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Fiducius as played by Ross Duncan.

Name Fiducius, (pronounced fi-DOO-shuss)
Actor Ross Duncan
Species Human
Occupation Bursar of Cheiron's Academy
Episodes 1.02 - Between Friends
1.04 - Herc and Seek
1.06 - Teacher's Pests
1.11 - Battle Lines I
1.32 - Cram-Ped
1.34 - Get Jason
YHFFS2.01 - The Enemy Within I
† = (mention only)


Father of Pythias. Bursar at Cheiron's Academy.

  • often shown as overly-strict and tempermental, but in 1.06 - Teacher's Pests he reveals that part of the reason he's so overbearing is because he cares about the cadets and doesn't want them to follow the same path as his son, Pythias.



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