Jason and Iolaus and I have always been a team.
Castor: But we'd be the sons of Zeus.
Pollux: Nobody could beat us.

Hercules: The sons of Zeus? Okay. Hold on a second. I'll be back.
Jason: I don't believe this. You wanna be on Pollux's team?

Hercules: Come on, guys. Just give him a chance, okay? No offense or anything, but... you don't really understand what it's like growing up being a son of Zeus.

Jason: No, I don't understand. But I know we're your friends, and they're your brothers. That's more important to you, so... go join 'em.
Iolaus: Okay, stand back, Herc. I need plenty of room to run.

Hercules: Oh, there'll be plenty of room... behind me.

Iolaus: Oh, is that Zeus?
Pollux and Hercules and Castor: Sons of Zeus! Sons of Zeus! Sons of Zeus!
Hercules: Listen. Jason, wait... listen. This has nothing to do with being afraid, okay? You're hurt. He's the son of a god.
Jason: That's enough! I'm sick of all this 'Sons of Zeus' stuff! It's garbage! My father may not be a god, but that doesn't make Pollux, or Castor, or you any better than me! Now, I'm gonna face this guy! If you don't like it... you stay here!
Hercules: Listen, guys, I'm sorry. You know, I... I got a problem. I hear the word 'Zeus' and I forget everything that's important.

1.19 - The Lure of the Lyre

  • Hercules is about to head back to the Academy and pass on the offer of meeting Bacchus, but changes his mind when Orpheus mentions Zeus.
  • The first thing Hercules asks his new half-brother is whether he's met Zeus.
Orpheus: Oh, you have to meet him. Bacchus is the god of good times. With Bacchus on your side, you can kiss your cares goodbye. Come on. I'll take you to him.

Hercules: Oh, I don't know. I kinda gotta get back to the academy, you know? School, so...
Orpheus: Come on, you can go to the academy any time.
Hercules: Uh, I'll see ya later, okay?
Orpheus: How often do ya get to meet one of the sons of Zeus?

Hercules: Bacchus is the son of Zeus?
Bacchus: Hercules, son of Zeus.

Hercules: Oh, yeah. That's me.
Bacchus: Welcome to our little community. My home is your home. After all, we are family. You see, Zeus is my father, too.
Hercules: Y-yeah, um... have you met him?

Bacchus: We can discuss our celestial parent later.

1.23 - The Mysteries of Life

  • When told that Jason is the crown prince, the Barker doesn't believe it and snidely remarks that he's the son of Zeus. Hercules, not catching the sarcasm, grins and is about to introduce himself as a fellow son of Zeus before he's cut off.
Hercules: Hey, hey, hey, hey now, just watch what you say, okay? You just happen to be talking to the crown prince of Corinth.

Barker: Oh, yeah? And I'm the son of Zeus.

Hercules: You're the son of Zeus?

1.24 - Dad Always Liked Me Best

  • Lucius reveals that he's also a son of Zeus, using the information to lead Hercules around. Every time he mentions a (made-up) factoid about Zeus, he has Hercules begging for more.
Lucius: Take a look in the mirror. You've done everything I wanted you to, as long as you thought it was for Daddy.
Hercules: Even though everything he did was wrong, I still understand him. 'Cause I think about Zeus all the time, too, you know? About meeting him, about... what would he say, you know? What would I say? Sometimes, I think that, uh... I'd do anything to make that moment happen.

1.37 - The Head That Wears The Crown

  • When Hercules confronts Jason about trying to live up to his father, Jason mocks Hercules for his own obsession with Zeus.
Hercules: We've all heard your sad song, Jason. So why don't you do us all a favor and stop trying to live up to your father?

Jason: Look who's talking, crybaby.
Hercules: what'd you just say?
Jason: I said, 'Look who's talking, crybaby.'
Hercules: What's that supposed to mean, Jason?

Jason: That means I am sick of hearing you talk about Zeus. 'Zeus never talks to me. He never looks at me. I'm never going to see--'. I'm sick of it! You're never gonna see him! So grow up.