Fox Kids TV Takeover 1998

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During the time period of October 31st to November 24th, 1998, kids were encouraged to mail in a post card to Fox Kids with their vote of their favorite tv show. The winning show would then air a marathon of episodes, thus "taking over the tv". Other prizes for voting included a wide screen TV and 1000 people who sent in postcards would win the video game Crash Bandicoot: Warped!.

The Fox Kids Magazine - Winter 1998 issue had the following full-page ad for the contest:

Advertisement for the Fox Kids TV Takeover. The white space in the corner used to be a voting form before I filled it out and mailed it in as a kid ^_~ View a high-res version of the scan here.

There was also a Young Hercules commercial filmed specifically for the contest, featuring Ryan Gosling, Chris Conrad, and Dean O'Gorman:

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The very beginning is cut off, but Iolaus said something like, "I have an idea."
Hercules: Not again.
Iolaus: We get your ol'Dad Zeusie-baby to rig the TV takeover.
Jason: That's not fair.
Iolaus: Fair-shmare.
Hercules: Listen, we won't need his help. [to camera] Will we?
Iolaus: Who are you looking at?
Hercules: What?
Jason: Who are you talking to?
Hercules: Nobody. [to camera] Shh.
Hercules leaves. Jason and Iolaus stare at the camera, looking for who Hercules was talking to.

Iolaus: Hey, clean your room!