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Fatuus as played by Philip Grieve.

Name Fatuus
Actor Philip Grieve
Species Olympian God
Occupation God of Unwelcome Prophecy
Episodes 1.39 - The Skeptic

Fatuus is a minor god of prophecy. However, he can only foresee when bad things are going to happen. One of the things he foresees is that people will one day stop believing in the Olympian gods (therefore causing them to no longer exist), prompting Strife to desperately try to prevent such a thing from happening. As their bet that Strife can make a believer out of Pythagoras, a new cadet who already doesn't believe that the gods exist, goes badly for Strife, Fatuus predicts that Strife will have to be his friend. At first, he's happy because he has no friends. However, he becomes dismayed upon remembering that he can only predict things that are bad.


  • Unknown.



  • Can see the future, but only if it's bad.
  • Can be invisible to mortals
  • Summoning things (like tiny umbrellas) from out of nowhere.


  • Hercules is going to have a bad hair day.
  • He is going to win the bet and Strife is going to have to be his friend.


  • Relating to the Roman god Faunus. According to the epic poet Virgil, he was a Latin king, son of Picus and Canens. He was then revered as a god of prophecy under the name of Fatuus after his death, worshiped in a sacred forest outside what is now Tivoli, but had been known since Etruscan times as Tibur, the seat of the Tiburtine Sibyl. His numinous presence was recognized by wolf skins, with wreaths and goblets. - Faunus on Wikipedia