Differences between the Movie and the Novelization

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This is a page to list the differences between the Young Hercules (Movie Pilot) and the Young Hercules (Novelization).

Note: For the rest of this page they will be refered to as Movie and Book.

Listed In Chronological Order Of Events

  • In the Book, Hercules has to climb a sheer mountain to get to the Cave of Ares. The movie doesn't start until he jumps off of the cliff with the rope around his ankles.
  • In the Book, the Giant Snake doesn't touch Hercules with its tongue. In the Movie, the snake wraps its tongue around Hercules's ankle, knocking him to the ground.
  • In the Book, there are four doors leading out of the treasure chamber in the Cave of Ares. The door that Hercules entered in closed first, while the other three close slower but at the same time as eachother. In the Movie, there is only one door seen leading out of the chamber.
  • In the Book, Hercules slides on a layer of dust to glide under the closing door of the treasure chamber. In the movie, Hercules is crawling on his back to get out of the chamber.
  • In the Book, it is implied (but not specifically stated) that the Snake finally crashes through the door after several bashes. In the Movie, the Snake crashes through the wall instead.
  • In the Book, Iolaus is 'stabbed' by Occam. In the Movie, Iolaus is 'stabbed' by Cradus.
  • In the Book, Iolaus 'dies' instantly from the 'stabbing'. In the Movie, Iolaus lives long enough to mutter a few dying words.
  • In the Book, Jason states in the epilogue that he has no desire to become king right away and would rather finish his training at The Academy. In the Movie, it is heavily implied that the coronation will happen sooner rather than later.