Floating Suit of Armor

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Floating Suit of Armor

In 1.01 - Treasure of Zeus, the episode opens on Ares's Temple where Ares is sparring with a floating suit of armor. Each time Ares deals a killing blow, the armor collapses into a pile of metal, before reassembling itself a few moments later.

The suit is very passive - it waits patiently while Ares's back is turned, and it is on the defensive side during the sparring; it doesn't attack, only blocks.

It is unaware whether the suit is self-aware, however it does shake its helmet as if dizzy at one point, and Ares talks to it, "Don't get up."

"...Don't get up."

The 'Floating Suit of Armor' consists of:

  • Floating Armor
  • Floating Sword
  • Floating Shield